Old School Labs Vintage Blast

Vintage Blast Review

The pre workout Vintage Blast is a new addition to the market being supplied by the brand Old School Labs. Its formula is streamlined and simple, yet still contains some elements that other pre workouts do not include. This somewhat contradicts the idea of a brand called ‘Old School Labs’, but honestly, these differences are cool.

Explaining Vintage Blasts Formula

Inside Vintage Blast, you will find a two stage pre workout matrix. The first stage contains the go-to performance based pre workout ingredients that we love and trust, like: Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine. The second stage contains D-aspartic acid and additional energy boosters.

The stimulants in Vintage Blast pre workout are also split between these two stages. For stage one, there is 150 mg straight caffeine anhydrous. Later, in stage two – there is synephrine and microencapsulated caffeine (another 100 mg) to prolong your workout energy without the jitter effects of a straight instant-hitting 250 mg caffeine. This is commendable.

Something different in this pre workout is the inclusion of 2,000 mg D-aspartic acid. This will be a big perk for some guys, but not all. D-aspartic acid is meant to increase testosterone levels by interacting with hormone production set into motion by brain transmitters. Not everyone that wants a pre workout is also going to want this effect. We don’t mind, but that’s because we are extremely comfortable with supplements due to experience.
Vintage Blast Reviewed

The Doses in Vintage Blast

The pump matrix in this pre workout can be summarized by the ingredients citrulline malate (5,000 mg), Arginine AKG (1000 mg), and L-carnitine Tartrate to a degree (250 mg). While taking Vintage Blast, we felt good, but really didn’t notice a strong pump. This may be due to the citrulline malate not hitting the full 6-8 gram dosage, and the Arginine AKG not filling that gap either. We’re not sure.

Beta Alanine is another topic to look into for Vintage Blast’s dosing. Per serving, there is 1,000 mg beta-alanine. Yes, it’s there… But 2,500+ mg is the way to go in order to reap the rewards of this ingredient (beta alanine guide). We checked Old School Labs post workout BCAA supplement expecting to find extra beta-alanine there, but it wasn’t. Perhaps they are not strong beta-alanine believers, or simply don’t enjoy the tingles.

What Makes Vintage Blast Different

Vintage Blast is a unique pre workout in its own right. It has a 2 stage formula, contains d-aspartic acid, tastes great, and has a very clean ‘other ingredients’ list. As a whole, while taking Vintage Blast you are going to have a nice, clean energy. That’s the whole vibe that we felt while taking it, clean.

Does Vintage Blast contain creatine?

No it doesn’t, and this is good thinking. Vintage Blast already requires a lot of water and mixing to get it to fully dissolve (it tastes great though). So, the inclusion of creatine would have really thrown off the solubility worse. Pair that with the D-aspartic acid, and the situation may not be very stomach friendly. So, good thinking Old School Labs… Best to save the creatine for post workout.

Our Conclusion on Vintage Blast

As a whole, this isn’t an all-in-one pre workout. But, it is a great middle ground, containing a time-released energy matrix, clean ingredients, and a moderate pump matrix. For those of you that eat incredibly healthy and do the most to get your nutrition for food… You’re probably going to lean towards this pre workout.

For the rest of us looking to build serious mass or cut fat – you will find yourself adding things like BCAAs, etc. – or finding a different pre workout that does.

Overall, we are very pleased with Vintage Labs and what they stand for in comparison to other brands. All we can ask for is more beta-alanine, more servings per container (currently at 20), and for the price to stay the same when they get to 30 servings (currently at 39.99 on amazon exclusively).

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