Performix Ion Pre Workout Review [Ion, Ion V2X, and Iridium Ion]

Performix Ion Review

The pre workout Ion is brand new and has some pretty innovating new technology known as time released ‘terra beads’. In theory, this is pretty awesome.

Terra Beads make Performix Ion the first timed release pre workout powder there is.

But, terra beads or not a pre workout has got to have a good formula. After all it’s the formula that is destined to create a great gym experience and stimulate the results people want.

So, is Ion a game-changing pre workout? Or is it just the same old shortcuts encapsulated in some flashy time-released tech?

Performix Ion Full Review

Every pre workout starts and ends with the formula

When a new product comes about, it’s the formula that takes precedent (or should take precedent), and when a pre workout either enters success or failure – it’s often once again based upon the formula. After all, you can’t fool the people for long.

There’s no denying this.

That’s where in our book Performix makes some pretty serious mistakes and innovations while introducing the first terra bead powered Ion pre workout.

Looking on the bright side of Performix Ion

This is truly a long-lasting stimulant pre workout, all while avoiding complete stimulant overload. We don’t know the exact quantities of the co-stimulants provided alongside caffeine, which include: Synephrine, Hordenine, Tyramine, Octopamine, n-methyltryamine, and yohimbine.

But after taking this pre workout again and again, we believe that it’s relatively moderately dosed in respect to being a stimulant focused pre workout. The kicker, is that part of the formula hits you quickly, while the rest slowly digests out of their terra beads to keep giving you bits of energy boosts along the way.

For that reason, this is like the original 1MR pre workout except the 2.0 version. And yeah, this stimulant strategy is probably the best there is.

And with that, comes the end of Performix Ion’s positive case points. It’s a fantastic high stimulant energy blend, and that is all. You aren’t going to get a pump from this pre workout, and you’re not going to get any real creatine effect.

So in essence, this is an easy to drink, micro-formulated alternative to the super stimulant pre workouts out here, like those on our strongest pre workouts list.

What we didn’t like about Performix

It’s important to right away state that we are a little biased. We are biased in the fact that our whole team has spent so much time with pre workouts, and bodybuilding supplements as a whole – that we are highly focused on results driven factors.

What we mean by results driven factors is: ingredients that increase muscle growth and fat loss, as well as ingredients that increase endurance and strength in the gym.

To be put simply, in Ion the only results driven factor is the stimulant blend that’s going to keep you going, mentally at least.

Outside of the stimulant matrix, there is virtually no pump, no creatine strength, and while betaine and beta-alanine are listed on the proprietary blend, it’s virtually impossible that they are at any sort of clinical dosage.

For that reason, this pre workout doesn’t quite do it for us.

But, what really upset us about Ion is something completely different.

It’s nothing in the actual formula itself, rather it is what’s contained in the ‘Other Ingredients” field that is going too far in the wrong direction. In the other ingredients, among the normal things we find artificial flavors, hydrogenated vegetable oil, acesulfame potassium, HPMC, yellow #6, and FD&C red dye #40.

That right there is a pretty long laundry list of things that don’t need to be there, but are included anyways. To make things worse, each serving of Ion is 5.2 grams. Of those 5.2 grams, approximately 4 grams are active ingredients. That means, over 20% of each serving of Ion is a mixture of these artificial flavorings, dyes, etc.

So, per every 30 serving container of Ion you are ingesting approximately 32 grams of questionable agents. A pre workout looking red isn’t worth that to us, personally.

How the original Ion compares to Ion V2X and Iridium Ion

When we first reviewed Performix Ion, it was the only pre workout made by the brand. Now, there is also V2x and Iridium Series. We’ve tried all of them, and here are our thoughts…

Ion Vs Ion Iridium

Performix Ion Versus Iridium Ion

  • The energy complex in Iridium Ion is stronger and longer lasting than the original.
  • There is little reason to take the original Ion when you can easily get Iridium.
  • But we must admit that Ion V2X is superior.

Performix Ion Comparison

Performix Ion Versus Ion V2X

  • Fully disclosed active ingredient formula.
  • Actually has a pump matrix.
  • Completely different than the original Performix Ion.
  • If you have the money, this is what you should be buying.
  • Even more energy than the original Ion or Iridium Ion.

Final Take on Perfomix Ion

Pulling it all together, here is what we think. Peformix is a great stimulant pre workout. And, we really value their innovation (and having the balls to innovate) with terra bead technology.

However, the heavy stimulant crowd is really the only group of people that are going to truly love this pre workout. And yes, you guys will love it.

But, for the rest of us that like a good pump and BCAA endurance matrix – this won’t cut it. In addition, if you avoid artificial ingredients and harmful dyes – you’re definitely not going to reach for Ion. But hey, everyone has their preferences and we know for a fact that at least 50% of guys don’t worry about that.

Note: Performix Ion V2X does solve a large portion of this problem. We’re excited to see what they develop next!

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