The Curse PWO Review

Curse pre workout review

The Curse by Cobra Labs is a widely used pre workout supplement that you can easily find in any bodybuilding store. It’s mad cheap, easy to come by, and makes some bold claims; but is The Curse any good? Here, we are going to give you our review of the curse, delivered straight from the owner of

The Curse Pre Workout Review

The Curse Review

Reviewing The Curse pre workout turned out to be some tricky business as you will soon see. On one hand, we have a pre workout that will give you some focus and energy; exactly what some people want. But, on the other hand… We have a pre workout that probably isn’t going to help you gain muscle, isn’t going to help you burn fat, and really isn’t going to make you stronger. Yet, it claims to be the ultimate pre workout…

The Curse is a Skin and Bones Pre Workout

Any way you look at it, the curse is a minimalistic pre workout supplement. With each serving, you’re getting a little over 4 grams of active ingredients which when combined with flavoring and artificial dyes racks up to approximately 5 grams. Here is what you are getting:

  • 3 grams – Beta-alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, and Citric Acid
  • 1 gram – L-Citrulline and Arginine AKG
  • 145 milligrams – Caffeine
  • 2 milligrams – Olive Leaf Extract
  • That’s it! Nailed it?

For some, yes. But for true pre workout loving bodybuilders that want ergogenic support, we’re not quite satisfied. We’re not satisfied because it’s all decoration, not relevant to clinical research, and simply didn’t carry a whole lot of weight in the gym.

In my personal yet experienced opinion, the doses are not high enough in this supplement to do anything. The caffeine content is on point, but the rest is lacking. When I personally took the curse, I didn’t experience the typical effects that I’ve grown to expect from recommended pre workout supplements.

For the duration of 50 servings I took The Curse pre workout. On each occasion, tingles really weren’t there, pump wasn’t there, and a sense of added power or endurance were not either. At the end of the day, The Curse was energy and focus in a sugary deeply colored drink.

A simple, caffeine pre workout

That doesn’t mean that The Curse is without worth, or should be shunned off the mountain. But, we do need to adjust our perspective of The Curse, and the type of supplement it is. Hands down, The Curse is not the ultimate pre workout; at least it’s not for me and my review staff. What The Curse is, however, is an easy way to get energy to work out. And that’s exactly what some people are looking for.

The Curse is for those who want a light energy pre workout

There are people out there who will like The Curse a lot, and that may include you. For starters, if you have never taken a pre workout before – you’re going to love the curse! It’s going to be like your first red bull… If you only want a pick-me-up from your pre workout and really nothing else – you’re going to like the curse. If you hate mixing a lot of powder and like your pre workouts to taste really sweet – you’re going to like the curse. But, there is always a butt.

The simple fact is, that the majority of bodybuilders want at least a little bit more from a pre workout. Is it too much to ask for a clinical dose of L-citrulline? Is it too much to want a little BCAA, or anything ergogenic? No, it’s not; and it’s delivered all the time in other supplements.

So this brings us to the final synopsis of our pre workout review for The Curse… If this is your first pre workout, your new to pre workouts, or are skeptical for some strange reason – the curse will give you the energy you need to get your game on in the gym.

If you are debating getting The Curse because you like to get a good pump and other benefits from your pre workout beyond caffeine; you’re not going to hear us recommending this pre workout to you. There is simply something missing, a desire left unmet, and a reason to explore other options.

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