LIT pre workout review

Beyond Raw LIT Review

Beyond Raw LIT pre workout, gummy fish flavor. Do I even need to say anymore though?

Beyond Raw’s pre workout “LIT” is the new 7 ingredient replacement to their former Savage flagship product.

In case you didn’t already know, Beyond Raw is an exclusive line owned by GNC – just like the AMP series.

So good or bad, their products are going to get sold. Why? Because GNC employees are under constant fear of being fired if they don’t meet strict sales quotas based exclusively around GNC brand products.

With that being said, is Beyond Raw Lit any good?

Well, compared to the former “Savage” pre workout… When Beyond Raw was a “hardcore” brand (before they rebranded to look like Performix), LIT is an upgrade.

But compared to leading large-formula pre workouts, LIT could still use some improvements to its formula.

In this review, we’ll cover it all. Short on time? Check out the quick breakdown!

Beyond Raw LIT Quick Review: If you’re a pre workout beginner, or a Cellucor C4 fan boy – then LIT is going to be a reasonable option for you to turn up the heat with! Its moderately caffeinated and light/simple all around.

However if you’re a serious lifter and pre workout enthusiast who actually knows who Jim Stoppani is… Then you’re not going to be impressed with Beyond Raw’s BS not-so clinically dosed “but marketed as clinically dosed” pre workout.

Quick Strengths:

  • Quite caffeinated
  • 3 g citrulline
  • tastes good

Quick Weaknesses:

  • No complementary stimulants
  • under-dosed ingredients
  • L-Citrulline instead of L-Citrulline Malate

How to take LIT pre workout: LIT is a simple pre workout so there’s really no wrong way to take it. 10-30 minutes before exercise is just fine.

Cumulative LIT Review by Category

Energy Effects: 7.5/10

For energy, Beyond Raw LIT sticks us with a reasonable 250 mg dosage of caffeine anhydrous. This is a decent kick, but leaves a bit to be desired in terms of co-stimulants.

Strength Effects: 7/10

The creatine is weakly dosed in LIT, which doesn’t attribute strongly to strength unless you are already taking a proper daily dose of creatine. Though, the caffeine does pull though.

Endurance Effects: 6/10

This product does contain ElevATP and beta-alanine – but if you’re working hard, you’re going to tank out at a regular pace. We’d recommend adding BCAAs to this equation to really increase your endurance capabilities.

Crash/Aftermath: 7.5/10

With modest caffeine/stimulant dosages comes a modest crash. It wasn’t bad at all, but could be smoother with some L-theanine added.

Taste: 8.5/10

The 4 grams of carbs in LIT go a long way paired with the artificial and natural flavors. Stuff tasted real good!

Price/Value: 6/10

For a 7 ingredient product made by GNC – we expected a more reasonable price. They’re banking well on this one!

Similar Products:

LIT has a very small formula, its closest comparable product would have to be Cellucor C4 Sport. C4 sport is different than the standard C4 pre workout lineup and only available at select stores.

LIT Pre Workout Review Conclusion: 7.1/10

Overall, we expected more from LIT. For first time or new pre workout users, they’ll dig it. But for more experienced lifters – you’re probably not going to be impressed by this product. It isn’t special by any means.

Ingredients in Beyond Raw Lit and What They Do

LIT pre workout ingredients

Beta-Alanine 3.2 grams

Beta-alanine is the ingredient responsible for giving you the tingles/burns. Though, that sensation is not the reason why it is included in nearly every legitimate pre workout supplement. Instead, Beta-alanine helps control muscle acidity which improves performance and endurance.

The 3.2 gram dosage of beta-alanine is an effective dose, entering at the baseline dosage. You can learn all about the benefits of beta-alanine here.

Micronized Creatine 1.5 grams

Beyond Raw LIT claims to be a fully clinically dosed pre workout supplement. However, last time we checked 1.5 grams of creatine isn’t a clinically validated dosage. Regardless, I guess we’ll take it. The 1.5 gram dose didn’t upset our stomachs like larger dosages can when in tandem with caffeine before exercise. Did we feel the creatine? No. But alongside daily creatine supplementation it can provide an extra kick.

Caffeine 250 mg

You’ll find caffeine anhydrous as the go-to energy source in Lit pre workout. It hits fast and is less likely to cause a headache in comparison to straight coffee caffeine.

Overall, 250 mg is an ethical dosage of caffeine compared to other hardcore pre workouts.

ElevATP 150 mg

ElevATP is a pretty awesome collection of adaptogenic mushrooms, intended to boost your endurance (1)(2). We’re pleased to see it included in the LIT formula.

NeuroFactor 100 mg

NeuroFactor is a special form of coffee extract. Whereas regular coffee extract or green coffee bean extract is taken from the shelled bean – NeuroFactor is the entire bean fruit. This means the shell, bean, and all. Apparently, this provides neuro-protective benefits that neither standard nor green coffee bean extract can provide (3). We first learned about NeuroFactor in our Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Review.

L-Citrulline 3 grams

L-Citrulline is essentially l-arginine 2.0 when it comes to stimulating the production of nitric oxide. This is because L-Citrulline manages to get past all of your stomach enzymes bent on destroying l-arginine. Once L-citrulline is past the guard and into your blood, a great deal of it becomes l-arginine which then creates nitric oxide (and more of it than taking straight l-arginine). This is why l-citrulline is a premier supplemental ingredient for muscle pump and nitric oxide.

Nitrosigine 1.5 grams

Nitrosigine, like L-citrulline, is much more effective at getting past the ‘gut guard’ of enzymes in comparison to L-arginine. Really, all Nitrosigine is, is L-arginine bonded to silica. However, this bond allows more of it to enter your system without being broken down. Then, upon arrival l-arginine acts to create nitric oxide while silica directly relaxes vein walls.

LIT also comes in a can:

LIT BottleRecently, GNC released an RTD (ready-to-drink) version of their pre workout LIT.

Compared to other RTD versions of pre workouts, GNC actually did a pretty good job.

They managed to maintain:

  • 3 grams l-citrulline
  • 3.2 grams beta-alanine
  • 1.5 grams l-arginine
  • plus stimulants

Typically, when an RTD is made, all of these ingredients go out the window besides the caffeine!

GNC did a good job, and for that reason the RTD is worth a try if you’re curious.

Beyond Raw LIT Side Effects

The LIT pre workout formula is pretty clean, so the odds of serious side effects are low. The only possibles come down to beta-alanine and caffeine compared to your tolerance.

Beta-alanine side effects in LIT: A tingling or tickling sensation that occurs as your muscles saturate with beta-alanine.

Caffeine side-effects: Increased heart rate if you’re not used to ingesting 250 mg of caffeine in a single go. This can also cause a headache in some, or prevent sleep if you take LIT too close to bed.

Compared to hardcore pre workouts, GNC’s Beyond Raw LIT is a walk in the park, and most people won’t have any problems.

Conclusion on LIT: More to be desired.

As a pre workout, LIT provides a very standard “economy car” experience. This is fine for beginners. However, the Beyond Raw branding is misleading, and suggests there is actual grit to this product.

Spoiler alert – there isn’t.

Next time you go to your local GNC, and the sales rep looks hungry, go ahead and buy a can of Beyond Raw LIT. Then, he can go buy lunch with the commission and relax a little knowing his sales quotas are in better shape.

Alright, so in all seriousness:

  • If you’re new to pre workouts or want a mild one – enjoy your LIT.
  • But if you are a pre workout aficionado like us, and have had some real primo stuff… LIT is not going to be anywhere near the next level of awesomeness.
Instead, go find that super-stim or true large-scoop clinically dosed pre workout that you really want.

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