Reaction GH Growth Hormone Supplement

M Theory Reaction GH Review

Traditionally, HGH growth hormone supplements suck. This one, didn’t. Mind = Blown.

Human growth hormone supplements (HGH Supplements) encompass the most deceptive region of bodybuilding nutrition. If we could make a top 10 best HGH Supplements list to better help our readers and friends, we would.

But the fact of the matter is that we have not found 10 legitimate human growth hormone boosters out there! At most, there are 3 legitimate HGH Supplements on the market. Of them, Reaction GH is the leader by miles and the only one that we take anticipating it to make an actual difference.

So, what makes M Theory’s Reaction GH so special?

M Theory Reaction GH Natural HGH Booster Ingredients

When we first looked at the Reaction GH nutrition label, we were shocked. There is only one way to explain it… It looks like Reaction GH ate all the other HGH boosters out there! Real funny right? No, but seriously. Reaction GH contains all the ingredients, and in larger doses, of 5 of the most popular HGH supplements COMBINED.

[Reaction GH has 7.5 Grams of Active Ingredients, the Average HGH Supplement contains 0.5 grams.]

Here’s the label…
Reaction GH Review
L-Tryptophan 2,000 mg

  • L-Tryptophan is the direct pre-cursor to serotonin. Serotonin in turn, can stimulate the production of growth hormone naturally in the body. There have been several studies evaluating the upregulation of growth hormone through L-Tryptophan supplementation. Most are from the 1980s, but here are a few: study and study.

GABA 2,000 mg

  • GABA is an interesting compound in that, it’s made naturally by the body, yet, supplemental GABA cannot cross the blood-brain-barrier to interact with your pituitary gland. But that doesn’t stop it from increasing two types of growth hormone. As you can see in this study, supplemental GABA leads to an increase in growth hormone.

Arginine AKG (2:1) 1,200 mg

  • L-Arginine is arguably one of the oldest ways to increase HGH levels naturally (as well as nitric oxide levels). This effect, may be due to the coinciding increase in nitric oxide, but we’re not completely sure. What we do know, is that this 2008 study believes L-Arginine to raise growth hormone, and Arginine AKG is the most high-tech form of arginine supplement out there.

L-Lysine HCL 1,200 mg

  • The amino acid lysine is believed to increase growth hormone secretion when taken in synchrony with l-arginine. This study suggests that taking a combination of l-arginine and l-lysine, like that in Reaction GH, can raise growth hormone levels at rest to that of which normally seen during exercise!

CDP Choline 600 mg

  • Choline, the precursor to Betaine, has been studied numerous times for its effect on hormone response. Of choline sources, CDP Choline is the highest quality, and most effective. In this study, researchers found that CDP Choline supplementation triggered growth hormone, luteinizing hormone, and thyroid stimulating hormone in a murine model.

Mucuna Pruriens (98% L-Dopa) 300 mg

  • Mucuna Pruriens is hands down the most popular and effective herb for boosting HGH. In fact, many growth hormone supplements are made primarily of this ingredient! For instance, ranks the product ‘HGH RAW’ as their ‘best HGH supplement’. All that HGH Raw contains is, a 500 mg proprietary blend made with Mucuna Pruriens standardized to 15% L-dopa… Reaction GH has 300 mg standardized to 95% L-dopa… Plus 7.2 GRAMS of other ingredients on top… Clearly there is no competition.

L-Theanine 200 mg

  • We haven’t seen a whole ton of research connecting L-theanine to growth hormone production. However, we do know that L-theanine is awesome for relaxation and lucid dreaming. We assume that this ingredient is for improving sleep quality.

Melatonin 500 mcg

  • Melatonin is most popular for its use as a sleep supplement, however, this hormone also plays a role in stimulating growth hormone. With this knowledge, many people foolishly take excess doses of 5-10 mg of Melatonin thinking that they are ‘only doing good’ to promote better sleep and increased HGH. This is a massive mistake, because, melatonin isn’t a vitamin, mineral, or herb… It is a hormone! Therefore, when you over supplement with it, you signal to your body to stop making it… Based on this, we are in favor of micro-dosing melatonin with sub 2 mg dosages to improve sleep and stimulate growth hormone – all without messing up your natural hormone production (so you can keep your gains afterwards).

Normally we wouldn’t shred into each ingredient so deeply in a supplement review. But due to our lack of guides for many of these ingredients and the fact that it’s the only HGH supplement we really like… It was worth it.

Our Personal Reaction GH Review

To keep it short, compared to other HGH Supplements that I (and the team) have taken, Reaction GH had the most profound impact that was felt starting on day one.

As directed, the BWSB team consumed Reaction GH roughly 15 minutes before bed nightly. After taking Reaction GH, sleep came easy! Even from the first night, the getting to sleep faster was a breeze.

Then in the morning though, is where you really notice it. When you take Reaction GH, you seriously sleep like a rock so deep that it is as if your body is double-timing muscular and mental repair. Every morning we woke up feeling strong, smart, and ready to get it on in the gym!

To sum it all up:

  • Fell asleep faster
  • Better overall quality of sleep
  • Woke up feeling great
  • Faster and better recovery
  • Increases in strength after week 2
  • Increases in muscle after week 2

Conclusion on M Theory Reaction GH

The only downer about Reaction GH, is that it is on the pricey side. That is, compared to supplements as a whole. When you compare it to other HGH supplements though, the price is pretty similar. This makes it a value considering Reaction GH is like 5 of these other HGH products combined.

We’re personally going to use Reaction GH for two purposes…

  1. Use Reaction GH when we are going hard to max out muscle growth and shred fat (will most likely pair with Quantum T).
  2. Use Reaction GH to help maintain muscle when life takes priority over gym and sleep time (you know what we mean).

Summing it all up, in the HGH game Reaction GH is unbeatable. We’re very happy to have come across this supplement, one that actually works and isn’t some ‘deer velvet’ marketing BS.

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