BSN Creatine DNA Review

Creatine DNA Review

BSN’s new Creatine DNA is a pretty straight forward creatine supplement. It isn’t flavored, doesn’t have sugars or any artificial colors added to it.


It’s nothing but pure and fluffy creatine monohydrate. But you know what? That’s exactly why a lot of people really love this creatine.

Unlike a lot of other brands, you can actually mix Creatine DNA with other supplements! It’s quick to dissolve and flavorless, meaning anything you add to it is going to take the reins in regards to taste.

To make the deal sweeter, it’s a pretty cheap creatine as well. Currently on BB, we see BSN Creatine DNA for about $15. That’s a pretty honest price for a creatine that dissolves faster than the competition.

So, as you can see this creatine by BSN has its place. So, is there any dirt?

For 15 bucks, there is really no downside. But, if your flexibility and resources are to the max, then here are some things to consider.

The Negatives (Weak and Few)

BSN Creatine DNA is not made with AlzChem Creapure

To date, AlzChem offers the highest quality creatine monohydrate on the market. Period. There has been a lot of tests done on different creatine brands, and some of them have been found to use some pretty impure creatine.

Of all these, AlzChem was found to be superior in purity and performance. With that being said, our top reviewed creatine supplement is a unique combination of creapure creatine mono and HMB.

BSN Creatine DNA doesn’t contain BioPerine

BioPerine is pretty much in every serious bodybuilding supplement these days, and for good reason. BioPerine, the trademark name for a specific extract of black pepper, has been found to improve the uptake of many supplements including creatine monohydrate.

BSN Creatine DNA is Messy

Yes, this is a stretch for a negative reason, but it is rather humorous. For some reason, Creatine DNA is a very, very light powder. That, in combination with a possible molecule charge somehow makes a small portion of powder spill or get on your hand every time you use the stuff. It’s pretty funny.

Not to mention how it also sticks to the sides of the container. Not like ‘glue or caked’, rather like it’s slightly magnetically attracted to the plastic walls.

More BSN Creatine DNA Positives

Easy on the Stomach

Since Creatine DNA dissolves so easily in water, and doesn’t contain additives – it’s extremely easy on the stomach. That means no bloating, diarrhea, etc.

This is pretty awesome, considering 50% of guys can get these symptoms from lesser quality creatine supplements. For you 1-3% that are highly sensitive, you may have an issue but I doubt it. Just do your diligence to make sure the powder is fully dissolved and don’t take it with stimulants.BSN Creatine Review

Stacks Amazing with other Products

Since this is a completely flavorless creatine, it stacks awesome with anything you want to add it to. Protein, BCAA, no xplode,  juice – you name it, just add it.

Remember, for solubility reasons, make sure the drink isn’t ice cold or else your creatine may just chill at the bottom non-dissolved. If this is a problem, you can dissolve it in a smaller portion of hot water before adding it to your drink of choice.

Final Review on BSN Creatine DNA

We’ve used a lot of words in this review to say the same thing over, and that’s this – Creatine DNA is a decent creatine. All of our key ranking factors are passed, with the exception of not utilizing AlzChem Creapure creatine monohydrate.

But, BSN is definitely one of the more reputable brands… So we aren’t too worried. Let us know how your experience went with Creatine DNA, leave your short review below for other bodybuilders!

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