Nutrex Outlift AMPED Review

OutLift Amped

Outlift AMPED is the large-serving clinical dose inspired pre workout made by Nutrex. This pre workout is one of two offered by this manufacturer and is the stronger option. The latter is Outrage which has less caffeine, a different pump matrix, and a much smaller serving size overall. You can view a comparison between regular Outlift and Outrage on our Nutrex Outlift vs Outrage Review.

Our Review of Nutrex Outlift PWO

To get things started, it’s well worth stating that Outlift AMPED is a pretty strong pre workout. This is mainly based around the 350 mg caffeine infusion per serving which is huge in its own right. For some, this will may be trouble. But for others, if you can handle it – your lift is going to be pretty powerful!

Ingredients in Outlift Reviewed

Decent Muscle Building Formula

It’s going to be powerful because this pre workout packs a full BCAA 2:1:1 profile on top of a Citrulline Malate 2:1 8 gram super-dose! That means, you should have intense nitric oxide pumps on top of better endurance and strength fueled by the BCAAs among other things. Yes, this pre workout has the beginnings of a true muscle building formula.

Looking further into the Outlift pre workout formula, you’re going to find two great muscle building ingredients: Carnosyn beta-alanine and Creapure creatine monohydrate. This is an interesting mix. Creatine and beta-alanine have both been proven to be very effective muscle builders for men and women strength training. However, timing may be an issue.

While pre workout beta-alanine is recommended strongly for pre workout supplementation, creatine monohydrate is not always the best bet. We’ve talked a bit about this in our Best Creatine article and if you want any more information you can get a refresher there.

Deeper into the formula

This is a powerful pre workout mix with these ingredients alone. A huge dose of Citrulline, a massive caffeine stack, and a full BCAA with accompanying creatine and beta-alanine. Wow. But again, it’s worth noting that based on these huge quantities and a few technicalities – we definitely lean to recommend Outlift for the experienced crowd who is used to powerful pre workouts.

Who Outlift is Best For

First off, to get the most out of Outlift, you’re going to need to be smitten with 350 mgs of caffeine in your system. For comparison, this is about the same amount of caffeine in Pre-Jym, NitraFlex, MyPre, 1MR, and others in that class.

Nutrex Outlift Review
Nutrex’s Original OutLift

Second, Outlift has 3 full grams of creatine monohydrate. This is creapure, but its 3 whole grams in an already dense formula. The problem here is absorbability.

On its own, creatine is tough to get into solution fully – so when you add in all the other large quantity ingredients in Outlift, it’s going to be hard to get the creatine to fully dissolve. This leads to the potential for stomach discomfort not to mention lessened uptake.

Speaking of creatine uptake and creapure in particular – you can see that in the FAQ on it is not recommended to take creapure with caffeine as caffeine may reduce creatine uptake. This has been a large debate, but for us moderating this website – we’ve always found post workout creatine to be the absolute most effective for long term strength and lean muscle gains.

Outlift is Still Great for Many

We put out our two concerns above as a warning for some guys, not all guys. We know that a lot of men out there can hammer down creatine pre-workout and shred the gym like it’s nothing. Chances are, your one of them if the above is new to you.

Conclusion on this Nutrex Pre Workout

So, if you are looking for a killer pump, intense caffeine fueled energy, BCAA endurance, with a collection of powerful muscle supporting ingredients throughout – Outlift by Nutrex is solid. This is by no means similar to Nutrex’s old HemoRage, but it is an advancement.

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