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Alpha Jym Review

Here is our start-to-finish review for the test booster Alpha JYM plus full ingredient label breakdown.

Alpha JYM has a lot going for it compared to other testosterone boosters. For instance: it’s formulated by Jim Stoppani, fully discloses ingredients, contains 4.2 grams of daily actives, and is quite reasonably priced.

These highlights caught our eye, so we bought a few bottles and went to work. After a few weeks, and then a solid month, Alpha JYM proved itself to be better than nothing. Below we’re going to cover the ingredients in Alpha JYM followed by how it improved our performance.

Ingredients in the Alpha JYM Formula

JYM IngredientsThe ingredients chosen for Alpha JYM focus heavy on rare test support herbs, and pays no mind to the smaller vitamins and minerals involved in T production. As Jim says, “you should be getting your proper vitamins and minerals outside of a test booster”. It makes sense, and is clear to us that he didn’t want to water-down the total formula or have to price-raise on Alpha JYM to add these small-fries in.

Fenugreek (50% saponins) 500 mg

The herb fenugreek has an interesting past in research regarding its abilities to raise testosterone. That past is interesting because many studies have determined that Fenugreek doesn’t actually raise testosterone at all (1).

Though, more recent studies lean towards the opposite. Only over the last few years, researchers have begun experimenting with a 20% protodioscin-enriched extract trademarked as Furosap®. Several human clinical trials have been performed with this standardized extract, finding significant improvements in testosterone levels, sperm quality, and typical testosterone ‘benefits’ (2)(3)(4).

Similar results have been seen with fenugreek glycoside supplements (5). However, there is a problem here.

The problem is that Alpha JYM does not use Furosap® or fenugreek glycoside… Instead we have 1,000 mg of daily fenugreek providing 50% saponins, and we’re really not sure how much this will bring to the table.

Summary: Regular fenugreek has produced mixed results for raising testosterone. In fact, some studies found it to raise estrogen. Specialized forms of fenugreek have had greater clinical success; however, they do not appear to be linked to a 50% saponin extract like used in Alpha JYM.

Damiana leaf 500 mg

While fenugreek contains an abundance of both good and bad clinical studies, the verdict on damiana is quite barren. To put it bluntly, there isn’t any actual research extending beyond mentions of damiana being an aphrodisiac. A few rat studies do exist, but we’re not fond of suggesting ingredients have the same effects in rats as they do humans.

Summary: We couldn’t find any conclusive research linking damiana to higher testosterone production or positive hormonal regulation. Perhaps there is new cutting-edge research on the way, but right now, zilch.

Ashwagandha 500 mg

Ashwagandha is our favorite ingredient found in Alpha JYM, having a long and detailed resume of beneficial effects (6). To your interest, testosterone and positive hormone regulation is one of those benefits.

With age-old use, ashwagandha is most commonly used for the belief that it effectively restores adrenal function, hormonal balance, and lymph flow (7).

More recently, special standardized extractions of ashwagandha have been produced, with the most notable being KSM-66®. KSM-66® has been studied and formulated to be more effective than standard raw ashwagandha for improving athletic performance, testosterone and recovery. Unfortunately, Alpha JYM contains standard ashwagandha. However, unlike fenugreek where the main positive studies were attributed to special forms, raw ashwagandha still has several positive studies and extensive anecdotal support.

Summary: Ashwagandha is likely the primary heavy-hitting ingredient contained within the Alpha JYM test booster. Even though JYM doesn’t use a specialized patented form, the raw version has been producing positive effects for ages… And at 1,000 mg a day, well that’s a good start.

DIM 250 mg

DIM is the short acronym for 3,3′-Diindolylmethane. What’s really cool about this compound, is that it helps the body to regulate estrogen levels. How it does that, as we explain in our DIM supplement guide, is by altering the way that estrogen is metabolized by the body.

What DIM does specifically, is shifts the tides of estrogen metabolism to prefer a more body-friendly estrogen byproduct, versus the alternative which can create the side-effects of high estrogen.

Summary: DIM helps to regulate estrogen in both men and women. It can help combat the negative effects of high estrogen, by promoting proper estrogen metabolism in the body. Alpha JYM uses a large dosage of DIM at 250 mg per serving and 500 mg per day.

Quercetin 250 mg

The relationship between quercetin and testosterone production is interesting. We already know that quercetin is a healthy anti-oxidant compound (8). However, regarding men and testosterone levels, it would appear that quercetin may be able to protect the testicles and therefore maximize testicular hormone production.

We say it may be able to, because all of the studies have been conducted in rats. Like, a lot of rat studies. Human studies? Not so available. We were displeased to find several references to human results that were in-fact more fat studies.

Summary: Quercetin is a healthy molecule with anti-oxidant properties. In regards to test levels, it may aid hormone production directly in the testicles. This occurs absolutely in rats, and possibly in humans.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) 100 mg

The herb Eurycoma longifolia commonly refered to as tongkat ali has been popular in the testosterone optimization community for quite some time. The idea behind this herb is that it reduces sex hormone binding globulins that would otherwise be sapping a great deal of natural testosterone for elimination (9).

The result of this decrease in SHBG is more free testosterone floating around your body. Effectively, greater testosterone levels by stopping your body from auto-locking a partition.

While we wish there were more studies, what is available looks quite promising (10). Overall Tongkat Ali is a wise addition to the Alpha JYM formula.

Summary: Tongkat ali increases free testosterone levels by reducing the bodies ability to lock up partitions naturally. This increase in ‘available’ test reduces the effects of low testosterone and appears to work well.

Experience taking Alpha JYM (what to expect)

The effects of Alpha JYM were not as noticeably intense as an acute supplement like caffeine or nitric oxide boosters. Instead, when taken correctly Alpha JYM has a chronic and slowly building (over weeks) effect.

The effect that we documented the most, was improved sleep quality, a reduction in stress, and much more stable energy in the gym (less crashing). This may not sound like what you want from a test booster, but it is a good start.

Did Alpha JYM increase muscle gain?

Over two months, not to an extremely noticeable degree. However, added fat loss and improved overall sculpting was very much present.

Perhaps in younger guys, or older men with LOW test – Alpha JYM will improve the results curve greater than our ‘prime’ bodies.

Final Verdict

Quality test boosters are few and far between. We’ve reviewed countless test boosters, and only a few have ever truly impressed us. Alpha JYM, by JYM Supplement Science certainly brings a superior formulation to the table. It isn’t a miracle worker, but it can kick-off the proverbial rust and get you performing at a higher standard. Instant muscle gain? Not a chance. But improvements that will help you get over a plateau if you are serious? Yes.

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