ErgoChain BCAA Review

Ergogenix ErgoChain ReviewWhen we judge a branch chain amino acid supplement, we look at 3 primary factors: effectiveness, cost, and flavor. In the end, this is all that matters to us. ErgoChain, the new BCAA supplement by ErgoGenix managed to pass our test on all 3 of these factors. In fact, we liked ErgoChain so much that it is now included in our top 10 BCAA workout supplements ranking. Before you check out our ranking, we recommend you dive deep into our review of ErgoChain. Below, we’re going to go over our entire review and explain exactly why we loved this branch chain amino acid supplement.

Taste – Better than the average BCAA supplement

Effectiveness– ErgoChain is On Point

Cost – Extremely affordable for branch chain amino acids

To begin, we took ErgoChain at many different times while making this BCAA review so that we could express its effectiveness per multiple workout schedules. It’s also relevant to mention that we started taking ErgoChain at the same time as we began two other products made by ErgoGenix: ErgoBlast and ErgoCut.

Taking ErgoChain BCAA Pre and Intra Workout

We’ve taken ErgoChain both pre and intra workout several times; each time with great results. ErgoChain mixed well even with pre workout already present, and did not have a dehydrating effect like some BCAAs can have. When taking Ergo during the pre and intra window we used one 5 gram scoop pre, and another 5 gram scoop in our water for intra. This was a great way to boost endurance and promote muscle growth in a way that is easy and tastes good.

Taking Ergo Chain Post Workout

One of our favorite times to take BCAAs in general is post workout. Not just post workout, but immediately post workout as we’re walking out of the gym. We do this since it’s easy to do, fast acting, and just the right nutrient dose to hold us over anabolically for the drive home when a real meal can be prepared. Ergo fit well into this scheme. Though, if you are taking ergo pre and intra you will not need to worry about this step. However, if you are strictly taking Ergo post workout then up the dose to two scoops for maximum effectiveness.

Taking ErgoChain throughout the Day

A lot of guys take their BCAA supplement throughout the day casually. This way they are topping off their amino acid profile while not going through the effort of even more food or protein supplements (which are already constant). ErgoChain is an exceptionally good choice to be taken throughout the day primarily because the stuff tastes great. This is easy for us to say, coming from a background of taking BCAA supplements multiple times daily that did not taste particularly well.

ErgoChain BCAA by ergogenix
Summing up our ErgoChain Review

All in all, ErgoChain is a great BCAA from form to function. It tastes great, mixes well, and is very affordable. Yes, we have some other favorites that outrank ErgoChain; but when you consider cost, there is absolutely no doubt that we will be taking ErgoChain personally.

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