Hypershock Rage Stim Free Review

For a pre workout named Hypershock Rage, we had high expectations. After all, who names a pre workout that if it’s not good?

That’s just inviting a whole lot of bashing! Luckily though, to our delight muscularly and financially Hypershock Rage (the caffeine free version) turned out to be a pretty awesome stimulant free pre workout. So great that its way up there on our best caffeine free pre workout supplements list!

BWOSB’s Review of Hypershock Rage Caffeine Free

Hypershock Rage ReviewThe first time I took Hypershock Rage caffeine free, it was on a pretty bad day. The night before was rough and I was running on 5 hours of sleep which is not my standard situation. I was tired to the point that I almost reached for a stimulant pre workout (ENGN at the time, another pre workout being reviewed). But, something inside me said “just give Hypershock a try, see what happens when the deck is stacked against it”. So, I did and I was pleasantly surprised.

Driving to the gym I got the standard tingles kicking in but really did not feel any energy increase. Makes sense, since there are not any stimulants in this pre-workout. When I got to the gym, I was still not feeling my best; but for me when I walk through those doors all excuses are left outside.

It was shoulder day, and with my first set of free weight shoulder press I started to feel good, surprisingly good. It wasn’t the kind of feeling you get from stimulants, rather it was a good combination of focus and presence, nothing anxious about it.

I kept lifting, and my endurance and natural energy really kicked in. I was able to power through the entire hour lift at a high intensity rate with a lot more ease than I had anticipated. Literally, when the lift came to an end I walked out of the gym feeling torn up, but definitely not worn out. Both my lifting partner and I agreed that Hypershock stimulant free was solid (more so than Opus which we had recently been taking).

Taking Two Scoops of Hypershock Rage

A week into testing out Hypershock Rage I decided to give it the two scoops test. Now, I don’t normally double up my pre workouts. I really don’t believe in it too much. But, I know that a lot of our readers do that kind of thing so I decided to test it out and give you my experience.
Hands down, it was a good one. My lift was very strong. I went from an aggressive chest day to then go and do biceps and triceps along with some shrugs, abs, and lower back. I don’t normally do this much work on a gym day, but its always good to mix up your intensities and push yourself past your limits.

Overall though, I don’t think that this pre workout will need to be taken as two scoops regularly. One alone does an amazing job and that’s what my top recommendation is for.

Stim Free Pre Workout with All Bases Covered

Each time you take Hypershock Rage, you’re getting a massive 20 gram dose of active ingredients that have just about every performance enhancing component there is with the exception of stimulants. This is nuts when you consider the fact that a pre workout like Cellucor C4 has under 5 grams of active ingredients and costs more per serving! Is that some expensive caffeine and synephrine or something? Not so much, the reality is that Hypershock Rage is a really, really good deal.

Hypershock is a totally proprietary blend, but here is the ingredient list for this stimulant free pre workout. Again, the amounts of each component are not specified, but based on the performance we experienced in the gym the ratio is solid.

Powerful Full Spectrum Pump Matrix

The pump matrix in Hypershock is impressive and I definitely felt it engorging my muscles throughout heavy lifts. This matrix is composed of L-citrulline, Arginine in micronized pure quality, agmatine sulfate, L-norvaline, and a few more heavy hitters that are a mouthful to say.

Creatine and Beta Alanine Punch

Myogenix’s Hypershock Rage is loaded with a powerful creatine and beta-alanine blend to increase muscle power for this workout and your next. In the mix, you will find several forms of creatine which include: Creatine Magnapower, micronized monohydrate, creatine gluconate, and creatinol-o-phosphate!

Muscle Growth Amino Acid Matrix

The more and more we lift, the more we consider branch chain amino acids to be one of the most important component in any before or during workout supplement. Hypershock follows this trend containing Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Histidine, and Theanine all in their L prefix conformations.

Glycogen and Absorption Fuel

They call this component ‘Glycorush’. Essentially, here we have a variety of different carbohydrate sources along with important co-enzymes and vitamins that both replenish your glycogen storages and increases muscle uptake of nutrients. Very few pre workouts have this.

Final Thoughts on Hypershock Rage Caffeine Free Version

All in all, Hypershock Rage is the kind of pre workout we love taking. It pumped up our workouts, but it didn’t stunt the day. It made muscle growth more predominant, and it didn’t break the bank. Hands down, this will not be the last time we purchase this caffeine free pre workout and are happy to recommend it to anyone actively seeking a supplement that doesn’t contain stimulants. Flavor-wise, we recommend cherry bomb based on the fact that very few artificial dyes are used. Enjoy your lifts and drop some comments or questions below.

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