Full ESP Review

ESP Pre Workout Review

Here we share our review for ESP, ESP Extreme, and PSP pre workouts made by Metabolic Nutrition.

The pre workout ESP by Metabolic Nutrition is particularly attractive on first glance. It has fresh branding, an aluminum lid, and overall looks like an extremely professional product.

But does that mean it’s any good? How exactly does ESP (extrasensory perception) perform and what makes this formula unique?

Here, we’re going to completely review ESP pre workout plus compare it to Metabolic Nutrition’s other pre workouts. This includes ESP Extreme and the newer PSP non-stimulant pre workout.

ESP Quick Review:

Metabolic Nutrition’s ESP and ESP Extreme focus primarily on beta-alanine, caffeine, and theobromine. These 3 ingredients dominate the active ingredients formula. The exact dosages of each, for both ESP and ESP Extreme are unknown due to proprietary formulas. What we do know, is that the large scooper for ESP is 500 mg of caffeine.

Quick Strengths: Powerful caffeine boost in great tasting flavors. ESP Extreme also contains the stimulant DMHA.

Quick Weaknesses: A caffeine shot and nothing else. Moderate caffeine shot for ESP, and a heavy shot for ESP Extreme (though this may just be the DMHA). Not an exciting product.

Best way to take ESP and ESP Extreme: ESP and ESP Extreme are both best taken approximately 30 minutes before exercise. I wouldn’t take either of these products for cardio as heart rate will increase significantly.

Metabolic Nutrition’s ESP Pre Workout Full Review

Energy Effects 5/10

With ESP, energy is the name of the game. After all, this is one of the most caffeine-loaded pre workouts on the market. While we are not massive fans of crazy caffeine levels, we only have one request of high caffeine products… That is, include a reasonable dosage of l-theanine to take the edge off. Unfortunately, neither ESP or ESP extreme does this. Overall, ESP only gets a 5 out of 10 in the energy effects department due to the harshness. For greater energy, reach for their website exclusive (non-amazon) ESP Extreme if you’re ok with the stimulant DMHA.

Strength Effects 2/10

Minimal, zero-like, zilch. That’s what we received from ESP in regards to strength enhancement. This product is basically beta-alanine and caffeine.

Endurance Effects 3/10

Again, very little benefit. This pre workout was a total dread for us to be taking. There are notable electrolytes in ESP, however there is so much sucralose, dyes, and fillers that there is no way to tell if the cumulative effects are pro or con.

Crash/Aftermath Effects 6/10

Since there isn’t a ridiculous amount of caffeine in ESP pre workout, the crash isn’t horrendous either. So, ESP squeaks by with a 6/10.

Taste 9/10

On the taste scale, Metabolic Nutrition’s ESP pre workout was quite tasty. No denying that.

Price/Value 5/10

Tasty or not, we don’t like paying $30 for a product that does next to nothing. Maybe 10 years ago ESP would have merit, but not today with the current competition. Just look at our other pre workout reviews for comparison.

Similar Products

The curse is likely the most comparative product on the market. We didn’t like it a lot, however in comparison it is better.

Review Conclusion 5/10 Poor Rating

Overall, we’re really disappointed with ESP pre workout. If we didn’t invest so much time into reviewing ESP and ESP Extreme, we wouldn’t have even wasted the time to post this review. But we are a bit petty and honestly hate this product, and don’t want others to have their time wasted either.

Ingredients in ESP Pre Workout

ESP Ingredient Label
Beta Alanine Citrate – Looking at the ESP label, you can clearly see this “beta alanine citrate”. We’ve never heard of it, and can’t find anything on it. Best guess is that this is a typo on the label.

1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione – This is the chemical name for caffeine (1). Nothing fancy here. Typically brands use this name to make their products seem more complex than they really are. GAT Nitraflex does the same thing. There is 500 mg of caffeine per single large scoop serving size, which far exceeds naturally occurring amounts (2).

3,7-dimenthyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione – Similar to caffeine, yes, but not quite! This is Theobromine, a stimulant commonly found alongside caffeine in chocolate and coffee beans (3). Theobromine does make a good accessory stimulant to caffeine and its typically a great addition. However we do not know how much is actually in here.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – This neuro-transmitter promoting ingredient is great for mood and concentration.

Choline Bitartrate – Choline is an amazing ingredient. Even as its less-expensive bitartrate form, its effective.

Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Gluconate, Potassium Gluconate, and Sodium – Sources of electrolytes.

ESP Vs ESP Extreme

Both labels are completely proprietary, however, ESP Extreme includes the addition of the stimulant DMHA which is similar to DMAA. We prefer not to touch it, but tested it out for you guys. Overall, it aided focus but didn’t necessarily feel clean.

Our best guess, is that ESP Extreme contains the same amount of caffeine as the standard ESP… Just DMHA is added to ESP Extreme.

ESP Vs PSP Stimulant Free

Metabolic Nutrition’s PSP pre workout is a completely novel product compared to ESP.

If you’re not a fan of caffeinated products, or would like an option to take late at night – PSP is the better of the two. Likewise if you enjoy taking a pre workout on off days, then you can consider PSP as a way to improve nitric oxide while getting in beta-alanine and creatine.

Additional Information

We’ve taken Metabolic Nutrition products in the past, and were a bit surprised by the simplicity in ESP pre workouts. It really is just caffeine and beta-alanine, yet they work hard to market it as an all-in-one product.

Its worth noting, that other Metabolic Nutrition products are higher quality than what we had here.

For instance, the first Metabolic Nutrition product that we tried was their Creatine product, CGP (creatine glycerol Phosphate)… And it was a cool consideration if you can afford to take double-servings.

We have also had their:

  • Tripep BCAAs
  • and Protizyme Protein Powder

These products were better than ESP and ESP Extreme, compared to their respective competing markets.


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