NO Xplode Vs XE Edge

NO Xplode Review and Comparison with XE EDGE and Hyper FX

Here we review the new re-formulation of NO Xplode as well as compare it to the newer stimaholic NO Xplode XE EDGE and the old school BSN Hyper FX

Many, many years ago BSN did something amazing with NO Xplode.

They made a pre workout that was incredible.

Back at that time, there really wasn’t anything out there – and thanks to that NO Xplode completely dominated and made a brand.


BSN NO Xplode is on its 3rd (possibly 4th) reformulation. Why they changed the formula so many times is unknown, and something has perhaps been lost along the way.

Here we review NO Xplode plus compare it to BSN’s other pre workouts: XE Edge and Hyper FX.

The Differences Between NO Xplode and NO Xplode XE EDGE

NO Xplode Ingredients Vs XE EDGE

As you can see:

BSN used NO Xplode as a template when they made XE Edge, but they made XE edge into a far cheaper product.

This is most obvious due to there being less than 5 grams of active ingredients per serving, compared to NO Xplode’s 10 grams.

So while NO Xplode focuses on a good pump, XE Edge is more of a concentrated super stimulant pre workout with its 325 mg caffeine (plus other stimulants).

BSN NO Xplode XE Edge Review

NO Xplode XE Edge is the new ‘super-stim’ version of NO Xplode.

To the BSN brand, this is a unique product, but to the marketplace we feel like we’ve seen it all before. As you can see from the comparison image above, the stimulant blend in this pre workout is massive, while all the creatine has been removed from the formula.

While there are many good stimulants in this supplement for providing intense energy, we felt that there was a lack of critical pump and endurance promoting ingredients that we would expect from the big-scoop makers of NO Xplode.

As a whole, we believe that this new XE Edge formula will make BSN loyalists happy, but may not bring very many new customers to their doorsteps.

BSN Hyper FX Review – Compared to NO Xplode and XE Edge

Hyper FX Pre Workout

Hyper FX and XE Edge share many similar qualities in common, while many of their ingredients are different.

For one, they are both stimulant focused from the start. As well, they both contain a myriad of ingredient upon ingredient, yet at small dosages.

We believe that the new NO Xplode XE EDGE may actually be Hyper FX’s replacement, as they seek more transparency in their labels and better supplement ingredient profile design – to match with what people want.

With that being said, we do not recommend staying to attached to Hyper FX as it may be out quite soon.

Reviewing the new NO Xplode and comparing it to former versions

N.O Xplode has undergone several reformulations over the years, many of which haven’t been received well by the fitness community. Right now, we are on N.O Xplode 3.0, the 4th official version of this pre workout made by BSN. On the label, it used to say BSN NO Xplode 3.0, but they have since returned to straight labeling without the 3.0.

To be honest, the original version of N.O Xplode was the best. Why they had to go and change it is beyond us.

However, N.O Xplode 3.0 is in fact a decent pre workout. In all, they havn’t changed the formula all that at each given opportunity. But, there are a few things worth noting when comparing the original to what we have now.

The Stimulants: First off, they have a pretty strong dose of the stimulant DMAE. This is often used in ‘smart drugs’ and gives a very clean focus while you lift. Personally, we love DMAE. However it can keep you awake at night hours after your lift.

Additionally, the caffeine content in N.O Xplode is really curved over in a gentle way, possibly due to DMAE.

The Creatine: It appears that BSN upped the creatine in N.O Xplode, however thanks to proprietary blends the exact amounts are not known. Either way, the creatine in this pre workout is noticeable. This is both a pro and a con as during heavy squat days you may find yourself being exhausted for water sucks it away from your brain and into your muscles.

The Pump: Unfortunately, at no point did we get massive pumps from the new N.O Xplode. This is a serious upset considering the name pretty much entails massive pumps. Hopefully they fix this.

Beyond these key points, N.O Xplode is pretty much the same as 2.0. We have our original 2.0 review below for you to read. It’s worth noting that 3.0 fruit punch tastes exceptionally good however.

BSN N.O Xplode 2.0 Review

BSN NO Xplode 2.0 BoosterN.O Xplode 2.0. We’ve had a lot of great workouts with this one. But, we’ll be the first to say that it’s not for everyone. This is a pre workout for guys that are in touch with their bodies, and for guys that really want to build mass. If you’re an adrenaline junky, who is primarily looking for a ridiculous energy pre workout, then this isn’t the one for you.

However if you are looking for an energy boost that you can fully utilize, a pump that will make your last reps burn, and a formula that’s 100% geared towards muscle growth – this is the best pre workout.

How we describe taking N.O Xplode 2.0

Energy – N.O Xplode 2.0 contains something like 200 mgs of caffeine, but it really isn’t too overpowering. If you’re entirely tanked after a day of hard manual labor, then there might not be enough energy in this pre workout to get you going. But, if you’re feeling good and enjoy a solid boost from your pre workout – then you will be very happy. I strongly compare the energy of this pre workout to a good morning cup of coffee. In fact, I often take N.O Xplode when I’m doing research or working on a new article just for the extra energy and focus that the product offers. I think of it as coffee with creatine and amino acids. Note- I am not condoning or recommending this activity!

Performance – As the name entails, you get pretty good pump with this pre workout. Its Citrulline derived, so depending on your internal conditions it may affect you differently; but for us it has been noticeable and appreciated. Though, the main performance perk of this pre workout is the creatine power. That’s what you notice. Especially a few days into the bottle as it builds up, your strength will surprise you.

A review of N.O Xplode 2.0 from a previous writer

Supplement wise, I generally consider leg day to be a “recharge the adrenal glands day”. What that means is- no hard stimulants, just the bare minimum; without compromising gains. So, most days I do not take any supplements during my lift, except for some BCAA’s (I’m a strong believer in USP LABS BCAA). But, once or twice a month when things are not going as planned, I need a feasible plan B. When it comes down to getting out of a rut and maintaining steady gains, I implement N.O Xplode into my leg day game plan.

Why I use N.O Xplode on leg day

I want to rest my adrenal glands, that means no hard stims.

I want to improve my performance; multiple complexes of creatine in N.O Explode 2.0 does that.

I want the maximum amount of pump and cell hydration to promote muscle anabolism.

N.O Explode does that. Good enough for me.

When it comes down to it, personal preference is key. Some guys live off of caffeine all day every day, and can handle hardcore pre workout supplements even on leg day. Myself, I prefer more equality. So when I can get a noticeable increase in power, repair, and pump with N.O Xplode; I take it. In addition, I feel that I maintain a better connection with my body while using N.O pwo that enables me to focus more on proper form to maintain healthy knees.

So moral of the story, if you are in to workout supplements and need a good recommendation for leg day- BSN N.O Explode all the way, all day. And if you aren’t doing legs, or aren’t going hard with legs (is there even a difference?) then man up and do the time. If you want to look like a man in the mirror then act like one; you are what you eat, you are what you lift, and you are obviously lacking what you do not lift.

These are the main opinions that we feel and have heard regarding this pre workout. There are some other characteristics that we consider perks. Such as, each serving of N.O Xplode is a hearty 22.5 grams and each can contains a ton of servings. This guarantees an effective muscle building dose as well as a good value.

Go ahead and leave us some feedback or ask any questions you have before checking out our other pages. We appreciate any recommendations you have that could help the next guy make a good decision.

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