Cutler Legend Review

Jay Cutler Legend Vs Legend Pro

Jay Cutler was one of our favorite bodybuilders for ages growing up. So you better believe we were excited to try out his pre workout!

Legend and Legend Pro are the two pre workout supplements featured by Cutler Nutrition. Cutler Nutrition is meant to represent the workout supplement preferences of four time Olympia Winner Jay Cutler who is one of our favorite bodybuilders of all time.

While this is Jay’s brand, products are manufactured and fulfilled by the guys at BPI Sports.

With that being said, we have quickly been able to link-up similar products between Cutler Nutrition and BPI Sports (plus Image Sports and EXT which is also BPI and Jay Cutler – source).

Despite the similarity in product formulation between these brands, Legend and Legend Pro pre workouts are quite strong and effective in the energy department. We’ll get into this and more, but let’s begin by comparing the ingredients in both of Cutler Nutrition’s pre workouts!

Cutler Legend Vs Legend Pro Pre Workouts

Cutler Nutrition Legend Vs Legend Pro Ingredients

Typically, when a supplement brand has two versions of the same pre workout, the only difference is the stimulant amount. But as you can see, there are significant differences between Cutler Legend and Legend Pro.

Overall, from an overall effect standpoint – Cutler Legend is a moderate stim pre workout and Cutler Legend Pro is a strong super-stim pre workout. Let’s review them both.

Cutler Nutrition Legend Pre Workout Review

While the whole formula in Legend Pro is proprietary, our experience taking this pre workout leads us to the conclusion that it has mild to moderate stimulants.

Cutler Legend does contain Yohimbe, but we did not have any adverse effects from it… Meaning that they dosed it very well, since only 15 mg of yohimbe is really needed to stimulate its fat burning effects.

During our Cutler Legend review period, there wasn’t a whole lot of pump or endurance boosting – but the stimulant energy was consistent and not over the top. In other words, Cutler Legend was an extremely reliable pre workout that tasted good too.

To most guys and girls, Cutler Legend will provide a great pre workout experience if your main focus is getting some extra energy while you’re in the gym.

Cutler Legend Pro on the other hand is a completely different animal.

Cutler Nutrition Legend Pro Pre Workout Review

Where Cutler Legend contains 3,750 mg of active ingredients, Cutler Legend Pro contains 4,800 mg plus 2 grams of carbs. This may not look like a significant difference, but the overall experience is worlds apart from the standard Cutler Legend (non-pro version).

The first thing we noticed when taking Cutler Legend Pro was that the energy kicked in very quickly around the 20 minute mark. It was a euphoric experience that was honestly, kind of like drugs.

But, in the gym, this energy can be directed into raging sets, that is, for as long as your heart rate will allow it before you need to take a moment’s break.

Cutler Legend Pro is mega-strong, but the Yohimbe raises heart rate as well as makes you sweat buckets. At least for us it did!

While taking Cutler Legend Pro, we sweat so much, it was crazy. Never has any supplement ever made me personally sweat right below my lower lip before, without exercise… Stuff was crazy!

But, that doesn’t mean we hate it. We actually liked this super-stim pre workout a lot because the energy was on point… We just had to ‘cope’ with the big yohimbe dose that’s got to be a major contributing factor to the sweating.

Who We Think Legend Pro Is For Based On Our Pre Workout Review

Without a doubt, Cutler Legend Pro is not for beginners or anyone sensitive to caffeine. That’s why they made the regular Cutler Legend, it’s a perfect fit for the masses. However, if you are one of those guys on a quest for the strongest stimulant pre workout you can find… If you have tried all sorts of strong pre workouts but still find that your energy is untapped… Cutler Legend PRO may be up your alley to try next.

Conclusion on Cutler Legend and Legend Pro plus a Quick Glimpse at Ingredients that are new to us

Overall, these are both pretty cool pre workouts. As of now, we don’t rank them on the best pre workouts list, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. Compared to the ‘standard’ pre workout class they definitely compete. They just don’t blow away the competition like ‘the best of the best’ do.

While reviewing Cutler Legend Pro and regular Legend, we noticed some new ingredients that are not often used. We wanted to share a brief overview of them here with you.

Cuter Legend:

Plumbago zeylanica: While we didn’t find anything in regards to improving performance, there is interesting research regarding this herb and wound healing, anti-oxidant activity, and anti-cancer activity.

Cullen corylifolium: This Chinese herb is also known as Bu Gu Zhi and is believed to help purify the kidneys. However, there are also claims that Bu Gu Zhi can cause liver toxicity… More research needs to be performed on this ingredient.

Rhizomatous iris: zero research exists connecting Rhizomatous iris to athletic benefits.

Cutler Legend Pro:

Solanum tuberosum: turns out, Solanum tuberosum is the nomenclature name for Irish potatoes! And, there is evidence to suggest that certain extracts from these potatoes may help regulate blood sugar and reduce fat gain according to a rat model study.

GBB-EEC: Really can’t find any information on this ingredient besides a forum where someone says it increases l-carnitine as well as bulk buying information from china. Really no definitive profile on what it does in the human body… Perhaps this is just a fancy form of betaine? Tough to tell…

That concludes our Cutler Legend and Legend Pro pre workout review! Comment below with questions and experiences regarding these two supplements.

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