Difference between C4 and NO Extreme N-zero

Cellucor NO Extreme N-zero Vs C4 Extreme

Here we compare the original C4 with Cellucors NO N-Zero Extreme creatine free pre workout. Both of these have evolved in current years.

We all know about Cellucor C4. Heck, I can confidently say that C4 extreme is the most well-known pre workout supplement in the world. The formulation is solid. In every 5 gram serving you get creatine nitrate, arginine, beta alanine, caffeine and Synephrine; it’s a power packed pwo ready to do work. So, if it’s so great, then why does Cellucor manufacture another pre workout called N.O Extreme (N-Zero)? We’re glad you asked.

A lot of guys make the mistake of seeing ‘creatine free’ and automatically assuming that NO extreme is the creatine free version of C4. This isn’t even close to the truth. If anything, NO extreme is the big brother of C4. Let us explain.

NO Extreme (N-zero) packs a nearly 10 gram serving size that dwarfs C4s approx. 5 gram serving size. Sure NO Extreme doesn’t have any creatine like in C4, but it does have the NO3 version of arginine which you won’t find in the latter. Pushing through further, you get more overall arginine, more beta alanine, a larger stimulant complex that acts as a thermogenic rather than a pure stimulant, and amino acids for building muscle. Clearly, NO Extreme is not just a creatine free version of C4.

Cellucor C4 Extreme Vs NO Extreme (N-Zero)

NO Extreme compared to C4

Now you probably understand why we are willing to say that this N-Zero pre workout is better than C4. As a whole, NO Extreme brings forward a more comprehensive and anabolic formula. Let’s break it down piece by piece.

Which Cellucor Pre Workout has the better pump?

N-Zero, hands down; just look at the ‘NO Extreme Blend’. You have two solid grams of arginine nitrate for nitric oxide production, beta alanine, Citrulline malate (another nitric oxide promoter), and the powerful L-Norvaline which reduces the degradation of nitric oxide giving you more pump for longer. All of this in comparison to C4 and its gram of arginine AKG. Now, just remember for a moment to when you last had C4. You probably had an ok pump. Now, just picture what N-zero can offer you instead…

Energy Difference between NO Extreme and C4 Extreme

Stimulants in C4 and NO Extreme

Both of these pre workouts give solid energy. To this day, I can have a great energy packed workout with just one scoop of C4. But, NO Extreme offers a much better-rounded stimulant delivery that produces a better experience. With the vimpocetine and other corollary additions, the concentration is just spot on.

Which Cellucor Pre Workout is better?

Performance wise, NO Extreme is the superior pre workout supplement. The formula is more comprehensive and will greater stimulate muscle growth and fat burning. However, as you know – C4 extreme still sells a heck of a lot more.

That’s the marketing aspect of pre workouts. For less than the price for 30 servings of NO Extreme (N-Zero) you can get 60 servings of C4. In fact, C4 is so inexpensive that it successfully out competes nearly every pre workout supplement price-wise. Combine that with great flavors, easy mix-ability, and a pretty great stimulant complex and you can see why things are the way they are. Personally, we always prefer to turn to a better-rounded pre workout like NO Extreme, but the resources are not always there! Luckily, we will always have C4 to turn to as a cost effective alternative that works great in the gym.

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