Pre Workout Prices Compared and Evaluated

Are you getting a good deal on your pre workout? How do you compare? Here we cover how to value your pre workout supplement.

Across the supplement industry, pre workout prices have remained pretty standard. However, the actual contents that you get for that price vary SIGNIFICANTLY!

Here, we’ve prepared a table containing many of the top pre workouts out there. Their unit price, price per serving, and price per gram (without carbs).

If you’re looking for a pre workout, or would like to really see how much you are spending on your pre workout compared to others: this is exactly what you want to see.

The cost per gram of active ingredients is in our opinion the biggest indicator of a quality pre workout if you’re looking to improve more than just energy.

Pre Workout Price and Value Comparison

Comparison of pre workout prices

As you can see, a lot of pre workouts with low prices really do not offer true value. They are simply under-cutting formulas by 50 fold to save you 2 fold. From a glance it looks like a deal, but really there isn’t an edge.

What Adds Value to a Pre Workout?

To us, pre workouts are meant to be very goal oriented. If you want to lose weight, then your pre workout should contain ingredients that help burn fat. If you want to build muscle, your pre workout should justly contain muscle building ingredients. Makes sense right?

And energy, that’s a no brainer. Energy complexes in pre workouts are easy and cheap to design. So, why are some pre workouts nothing more than an energy complex? That’s only one small part of the reason for taking a pre workout…

Digging deeper into this, some pre workouts go the middle route by adding some fat burning or muscle building ingredients. The only problem is, they are not in proper doses.

Nearly every pre workout on the list above contains beta alanine. The proper, effective, clinical dose of beta alanine is roughly 3-6 grams. Yet, the majority of these pre workouts don’t even contain 2 grams…

Formula Size (Excluding Carbs) and Price per Serving

So, as you set out to find that perfect pre workout, we urge you to judge pre workouts by what is inside them – not solely the label or celebrity endorsements.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I getting enough servings in this pre workout?
  • Are the ingredients in their clinical dosages?
  • Are there artificial sweeteners and synthetic dyes?
  • Is the price per gram within a respectable range?

And at the end of these questions, you will know if you are getting a pre workout or simply taken advantage of.

Quite possibly the best advice we can give people when looking for a pre workout is this:

Find pre workouts with quality clinically dosed ingredients first, and then sort through their energy matrixes second. Without fail, this method will make you the happiest and save the most amount of time.

Most of people confuse where the power of a pre workout really comes from… They think its 100% stimulants. But really, 40% or more should be coming from the active ingredients like BCAAs, beta-alanine, citrulline, etc.

If this wasn’t the case, then stimulant free pre workouts wouldn’t be all the rage that they are today.

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