Ostarine by Thanos Labs Review

Ostarine by Thanos Labs Reviews

Ostarine is no longer available from Thanos Labs. We recommend you view our Top 10 Test boosters here instead for muscle gains

Ostarine, by Thanos Labs, is the most potent and anabolic muscle-building supplement to grace the fitness world in recent years. Known as a “SARM”, or selective androgen receptor modulator, Ostarine has an incredibly powerful and unique ability to block and/or stimulate androgen receptors in a selective, tissue-specific manner – focusing almost entirely on muscle tissue and bone.

Due to this selective nature, SARMs, and Ostarine in particular, are known to show similar muscle and strength-enhancing effects as traditional steroids and prohormones, but without the all-too-common dangerous and unwanted side effects.

Ostarine first hit the map after extensive research found that it:

  • Stimulates testosterone in bone, muscle, and the brain
  • Block testosterone’s actions in the prostate and skin — eliminating prostate growth and acne
  • Increases lean muscle mass and quality of life
  • Enhances physical performance and libido
  • Is nonsteroidal and binds to the androgen receptors with high affinity and selectivity
  • Doesn’t bind to the estrogen receptor / cannot be converted to estrogen — no need for an estrogen blocker; and
  • Demonstrates a lack of masculinizing side effects in women — women won’t develop “manly” features

Please note – these benefit claims are associated with the original clinical trial on Ostarine

Using Ostarine to Achieve Fitness Goals

With such a wide array of benefits, Ostarine has a large number of applications to help bodybuilders and athletes achieve their fitness goals. Below, you’ll find more supporting information for how to most effectively use Ostarine for a bulking or cutting phase.

Bulking with Ostarine

More often than not, Ostarine is use to “bulk”and gain lean muscle because of it’s highly anabolic nature. In fact, typical users experience 7-9 pounds in increased lean muscle mass during an 8-week cycle. For bulking, the most recommended dosage is 25-30 mg of Ostarine per day, which makes Thanos Labs a perfect fit, with their 15 mg capsules. The best part about bulking with Ostarine is that the muscle gains have been found to be very “dry” and dense, without significant muscle loss following the cycle.

It’s important to note that it’s not recommended to go above 30 mg per day, as significantly increased daily dosages for longer cycles can eventually suppress testosterone (as with any “muscle” supplements).

Cutting with Ostarine

For those looking to lose fat, Ostarine is soon to be your best friend. If you’re familiar with cutting at a high level, you’re familiar with how muscle loss is nearly inevitable curing these cutting phases. As it pertains to muscle wasting prevention, due to it being so anabolic, Ostarine helps to prevent significant muscle and strength loss during times of caloric deficits due to its nutrient partitioning effects.

In terms of daily dosages, it’s recommended to follow a 15-20 mg per day protocol (for 6-8 week cycles), which again makes Thanos Labs the perfect solution with their 15 mg capsules.

Ostarine Half-Life – Daily Timing

Ostarine has a half-life of 23.8 hours, which makes it most effective when taken once per day (whether you’re taking 1 capsule or 2).

Ostarine by Thanos Labs

Ostarine vs Prohormones & Steroids

Ostarine, as it relates to other muscle-building supplements on the market today, is among the most powerful and effective. For bodybuilders and athletes that are serious about getting bigger, getting faster, getting leaner, and creating an overall kick-ass physique, you’re typically willing to do whatever it takes. With this “win at all costs” mentality, it’s easy to resort to traditional steroids and prohormones, which have undeniable results. Those results, however, come with a heavy cost – your health.

To reiterate, Ostarine provides similar strength and size benefits as these designer supplements, but without the added hassle of serious health concerns, acne, gyno, and an enlarged prostate. Ostarine is different in the sense that it’s:

  • Non-methylated — no more liver toxicity
  • Ingested orally — no more injections
  • Safe and effective for men and women
  • Doesn’t require a PCT

On paper, Ostarine is the obvious choice. But, in the gym it’s also proven to be as effective as the claims. Do yourself a favor and give this stuff a shot. It’s even perfectly suited to be used as a PCT after steroids or prohormones.

Ostarine by Thanos Labs

After speaking with the team at Thanos Labs, it was easy to see how passionate they are about SARMs and helping people to achieve their fitness goals.

Their Ostarine comes with 90, 15 mg capsules per bottle, with an astonishing 1,350 mg per bottle (highest we’ve ever seen). This dosage is perfect for bulking, cutting, body recomps, and injury rehabs and makes it simple to take it once per day for optimal results.

Thanos Labs offers some pretty big discounts for multiple bottles as well – and because it’s safe for extended cycles of 8-12 weeks, it shows that these guys aren’t all about the profit, but instead offering a product that yields great results at an affordable price.

We highly recommend this stuff for any serious athlete, bodybuilder, or anyone looking to make some noticeable changes to their physique. Use discount code “save10” to save 10% on 2 and 3-bottles orders.

Ostarine Highlights:

  • Highly Anabolic
  • Most Effective Supplements for Bulking/Cutting
  • 15 mg per Capsule
  • 90 Capsules per Bottle

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