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Cellucor NO3 Ultimate and NO3 Chrome Reviewed

Cellucor NO3 Ultimate and NO3 Chrome – are they the secret sauce to sweet veiny pumps? Or are they just another way to drain your wallet and complicate your supplement routine? We bought them both and here’s our review.

NO3 Chrome has been one of the original pump supplements, residing on store shelves for 7+ years. Now, in response to greater competition Cellucor has released a new pump product – NO3 Ultimate.

NO3 Ultimate is a lot like the original NO3 Chrome, but now in powder form and with larger dosages.

So, when exactly would you take either of these? And how will you get maximum benefit? We’re going to cover all of that below.

Cellucor N03 Quick Review (Both Products): NO3 Chrome and NO3 Ultimate are nitric oxide enhancers that can be taken alongside pre workout or on their own. Of the two, NO3 Ultimate packs a stronger formula and acts as a better stimulant free pre workout in comparison to NO3 Chrome. If you take Cellucor’s C4, or other small-dose pre workouts, adding an NO3 product will help with pumps and endurance.

NO3 Chrome and NO3 Ultimate Ingredient Comparison

Cellucor NO3 Chrome and Ultimate Ingredients

Differences between these formulas:

  • NO3 Ultimate only has 20 servings, NO3 Chrome 30.
  • NO3 Ultimate has 4 grams of L-Citrulline Malate
  • NO3 Ultimate has less Arginine Nitrate
  • NO3 Ultimate introduces Trans-Reversatol (yes, they miss-spelled resveratrol on their label!).

Cellucor NO3 Ultimate Taste

Since NO3 Ultimate comes in powder form, you can bet that Cellucor developed some pretty great flavors. Of them, we tried the watermelon flavor.

Needless to say, it was on point!

If you want a good tasting product, you will not be disappointed with NO3 Ultimate.

Alternatively, you can opt for NO3 chrome which is in pill form.

How to Supplement with Cellucor NO3

When to take NO3 on its own

Both of Cellucor’s NO3 products can be taken on their own if you simply want to increase your circulation and endurance before exercise. This is favored by endurance athletes and those looking to avoid stimulants like caffeine.

Although, you may find yourself better off by committing to a full-fledged stimulant free pre workout instead.

How to take with pre workout

The more popular option for supplementing with NO3 Ultimate and NO3 Chrome is to stack it with pre workout supplements. This has primarily come to be as stores like GNC encourage their employees to increase transaction values… So what do they do? Pair pre workouts like Cellucor C4 with a nitric oxide booster to make it more effective.

Though its worth pointing out that this practice isn’t really necessary.

If you wanted, you could simply dedicate $45 to a fully dosed, 30 serving pre workout… Instead of buying a $30 C4 and then a $40 NO3 Chrome to ultimately make an experience that works for you.

Make sense?

Should you take NO3 Daily?

Some guys opt to take NO3 daily. This is either due to lifting everyday, attempting to boost growth hormone levels, or to increase ‘male performance’.

For how much NO3 costs, we’d recommend sticking to taking it before workouts. Ideally, alongside your pre workout if it is not a complete pre workout.

Though, if you have the cash-flow to spare, knock yourself out and enjoy!

Overall Value of Cellucor’s NO3 Ultimate and NO3 Chrome

When it all comes down to the facts, NO3 Ultimate and NO3 Chrome are upsells. Meaning, they are meant to get more money out of the people who are willing to pay for better performance.

If Cellucor wanted, they could have made a complete pre workout. However instead, they chose to pair two less-expensive and less-complete products together in order to reach more people.

Granted, this IS us being hyper-critical on the matter.

After all, we are supplement fanatics.

But to most people, buying some NO3 ultimate and taking it alongside your C4 is an experience.

  • You experience the good vibes of increasing your workout potential.
  • You enjoy the taste of NO3 Ultimate, or the extra time dedication of taking NO3 Chrome.
  • Its a splurge that you enjoy.

So ultimately we really cannot hate on the product if you are taking it to simply enjoy it, in a relatively care-free manner.

But if you are looking to get the absolute best pre workout by combining C4 with NO3 Ultimate or Chrome…

Then, you are over paying for what you want.

Instead, give some slack to how your pre workout is going to taste, and up your dedication to a true all-in-one pre workout supplement.

For more information on that, cruise the rest of BWSB for unbiased professional reviews and official supplement rankings.

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