Clutch Bodyshop Thermo Review

Clutch THERMO Fat Burner Review

Thermo Fat Burner by Clutch Bodyshop introduces a brand new key fat burning component to the stimulant free arena: Fucoxanthin. This ingredient, not to be confused with astaxanthin is a pigment found in brown seaweed that is believed to have several beneficial effects. The most predominant of these effects being the increased metabolism of fat cells in the stomach region.

In fact, in Volume 12 of the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism journal: “Fucoxanthin containing Xanthigen was found to increase fat metabolism by 11 pounds on average in women over a 4 month period”. That’s a pretty big deal, an extra 11 pounds burnt in one group versus another doing the same amount of work. The only difference – supplementation for 4 months with an ingredient like the one provided in Thermo.

Additional Thermo Fat Burner Ingredients

As you can see Fucoxanthin is great, but it’s not the only ingredient present in Clutch Bodyshop’s Thermo Fat Burner. In addition to Fucoxanthin, you will also find a 2.2 gram proprietary blend of fatty acids containing: CLA, Palmitic Acid, Steric Acid, Oleic Acid, and Linoleic Acid. All of these ingredients have been correlated with increased metabolism of fat. So much so, that several supplement brands offer stand-alone products focusing on some, or just one of these ingredients averaging the same dose.

This fatty acid blend is present in Thermo Fat Burner because it is known to successfully aid in metabolism, but also because it optimizes the effectiveness of Fucoxanthin itself. Primarily, the fatty acids present allow Fucoxanthin to uptake into the body at a much higher level, reducing the amount you actually have to take all-the-while increasing effectiveness.

How to Compare Thermo Fat Burner Supplement

All in all, for those of you that have experience with stimulant free fat burner supplements and body sculpting supplements – think of Thermo Fat Burner as the new and greatly improved CLA supplement. Like CLA, Thermo Fat Burner will improve metabolism and get to work directly on your midsection. However, unlike CLA – Thermo Fat Burner should produce significantly better results long term.

Fucoxanthin Molecular Structure

Really, the only caveat to this supplement is this – in clinical studies Fucoxanthin has had a ‘delay period’. This means, that it will take about a week before things really begin to happen. This is hypothesized to be due to a saturation threshold that must be reached before metabolism steps up a notch. Our best advice to you is to take the Thermo Fat Burner as recommended and wait out the week until threshold is reached. Super dosing this supplement, and any supplement as a whole is not advised. And, we mean that. We are simply stating the delay so that you know what you are dealing with and what to expect, not as a ‘wink-wink’ scenario.

Additional Features for Clutch Bodyshop

We have tried a lot of the Clutch Bodyshop products. Typically, when we review a specific product, we review the entire brand. So, as we reviewed Thermo Fat Burner we also reviewed Workout Powder, their protein powder, and a few other supplements. As a whole, all of the clutch products that we have tried were on point. Some can be a bit pricey, but they do bring forward valuable characteristics that many other similar classed supplements lack.

In particular, we admire the effort made by Clutch Bodyshop to keep artificial dyes, preservatives, and sweeteners out. The inclusion of these ingredients in say one product may not ‘harm’ you, but when you add up all of the supplements you take – a significant threshold has been reached. In addition to this, Clutch is on point with the stimulant free movement. It’s no joke that overdoing stimulants will reduce muscle gains and increase fat retention. We’ve seen it ourselves and have dialoged with a lot of guys who experienced it too. A simple switch to less stimmed out supplements can and will go a long way for nearly every individual.

How we took Thermo

Thermo Fat Burner Review

Throughout the course of Thermo Fat Burner, we took the supplement as directed. 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. During this same time, we were taking Clutch’s protein powder after workouts and their Workout Powder approximately 20 minutes before working out.

Throughout the duration of these supplements, every team member dried out their physiques more-so than before supplementation began. Granted, we are all in above-par shape. However, as they say ‘those last few inches are the hardest’. Taking Thermo did not negatively impact strength training, nor did it affect our lives in any real way other than helping cut our midsections. If you are actively pursuing exercise and moderating your diet – Thermo Fat Burner is a supplement that you should look into more. We enjoyed it and can confidently give it our seal of approval.

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