outrage and outlift review

Outlift Vs Outrage Review

Find out exactly how Nutrex Outlift and Outrage compare below.

Nutrex, formerly known for the strong make-you-feel-good pre workout HemoRage now has two new pre workouts in their line. This duo replaces HemoRage and completely reinvents their pre workout style. These new pre workouts include Outlift and Outrage.

Here, we’re going to give you a first-hand look at the difference between Outlift and Outrage. We will do this by first looking at the labels together and comparing the ingredient profiles. Then, we will tell you what our team experienced while taking each of these Nutrex products. By the end, you should have a very clear understanding about the differences between these two products.

Difference Between Outlift and Outrage

Comparison for Outlift and Outrage

As you can see above, Outrage and Outlift are formulated entirely different! Outrage is a small serving medium caffeinated pump fueled pre workout while Outlift is a more clinically prepared and aggressively caffeinated power house.

Quick Differences between Outlift and Outrage

  • Outlift is 26 grams per serving; Outrage is 5 grams per serving
  • Outlift Uses 8 g Citrulline Malate for Pump; Outrage uses 1.5 g HydroMax and 750 mg Nitrosigine
  • Outlift contains 3 g creatine monohydrate; Outrage does not contain creatine
  • Outlift contains a 5 g BCAA and Beta-Alanine; Outrage does not
  • Outlift Contains 350 mg caffeine per serving; Outrage contains 175 mg with 75 mg Hordenine

These are completely different products, through and through. Outrage is made for optimal performance and a very enjoyable workout experience. Outlift in turn attempts to do the same while also incorporating a larger ingredient profile to help build more muscle while you lift.

Our Experience taking Outlift

Taking Outlift was a pleasure, but there were times when this pre workout may have been a bit too strong in the caffeine department. Aside from that, the ingredient profile was great and in line with what we like to take while building mass in the gym. You can see our full review for Outlift here.

Our Experience taking Outrage

Outrage to us was the better of the two experience wise. Outlift is better on paper, for building muscle. But, in the gym Outrage was a very fun experience. The pump was powerful, the stimulants were just right. Overall it was great. You can see our Outrage pre workout review here.

Final Thoughts on this Nutrex Comparison

Overall, both of these products are well suited pre workout supplements. Together, they appeal to a large portion of weight lifters and dieters, and guaranteed you will get a good lift with at least one of them. Now, go ahead and check out the singular reviews to see which you prefer if you have not decided already. Enjoy tearing up the gym with Nutrex’s new line!

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