Thermakor Thermogenic Fat Burner – USA Made

Thermakor Review and 10% DiscountSometimes a fat burner comes around, and it turns out to be really good. You don’t always expect it, we certainly didn’t… But results don’t lie. We’re talking about Thermakor by Kor Nutrition, a one pill two times a day thermogenic fat burner. This supplement is USA made containing approximately 24 natural herbs and was just what I needed personally to hit my lowest fat percentage yet. I don’t normally take fat burners personally, but I believe I had an above average experience with Thermakor and here is my review.

During my time taking Thermakor:

  • I had more energy to get through my workouts and day.
  • I was more focused and alert.
  • My hunger was decreased and actually had to work to eat a proper muscle building diet.
  • Standing at 6’2 I cut down from a respectable 195 to a turn-your-head cut 183 over 4 weeks.

And like I said before, I didn’t see it coming. When I first got my hands on a bottle of Thermakor, I thought ‘Another fat burner that’s not going to work like 98% of the rest’. I was certain that a month later (now) I wouldn’t be writing a review about this fat burner (because we don’t write about bad products on Best Workout Supplements Blog, we just let them collect dust). But man, I was wrong.

Thermakor Review – Taking Thermakor

Starting out on Thermakor, I went through the motions like everyone ought to. I took one pill 30 minutes before breakfast with a glass of water and then another 30 minutes before my late lunch. From the start, I noticed an effective energy boost. This made me think to myself ‘this may be a good product’. Then, about an hour later the energy was still there and I could literally feel that my body was warmer with the thermogenic effect. At that point, I knew that I was burning more calories than any typical day.

So, I stuck to it and started to feel more optimistic about how this fat burner was going to fair. Day by day my energy levels stayed up, my body was warm, and my gym sessions were as strong as ever. By the first weeks end, I noticed some slight benefits. My stomach was showing more definition, especially towards my lower back on the sides. My fore arms were pretty ripped, and my legs showed much more definition. Clearly, fat that I really didn’t expect to get rid of was beginning to melt away. This was a real shock considering that I eat to gain muscle, as much as possible; yet here I am losing fat. Who would have thought?

By the end of my 30 days with Thermakor, I had made a change. I was still me, just a more ripped me. I had lost a significant amount of belly fat and miscellaneous fat that had not come off over 5 years of weight training. That’s a pretty strong statement to make. When I talk to some of the other authors about this, they are shocked. Granted that I do not regularly take fat burners, even our fat burner ‘guy’ was impressed by my transformation.

Thermakor Fat Burner Conclusion

We took a closer look at the Thermakor formula and now it makes more sense. Inside Thermakor there is a Heat blend, a Muscle blend, and an Energy blend. Three huge benefits that I had noticed while I was taking the supplement. The natural ingredients in each of these classes are what led me to heat up and burn more calories while supporting the lean muscle that does the physical burning of calories. All the while, I was full of energy which topped off the metabolism cascade effect towards burning tons of calories.

Thermakor Review with DiscountOverall, I had a great experience with Thermakor and my team was impressed with both the ingredients and results this fat burner brings to the table. You can get more information on Thermakor at their website – as well as get an exclusive 20% discount using the Thermakor Promo code BWSB20 (stands for Best Workout Supplements Blog). This product was so good in our opinion that it currently holds the #2 position on our Top 10 Fat Burners list. We really recommend that you at least look at this product first so if nothing else you can set your standards higher as you look for that perfect fat burner.

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