Neon Volt Pre Workout Review

Volt pre boosterI just finished up a tub of the new Neon Sports Volt pre workout and I was impressed in some areas, and still debating the ‘presence’ in others.

Let me give you the quick run-down on everything I know about Neon Sport Volt as well as what I experienced. Then, down at the bottom you can ask any questions you have or share your experience with other bodybuilders and athletes. Ok, let’s do it!

Neon makes a lot of heavy claims about Volt, such as it is the most powerful pre workout, it has a mega-dose of beta-alanine, and volt is a powerful pump producer. My experience gives support to 1/3 of these claims. But, aside from the advertising there are still additional benefits worth mentioning. So, along with some extra notes we will compliment sandwich this bad boy.

First, the most prominent feature of Neon Volt pre workout was the energy.

The energy was absolutely off the wall, without any of that weird jittery, dehydration, not feeling good crap. I would say it takes as little as 10 minutes for the stimulants to begin hitting your CNS (central nervous system) and lasts for hours on hours. Sure, after about an hour and a half it starts to die down; but, personally I still had energy to go and do lots of super-focused work long after my workout.

Comparing the Energy of Volt to other pre workouts

In comparison to other small-dose pre workouts, Volt comes out on top. For instance, Volt offers more energy than Cellucor C4 (however C4 has better creatine power and just a little more pump). Volt has a cleaner energy than 1MR (both formulas); it may not be quite as much energy as 1MR but it is definitely much cleaner feeling… Less jitters, no chance of headaches, etc.

Note- We would LOVE to get someone’s comparison on Volt vs. Mr. Hyde.

Neon Volt and Muscle Pump

Agmatine sulfate and L-citrulline are the primary pump agents in this pre workout. You know, for some guys, this combo can create crazy pumps, but for me it just wasn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong, I was veiny, however I did not feel that full muscle saturation like you feel from Pump HD. Based on this I was a little irritated with the advertising for ‘pump’ associated with VOLT; but nonetheless I would still take this pre workout just for the unique energy it offers which makes up for it.

What is NADH in VOLT?

NADH is a key component of the energy and focus matrix in Neon Volt. As you may know from biochemistry, NADH is an energy molecule that functions in aerobic metabolism as well as numerous other processes. By bringing in a solid dose of NADH extrinsically, you supercharge your central nervous system creating a unique energy experience.

Neon Volt ReviewBeta Alanine in VOLT

A decent amount of hype has been made while advertising the beta alanine content in volt. While this content is high in terms of mass percent; in reality there isn’t a large dose of beta alanine in this product. So much so, to the point that I did not even feel the beta alanine at all. Looking at the label, this makes sense. Beta alanine is a part of the trademark performance matrix that totals 2.3 grams. This mass is shared by L-citrulline and agmatine sulfate. Therefore, tops, this pre workout has 1.5 grams of beta alanine which is skimpy compared to the 3.2 gram clinical dose. Oh well.

Concluding the review of volt pre workout

Overall, the energy was spot on. I can’t stress that enough, I was going strong and highly focused. Aside from that, not really any pump, no creatine in the formula (creatine free pre workout), no muscle building amino complex, and no beta alanine. But man, energy! In addition the taste was good (not that it should matter) and the serving size was tiny. If you’re thinking about volt, go ahead and try it. It’s nice to mix things up. Or, go and check out the top 10 pre workout reviews. Lastly, if you have any questions or want to contribute information just drop some comments below.

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