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Trans4orm is a pretty simple fat burner to take. Two capsules a day, and your good. We carried out this protocol for the duration of our 30 day review. By the end, we found both pros and cons of this supplement. Mainly pros.

What Trans4orm Fat Burner Is

The main thing to note about EVL Nutrition’s Trans4orm is that it’s a pleasant experience compared to a lot of the hardcore fat burners out there. Where supplements like Super HD and Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite put you into a nerd rage fever-fury of energy; Trans4orm gives you something much more enjoyable (and less problematic).

This is due to the formula choices, which is a give and take.

See, the stimulants are kept low – which means you get a good energy rush. But at the same time, that energy is not overpowering to the point that some people can’t handle it.

But on the negative side, those stimulants also do act in a thermogenic nature…

And that does decrease fat burning potential, considering that there really aren’t any stim-free fat burner ingredients in this one. Overall, it’s a collection of stimulants, focus enhancers, and some green tea extract.
Trans4orm Formula

Trans4orm Review: The Formula

We’ve broken down the Trans4orm fat burner formula into two parts: fat burning and focus. Let’s begin.

What Helps Burn fat in Trans4orm?

500 mg Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract is included in nearly every fat burner out there, so Evolution Nutrition was wise to include it. Several studies suggest that green tea extract high in EGCG content acts as a natural thermogenic. This in part is via the inhibition of adrenaline targeting enzymes. So essentially, your fight or flight signals linger longer, expediting more calories in the process since its energy intensive.

Dose wise, most research bases things upon the direct EGCG content. There is a wide range of doses in literature, which range from 50 mg to 1000 mg. Trans4orm contains a standardized green tea extract at 50% EGCG. Therefore, you’re getting 250 mg of EGCG per dose. This is solid.

175 mg Caffeine – Every fat burner out there contains caffeine unless it’s specifically deemed as a stimulant free fat burner. Caffeine is able to burn more calories in the body via thermogenesis as well as simply making you move more.

The 175 mg dosage is reasonable and ethical considering you may be taking other supplements during the day. More so, 175 mg as opposed to higher dosages tends to offer less sleep inhibition. And, sleep is absolutely necessary for fat metabolism. Period.

20 mg Synephrine – Synephrine is a great energy enhancer and fat burner. We’re glad to see Trans4orm contain it! But, clinical dosages of Synephrine range from 25 mg to 50 mg per serving. The current 20 mg is a little weak.

1.25 mg Black Pepper Extract – Black pepper has been suggested to increase metabolism via thermogenesis. But, it also improves uptake of supplements. So, in this product we’re sure its intended for both of these purposes.

What Supports Mood and Energy in Trans4orm?

200 mg Choline Bitartrate – Choline is important for neurotransmitter action in the brain. Supplementing with it can elevate mood and focus significantly without the jitters of caffeine. 200 mg is a moderate dose for this effect, considering the other synergistic ingredients that play off it.

500 mg L-Tyrosine – The amino acid tyrosine may be reduced in the body by caffeine consumption. So, supplementing alongside caffeine can improve the focus experience of caffeine while reducing the likelihood of headaches and anxiety from caffeine if you are naturally prone.

25 mg Teacrine – Teacrine, the brand name for theacrine is a pretty new substance which has been found to work well in large dosages for energy, and in smaller dosages when paired with other stimulants. Theacrine is similar in structure to caffeine, but due it its uniqueness, your body has a hard time building a tolerance to it. This isn’t an easy one to explain. But, it works.

25 mg Alpha-Glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline – A super fancy form of choline, offering, say 7 mg of choline at best.

100 mcg Huperzia Serrata Extract – This is the herb that delivers good old Huperzine A, which is fantastic for focus and mood. At this dosage, I wouldn’t expect any effect on actual metabolism. But, it may smooth over the other stimulants and add a new ‘level’.

What Results you Should Expect

Trans4orm is a great fat burner accessory to add to your workout and diet routine, but it’s not a magic pill. The stimulants in this fat burner will up your caloric burn. But, not massively. Without a doubt, there are way more effective fat burners out there.

However, if you want something gentle to take that will increase your energy and allow you to burn a few more calories a day – this is a winner. Plus the price isn’t bad at all either.

In general, we are not big fans of Evolution Nutrition products. But, Trans4orm is definitely one of their better products. When you consider price, and the fact that it doesn’t crack you out – it beats out 80% of the competition.

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