Defcon 1 pre workout

Platinum Labs DEFCON 1 Review

You’ve got to hand it to Platinum Labs that they went as aggressive as they could when naming this pre workout – DEFCON 1. Really, if you weren’t a bodybuilder you would probably think that this review was for a video game.

Nonetheless, DEFCON 1 by Platinum Labs is a pretty decent pre workout. We’re not sure if we would label it with such a name, though, but perhaps that’s just the type of creative minds they are.

While we could prod at this all day, let’s get to the review.

PLATINUM LABS DEFCON 1 – Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile is always the first thing we look at with a new pre workout. Half the time, we won’t even buy a pre workout if the ingredient profile doesn’t add up. For Platinum Labs DEFCON 1, the label added up to a moderate well-rounded stimulant pre workout.

We came to this conclusion based on its ingredients per serving, which included:

Stimulant Matrix: 180 mg caffeine, 100 mg theobromine, 50 mg higenamine, 250 mg choline, 1000 mg L-Taurine, 500 mg L-tyrosine, and 30 mg synephrine. As you can predict, this isn’t a crazy stimulant blend. Caffeine is dosed under 200 mg for starters. But, there is massive variation here, which creates a very well rounded and enjoyable stimulant experience.

Really, this type of stimulant matrix is the new gold-standard in our opinions, and completely blows away straight 350 mg caffeine shots.

Beta-Alanine at 2,000 mg. Beta-alanine is essential to any pre workout for its PH buffering capacity. Simply put, it increases your endurance and reduces muscle fatigue. The dosage of 2,000 mg is still pretty light, as you can read out in our Beta-Alanine Guide. But, its still better than a lot of other pre workouts that contain less.

Agmatine Sulfate at 750 mg. Agmatine Sulfate is one of those duel-purpose ingredients that is meant to increase pump, but also acts as a stimulant to a degree. Here, at 750 mg we expect it to primarily aid the stimulant matrix. As a whole, the pre workout DEFCON 1 will not be giving you skin-tearing pumps.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good pump with this pre workout… Anyone can have a good pump on their own if they eat properly. But, it wont be from the pre workout. It will be your exercise strategy + food.

There are more ingredients to DEFCON 1, but, they just really don’t matter. The ingredients above literally make up 99% of what makes this pre workout.

The additional ingredients include 750 mg Creatine HCL, 500 mg L-Citrulline, and 50 mg betaine. Really, none of this should be here at all except for maybe the creatine HCL (at these respective dosages).

50 mg betaine is a joke. Platinum Labs, why is this in here at such scarcity?

Despite this, DEFCON 1 is still well off thanks to its diversified stimulant matrix. For this aspect alone, people will really enjoy this pre workout. In fact, our in the gym review backed this up.

DEFCON 1 Pre Workout in the Gym

In the gym, DEFCON 1 is a solid and enjoyable pre workout. The energy is on point, without going too far. The pump wasn’t noticeable, or really any other effect beyond clean and effective energy.

With DEFCON 1, you’re going to be getting a solid 2 hours of energy in the gym. If you are accustomed to heavier stimulant pre workouts, you can consider upping the dosage, which, will pull more pump benefit via the agmatine sulfate.

Who is Platinum Labs DEFCON 1 For?

DEFCON 1 is a pre workout that can be taken by both beginners and novices alike. If you’re looking for a good clean energy boost from a supplement that doesn’t taste bad – this is it.

For more experienced bodybuilders who have a high demand for stimulants, you can consider upping the scoopage to 1.5 – 2 for this pre workout to get desired results.

Aside from the energy though, there aren’t any drastic additional benefits to this pre workout. For that reason, if you are looking for a full-spectrum style pre workout that delivers more – you are left with two options. Either stack other Platinum Labs products on top of DEFCON 1. Or, find a complete pre workout like our top ranking pre workouts here.

Conclusion on our DEFCON 1 Review

Overall we enjoyed this pre workout. It’s like Cellucor C4, except better. So as long as you are just looking for a great tasting well-rounded energy boost, this is it! But, if you are accustomed to getting clinically dosed ingredients for reaching your goals (10% of bodybuilders), this isn’t your match.

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