TL PreSeries Lean Review

PreSeries LEAN Review

LEAN is definitely our favorite pre workout for leaning and toning. Huge dosages, a great experience, and even better results!

PreSeries LEAN is the cutting and toning pre workout made for men and women by Transparent Labs. Containing massive clinical dosages of proven, effective ingredients, LEAN is the current standard for individuals cutting down on fat while supporting their muscle maintenance goals.

In fact, LEAN has been so effective that it currently occupies our number one choice on our women’s pre workout supplement page. Being great for men as well, this pre workout is far different from everything else available on the market today.

PreSeries LEAN is Different

Compared to other pre workout supplements geared towards weight loss and body maintenance, LEAN takes a whole new approach. You can easily see this when you compare the ingredient label on LEAN to the ingredient label on other popular supplements.

Each serving of LEAN is huge in comparison, and there are more ingredients present. The artificial dyes are removed, and natural flavors are used. An energy complex is present, and a thermogenic complex as well; but it’s not going to crack you out. Rather, it’s going to give you just the right amount of energy boost all-the-while not stressing out your body; something other pre workouts tend to forget.

To put it short and simple, LEAN was made mindfully for steady and reliable progress over time. While on the other hand, the vast majority of pre workouts are designed to taste good, look good, and make you feel good while you take it – but ultimately offer no real benefit towards long term fat metabolism and body re-composition. That sounds a whole lot like what you used to get before you started transforming your body; and not what you’re looking for in the new you.

Transparent Labs Lean Pre Workout

The Ingredients in LEAN by Transparent Labs

Here we will break down the ingredients in this pre workout. You will find a few similarities between LEAN and its partner, PreSeries BULK. These similarities focus on the performance complexes, which nourish your muscles and allow you to do more work for longer to burn more calories and support lean muscle.

If you compare LEAN to other mainstream pre workouts, you will notice a few of the same ingredients from the Endurance and Energy complexes, but not many else. Looking deeper, you will see that no other product contains the same clinically effective dosages as LEAN and the entire PreSeries line. In fact, many of these competing products contain less than half of the published effective dosages proven by clinical studies.

The BWSB team has taken the majority of these competing pre workouts. While they do offer a decent experience while in the gym, the effects often fade leaving your body in a state of stress. That’s because, many of these ingredients are still needed for optimal muscle recovery after your workout has ended. But, there is only enough active ingredients present for get you through your first 45 minutes of activity. PreSeries Lean is different, and we noticed that immediately after our first few workouts with the product.

The Endurance/Performance Ingredients

6 g L-Citrulline Malate – 2 g BCAA – 1.5 g Beta-Alanine

Citrulline Malate is currently the gold standard for improving circulation while working out. This improves oxygen and nutrient delivery while also creating what bodybuilders refer to as muscle pump. This effect will stay with you for a while after your workout, and continue aiding in muscle nourishment as well as the removal of waste produced during exercise.

The Malate in citrulline malate plays an important role as well. Being a natural intermediate in cellular respiration, malate acts as a highly accessible energy store which your body can utilize to improve strength and endurance while working out.

If you work out then you have heard of BCAAs. BCAAs, short for branch chain amino acids, are the components that make up muscle protein. Supplementing with BCAAs while fasted has been found to significantly improve endurance as well as recovery in both men and women. Typically, BCAAs are sold as separate intra-workout supplements. However, 2 grams of BCAAs are included within the LEAN pre workout.

Lastly in this category we have Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine contributes to endurance and lean muscle maintenance by replenishing L-carnitine. Individuals who are deficient in L-carnitine, often from exercise, have a harder time metabolizing fat as well as experience a lack of energy. Beta-Alanine helps combat and prevent this.

In all, this endurance and performance complex of ingredients is highly effective. So much so that we lasted in the gym much longer than on average. Pair these ingredients with the energy and thermogenic complex we’re about to cover and that’s a good workout!

The Energy and Thermogenic Ingredients

180 mg Caffeine – 50 mg Synephrine – 25 mg Hordenine – 360 mg L-Theanine – 500 mg Choline

The energy complex is the main component of a pre workout supplement that people notice the most. Aside from pump, energy is the real pre workout ‘experience’. With that being said, PreSeries LEAN contains an ethically dosed stimulant/thermogenic mix containing 180 mg caffeine along with 50 mg synephrine, 360 mg l-theanine, 25 mg hordenine, and 500 mg choline.

This is one of the most well-balanced stimulant complexes we have seen in a pre workout supplement. Now days, it’s not uncommon to see pre workout supplements that contain 300 to 450 mg caffeine per serving with next to no true performance enhancing ingredients to compliment. This is essentially 3-4 cups of coffee with all the jitters.

PreSeries LEAN is different with its lower caffeine dose alongside complimenting ingredients that enhance focus, mental clarity, energy, and motivation. What this means is that with LEAN you get a cleaner, richer energy experience that doesn’t burn out. This is something that our whole team experienced and liked. It’s not as hardcore of an energy boost as other pre workouts, but it is incredibly consistent, reliable, and usable – ultimately leading to better workouts without the side effects of crash and inability to sleep which other pre workouts contain (which leads to more stress on the body).

Thyroid Support Ingredients

50 mg Ashwagandha – 75 mg Guggulsterones – Copper/Chromium/Selenium/Zinc

We found this pretty interesting, a thyroid complex within a pre workout supplement – this is new. But, it makes sense. The statistic is always changing, but there are a lot of people out there with under active thyroid glands. This means, they do not produce enough Thyroxin to support a robust metabolism. This becomes applicable to working out given that extensive exercise can cause hypothyroidism (under active thyroid).

We believe this is why Transparent Labs added in a complete thyroid nourishing blend to their LEAN pre workout. For a lot of dieters, this will be a major compliment.

What Taking PreSeries LEAN Pre Workout Feels Like

After taking LEAN for the first month, we took down a lot of notes on our experience. To begin, the serving size for LEAN is pretty big. Coming in at just over 16 grams, it has 2-3 times the active ingredients compared to other pre workouts. This 16 gram serving mixed well, but did have a bit of a sour taste. This is sensible considering it is made without artificial dyes and uses natural flavors. It wasn’t cool-aid, but it certainly isn’t bad enough to be a problem.

About 15-20 minutes after taking LEAN, it begins to kick in well. We experienced increased energy and a feeling of increased circulation from the citrulline. It felt like game time was coming! Granted, this isn’t the same as those high stimulant pre workouts that nearly give you a headache and make you tap your feet. Instead, it was consistent and functional. It simply felt good.

Throughout lifting and cardio, this pre workout really helped with muscular endurance. Pushing the extra rep felt more comfortable despite the burn! It was pretty apparent that there were BCAAs, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate helping out.

Our Conclusion on PreSeries LEAN

Overall LEAN is an amazing pre workout for improving performance, leaning down, and maintaining muscle. It has just the right amount of stimulants to put a boost in your step, without all the drag after your workout is over. As a whole, there is no denying that LEAN offers more support towards actually meeting your goals compared to other pre workouts.

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