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PMD ACG3 Supercharged Review

Is this $66 pre workout the maker of epic gains? Here is our full ACG3 Review:

If you shop regularly at GNC, then the pre workout ACG3 Supercharged by PMD has likely been offered to you (1). Word on the street is that this is a Jack3d clone… But that’s not the case, at least not anymore.

The real deal on ACG3 and PMD products, is that they are GNC exclusive products. This means, you won’t find them anywhere else without GNC’s consent.

In fact, this is the game-plan for all FitLife Brands companies (2) which appears to be performing in the ‘meh’ range (3).

Partnerships aside, how do PMD pre workouts perform when it’s time to lift?

Our experience taking PMD ACG3 Supercharged pre workout

To begin reviewing ACG3, we experimented with 1 scoop servings before workouts. This is the base serving size which translates into 60 servings but also means ½ listed ingredients.

The best way to explain how a single serving of ACG3 feels, is to imagine taking C4 with more raw bite. The energy was moderately present, but there was an untamed sweaty feel to it, likely from the yohimbe.

While taking PMD ACG3, the energy lasted a very long time. However pump and other effects were less pronounced.

Taking 2 scoops of ACG3:

Upgrading from one scoop to two with this pre workout completely changes the experience. Now, you are getting the full dosage of labeled ingredient amounts.

The energy experience with 2 scoops of ACG3 greatly increased as you would expect – but it was still quite a raw feeling.

Over a few days, we did notice strength improvements while taking 2 scoops, thanks to getting in 3 grams of creatine. However, it wasn’t quite comparable to taking the clinical 5 gram dosage of creatine on its own.

ACG3 compared to PMD Pump Fuel

Between the two, we choose ACG3 every time. Pump Fuel was similar, and did offer greater pumps… But the carbs conflicts with any diet other than bulking, and left us feeling acidic midway into workouts.

Bottom line: They both do what a pre workout is supposed to do, but we suggest ACG3 over PMD Pump Fuel unless you are crazily bulking.

Ingredients in the ACGC Supercharged formula

ACG3 SuperchargedThis is by no means an inexpensive pre workout. For us, this makes us think: “wow, it must have really good and expensive ingredients in it!” Too bad, that wasn’t really the case at all.

Creatine Blend:

ACG3 Supercharged contains a blend of: creatine citrate, MagnaPower, and Alpha Ketoglutarate that totals 1.5 grams per single scoop and 3 grams per double. These forms of creatine are less clinically backed, and slightly under-dosed.

Burn Complex:

The ‘burn complex’ in ACG3 contains a mixture of beta-alanine, betaine, taurine, and l-histidine. It is unclear how much of each ingredient is included, as the formula is proprietary. While beta-alanine can create a burning sensation, we’re unsure why this blend is called a ‘burn complex’.

Pump Complex:

The ‘pump complex’ found in ACG3 contains: l-arginine, l-arginine AKG, glycerol, and astragin. The amounts are not disclosed, however the Burn Complex + Pump Complex total 5.5 grams.

Focus Formula:

Not to be confused with the energy ingredients or as we call, ‘raw stimulants’, the focus formula contains nootropic ingredients. ACG3 Supercharged contains: several forms of choline, l-tyrosine, ashwagandha, l-carnitine, licorice root, ginkgo, and phosphatidyl serine all totaling 825 mg combined.

Raw Stimulants:

The real kick that you will feel from ACG3 Supercharged is from the raw stimulants. They include: caffeine, theacrine, glucuronolactone, yohimbe, quercetin, d-ribose, amla extract, theobromine, guarana, and green tea extract. The caffeine per double serving totals 325 mg, while the other ingredients total 100 mg for all together 425 per double-scoop.

Bottom Line: the formula in ACGC is quite proprietary, though what they do give us suggests that there is no way key ingredients are at clinical levels.

Final thoughts on this review

While this pre workout isn’t inherently bad, the price tag placed on it makes zero sense whatsoever. You won’t catch us buying ACG3 Supercharged or Pump Fuel again unless they are at least 50% cheaper…

With that being the point, you might as well just take standard C4 extreme and get nearly the same experience per 1 to 2 scoops at half the cost and with better flavors.

What we liked: Extreme diversity between the stimulant and focus complexes.

What we didn’t like: Massively over-priced, hidden blend dosages, lacks clinical dosages.

Verdict on ACG3: If you want to feel like a baller and buy a $66 pre workout, be our guest. However we simply cannot validate this price and personally choose to pass on it. You can find this pre workout in GNC stores, on the GNC website, or on Amazon.

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