ErgoBlast Review

ErgoBlast Pre Workout ReviewAdded to the market in 2015, ErgoBlast by ErgoGenix has earned our attention along with numerous other bodybuilders across the globe. Before we even tried the stuff we had a feeling that it could be quite good. The formulation is only a 5 gram serving, but the present ingredients clearly have the potential to up the mental game significantly.

After fully reviewing ErgoBlast, we can confidently say that the ingredients are in the right ratios to do just that. This pre workout is intense, and even diverges from what we typically focus on for a pre workout. But, after taking ErgoBlast we have been won over and here we will break down exactly why this pre workout is great with our own ErgoBlast review and ingredient analysis.

ErgoBlast Is a Decent Pre Workout

We went ahead and put ErgoBlast to the test across all our staple point workout days: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, and aggressive mixes of all the above. On each occasion, ErgoBlast consistently delivered the same great results while pumping through our veins.

How ErgoBlast Feels

As a whole, ErgoBlast is an energy pre workout. That’s the focus, the core, and the function of this pre workout. After taking this pre workout, we felt its energizing effects within 15 minutes on average. The feeling is clean, yet very, very powerful. This feeling of power stayed with us for the entire duration (normally 90 minutes) of working out.

We did not experience any tingles while taking ErgoBlast, and neither will you. This is because Ergo is a beta-alanine free pre workout supplement. Personally, we like our beta-alanine; but some of you guys will definitely like this better.

Lifting Weights with this Pre

Time and time again the main thing we noticed while taking ErgoBlast was the intense focus and ‘power’. The energy was there. The energy was so there that we believe nerve impulses were being sent stronger in our body thus increasing strength. This effect combined with the creatine HCL made every set stronger than it would have been otherwise.
Pump wise, there was not a massive presence. But, when you take this pre workout you will be so focused on the energy that it will not mean a whole lot. At least, that’s how it will be if energy pre workouts are your favorite.

All in all, our experience with Ergogenix was very positive and it was a pleasure to review. So much, that ErgoBlast has been added to the Official Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements for Men. The energy will always be the main take away with this pre workout. It’s simply loaded with stimulants that manage to deliver a very powerful yet clean experience in a great tasting and easy mixing grit-free powder.

Why ErgoBlast Is Good – Supplement Facts

Ingredients in ErgoBlastThere are many different stimulants out there that get utilized for pre workout supplements. ErgoBlast contains a mix of hardline stimulants as well as more passive natural stimulants that come together for a unique experience! This shouldn’t scare you, like other pwos that are super-dosed out of proportion. Rather, it should entice you since in this supplement each stimulant has a slightly different mechanism for amplifying you up, and when combined in modest ratios can be a powerful experience; the kind of experience that we felt reviewing this pwo.

To begin, caffeine is the most predominant ingredient in the stimulant blend. In Ergo, caffeine originates as caffeine anhydrous as well as guarana seed extract. Both of these are commonly used in pre workouts.

From here, the rest of the stimulants are more ‘natural’ in energy production. Such as Tyrosine, which is present as straight L-tyrosine, N-Methyltyramine HCL, as well as N-acetyl L-tyrosine. This non-essential amino acid aids neurotransmission as well as thyroxin production; focus and energy.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract for L-Dopa which is the precursor for noradrenaline and adrenaline.

Theobromine which originates from cocoa and mimics the effects of caffeine to a lesser degree. Huperzine A which supports mental focus, and CoQ10 which can aid in mental focus as well as cramp reduction and other things.

Beyond the stimulants ErgoBlast ties in small doses of Creatine HCL, agmatine sulfate for pump (so-so), and Higenamine (a vasodilator and bronchodilator according to our research). These ingredients are not nearly as noticeable, but it’s better to have then to have not.

ErgoBlast Final Verdict

In conclusion, ErgoBlast is a concentrated micro-dose pre workout that does a good job of outperforming other micro-dose pre workouts. There is no beta-alanine in this pre workout, so for guys trying to avoid the tingles this is a good choice. But there is a high stimulant concentration that should match up just right for a lot of guys, but may be too much for those who are caffeine sensitive. All in all, ErgoBlast is a pre workout that we will continue to cycle within our pre workout habits!

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