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Top 5 Fitness Supplements for Women

On this page we’ve gone over the 5 most popular and important workout supplements for women. Here, you can learn about the benefits of each type of supplement, so you can understand which may be best for you, and which you do not need at all! This is super helpful and easy to read.

As a woman in the 21st century, you have so many ways to improve your health, beauty, body and mind… That it would be an utter shame not to.

Never before in the history of time have women had so much power and opportunity. If anyone tells you otherwise or makes you feel lesser, then it’s time for you to block them out and refocus so you can start doing you.

Getting into fantastically awesome shape is a great way to increase your influence, appeal, and character. But those aren’t the only reasons to pursue it.

No matter your motivations, on this page we’re going to help you understand how workout supplements can give you an extra edge in the gym. With the right plan, there is only you standing in the way between making your dream physique a near future reality.

Key notes before we begin:

  • Supplements are a helpful and exciting aid, but ultimately your training is the most important part of getting into better shape.
  • Your body is incredibly precious. As you train hard in the gym, be sure to feed your body the healthiest foods possible. After all, you are what you eat… And I’m sure you want that organic precious fruit body over a bag of Cheetos body!
  • Read those two again and let it sink in ;-).

5 Workout Supplements That You Can Use Now to Get Into Better Shape

Supplements women can take

#1 Pre Workout Supplements – More energy to do what you’ve got to do in the gym!

Pre workout supplements are our favorite supplements, ever.

If you don’t know what pre workouts are, they are: Specially designed energy supplements that increase your energy, mood, motivation, strength, and endurance in the gym.

However, since pre workouts are such a popular supplement for both men and women, there are countless products out there by various brands!

Many of these pre workouts are mediocre, a few are good, and even less are what we consider ‘perfect’. If you would like to get a better idea of what pre workouts work best, you can view our best reviewed pre workouts for women article here for our favs.

Note: If you are a power-packed energizer bunny already, then don’t sweat pre workout supplements. You are awesome just the way you are!

creatine for women

#2 Creatine Supplements – Increase your strength and body tone plus grow the booty.

Want to know how to make any girl look at you with squinty eye/ death stare skepticism? Just tell them they should be taking creatine.

But the truth is, creatine is beneficial for women just like it is beneficial for men (1)!

If you’re training focuses on weight lifting, like squat, leg press, deadlifts, and more… Then creatine can easily be your best friend for speeding up strength gains and improving your sexy-fit lean muscle development.

And no, this isn’t going to make you grow a mustache or look like a glamorous version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only girls that take steroids ever get close to that, and that’s with full lifestyles 100% dedicated to the purpose.

Instead, you can expect to enhance your fitness model physique capabilities. Because this is the way many popular models lift and supplement in order to achieve their body types.

Note: If you primarily focus on cardio, or prefer to stay 100% natural – no problem. This is simply something that you can add to your diet for the benefit of extra strength and muscle tone… It is not a requirement.

Womens best protein drinks

#3 Protein Powder Shakes – Compliment your healthy eating with increased protein goodness.

I know that deep in your heart, you want to indulge in an Instagram photo worthy delicious protein shake. Especially after a long and exhausting workout in the gym! It takes post-workout victory satisfaction to a whole new level!

However there are two important things to point out:

  1. Eating real-food protein is much superior than your average shake
  2. You’ve got to select a healthy protein powder

What we’re trying to say is, you really can’t live off of protein shakes. Technically you could, but doing so would not produce the body of your dreams.

Instead, the way that protein shakes can best serve your goals is by providing extra protein to your already health conscious diet so that you reach your macronutrient needs.

Just as important, is selecting a healthy protein shake that isn’t going to hold you back with excess sugar, inflammation causing allergens, and excess calories(2)(3)!

Our personal favorite type of protein is grass-fed whey protein. We’ve prepared an amazing protein powders review guide for both men and women right here. We’re very proud of the edutainment and high quality products included!

If you are vegan, then there are other protein sources. We’re working on putting together informational guides for soy, hemp, pea, wheat, and other vegan friendly protein sources. However, we want our informational resources to be PERFECT for you, so expect it to take us until 2019 to research, prepare, and peer review.

#4 Fat Burner Supplements – Increased metabolism and energy every day.

Fat burners are often one of the first things that many women (and men) turn to in order to make sweeping changes to their physiques.

With this perfect picture in mind, the supplement industry readily advertises “fat melting, fat burning, etc”. It’s important that you recognize that most of this is advertising, and that really it should be “helps to increase daily caloric burn”.

So fat burners, what’s the deal?

  1. Fat burners can help fat loss by increasing total calorie burn
  2. This often is going to be a 10% increase at the maximum
  3. Therefore, a proper diet and exercise program is essential

Yes, a fat burner may be able to help you burn 10% more calories per day than your average… Which is great and can help, but cannot be relied upon!

So if you were burning 1,500 calories per day naturally – then a fat burner may give you an extra 150 calories burnt per day.

As you can see, to burn fat and lose weight, you are still going to need to eat less than 1,500 calories per day. Otherwise, a fat burner simply keeps you from gaining weight as fast…

So take it from us, your diet and training has got to be your very first priority. From there, you can consider taking an ethical and effective fat burner like these we reviewed.

#5 Multi-Vitamin Supplements – Protection against vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Generally, multi-vitamin supplements are considered to be either incredibly essential or a total waste of money. It depends on who you ask, GNC or a dietitian.
In reality, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

It goes without question that vitamins and minerals are important; just like anti-oxidants, enzymes, probiotics and fibers. All these things are essential to you having the highest quality life, especially as a women.

However, you shouldn’t expect to get this department 100% covered from a pulverized little-of-this and little-of-that multi-vitamin pill.

Instead, take a multi if you would like, and then find strategic whole foods to eat, or specialty foods that are rich in the nutrients that you believe you may be lacking. It’s not the easiest, but it is the best.

Ultimately your results are going to come down to how serious you take the foods you eat and the way you train.

I know what you are thinking right now… Darn it, if only there was a miracle pill or powder! This is all so intimidating.

But rest assured, you CAN do this. And the best way to make change is to partition it in easy to manage transition steps.

So step 1 most certainly should be evaluating what your current diet consists of. From there, you can begin making 1-2 weekly changes and ease into a new lifestyle.

The hardest thing you can do, is completely restock your fridge for a week with new and foreign things… This will leave you very unhappy after a long day of stress, when you find yourself facing a wall of items you don’t know how to cook, or haven’t yet developed a taste for.

During this process, supplements can help you get through it to meet your training, energy, and nutrient goals. However, remember that you are ultimately the master of your physique with your complete control over diet and exercise choices!!!

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