Why Women Should Take Creatine

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Creatine for Women

The debate has been brewing for quite some time regarding women and creatine supplements. Is it safe? Will creatine make a woman bulky, or fat? What’s the straight up deal?

The truth is, most of the people you will talk to don’t know. There is a massive disconnect between the uneducated group-think of creatine supplementation and that of the actual function, purpose, and effects of this widely used supplement.

Here, we’re going to discuss the science of creatine supplementation for women as well as the true benefits of taking creatine and how they have enabled many woman to achieve not just a good body, but their ultimate body.

Outline of Topics Covered

  • Creatine Effects Women and Men Similarly
  • How Creatine Enhances a Women’s Body
  • Forms of Creatine for Women
  • Best Creatine Supplement for Women

How Creatine Effects Woman (just like men)

Creatine effects women the same way as it effects men. How creatine works however is often misunderstood.

As we explain in How Creatine Works – creatine is an energy molecule that buffers your muscle cells with an alternative source of ATP. Since this source is alternative, higher thresholds can be stored in the body more easily. When your body is exerting itself to exhaustion, creatine can be used to prolong a surge of power. This ‘power’ gets recycled between sets as additional creatine molecules become activated alongside replenishing ATP.

In short, creatine allows men and women to exert more power. This extra power means many things. It means more reps, higher weight, a more enjoyable workout experience; and ultimately better physical progress. Progress that translates into better aesthetics!

Women Who Take Creatine Perform Better and Ultimately Look Better

Women take creatine supplements for two reasons: to perform better, and to look better. Since creatine will improve your workouts, it will thus improve your lean muscle. And a girl with well-nurtured lean muscle looks good, feels good, and has less trouble with calories as opposed to women with less lean muscle.

Now, I know what you are thinking – ‘I don’t want to build muscle’; But trust me, yes you do. Lean muscle is what keeps a girl firm, curvy, and more bodacious than the regular girl. You’re not going to turn into she-man and you’re not going to get broad shoulders. But, you will develop as you will see, a much more pleasing and form fitting body. A body that many women use creatine to help attain.

Ps. If you are curious about the outcomes of lifting weights as a girl and taking creatine, continue to use the internet as your point of reference. Do you have a favorite celebrity who serves as your role model fitness wise? Look up her workout routine to see the kind of weight training that particular person does. You will be surprised by the types of exercises and work put in, in comparison to the beautiful, attractive, extremely feminine body that comes out.

Best Creatine for Women (in our opinion)

As we’ve already stated, the benefits of creatine supplementation are the exact same for both men and women. With that being said, you can take the exact same type of creatine as the guys!

No, it isn’t going to make you as bulky as them, but it will increase your performance, hydrate your muscles, and help you get into better shape.

So, now we recommend you go ahead and check out the 10 best creatine supplements, our ranking of the best reviewed creatine supplements on the market.

If you just want energy before your workout instead, then go ahead and view our best pre workouts for women instead.

When Should Women Take Creatine

The best time to take your creatine supplement is going to be after exercise and with food!

This doesn’t have to be immediately after you finish working out, it can wait until dinner. However, its extra important that you take your creatine with food so that it uptakes easier into your body.

Food helps creatine uptake easier because insulin is needed for creatine to pass into your body to the best of its ability.

If you have any questions about creatine supplementation you can ask below

We hope that this article has helped you to better understand creatine as a women. I’m sure a lot of this was common sense and common knowledge to you, but we felt it was necessary to reiterate the basics. If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them below. Here at Best Workout Supplements Blog we regularly add additional information to articles as readers like you contribute questions and additional information.

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