Creactor creatine compared to creacore

Muscletech Creactor and Creacore Comparison

Creactor by Muscletech isn’t your average creatine supplement. Here’s what you need to know.

While the new Creactor is seriously overhyped and aggressively labeled like all Muscletech products, we have to admit that it has a lot going for it.

Compared to other creatine products Creactor is:

  • Mega cheap
  • Mixes easily
  • Many servings per container

Just you’re likely going to need to be taking 2X servings per day.

But before you try it, there are some things you should know about Creactor that set it apart. We’ll compare these differences to Muscletech’s older Creacore creatine.

Muscletech Creactor Review

Creactor is one in a long line of creatine supplements made by Muscletech.

What sets Creactor apart, is that it contains both creatine hydrochloride and free acid creatine together. This is a highly soluble and easy to take mixture compared to standard monohydrate.

Let’s learn more:

What is Creatine Hydrochloride in Creactor?

Creatine hydrochloride is simply free-form creatine mixed with hydrochloric acid.

Compared to creatine monohydrate, creatine hydrochloride dissolves significantly easier in water which is a big plus for reducing stomach irritation.

This difference allows creatine hydrochloride to be taken easily with less water, or alongside multi-ingredient mixes like pre workout supplements.

Muscletech Creactor provides 750 mg creatine HCL per serving. For maximum effect, you’re likely going to want to take 2X servings for 1,500 mg of creatine HCL and 1,500 mg free-acid.

What is Creatine Free-Acid in Creactor?

Free-acid creatine is just as simple as it sounds – it’s creatine unbound to any other substrates.

Basically, it’s as raw and natural as creatine can get.

The problem with this though, is that it’s unclear whether or not creatine free-acid can hold up as powder over time.

Likewise, we’re unsure how much actually gets into your muscles, and how much is destroyed during digestion.

Muscletech Creactor vs. ProSeries Creacore

What is Creacore?

Muscletech also makes Creacore, which is composed of 4 grams creatine monohydrate and 1 gram creatine hydrochloride.

This is a new formula, the old Creacore previously contained 1,750 mg creatine HCL alongside 450 mg Fenugreek extract.

In our opinion, the new formula is better than its predecessor. However you will take it differently than the previous version as well as Creactor.

How to take Creactor vs other creatine supplements like ProSeries Creacore

There are multiple times you can take creatine and still get its benefits, however if you’re like us – you prefer the optimal time.

Since Creactor is highly absorbable, you can take it at virtually any time, and alongside any other supplement without problem. That is a huge, huge perk.

ProSeries Creacore on the other hand contains 4 grams of creatine monohydrate which is less soluble.

This means, you will want to take Creacore on its own, or at least away from stimulants like caffeine. We’d recommend either with your post workout meal, or alongside any daily meal.

But, avoid taking Creacore before workout alongside a pre-workout supplement that already has a lot that needs to dissolve.

Final Verdict

Overall, both Creactor and Creacore are effective creatine supplements.

They are quite different, and due to that require different supplementation finesse. However, without a doubt they are both capable of increasing strength, recovery, and growth at a decent price point.

How do they compare to other creatine supplements?

They are in the ballpark, that’s for sure.

Though, are both less-expensive alternatives to notable names like Creapure. Likewise, neither contain additional ‘extra-value’ ingredients like HMB, taurine, or even carbs (though Cell Tech contains carbs).

Bottom line, we enjoyed both and are sure you will too. If you already bought Creactor or Creacore and are wondering – “did I get duped?”… Rest assured that you didn’t, and enjoy your gains.

Creactor strengths:

  • Dissolves easily
  • Can take any time
  • Tastes good

Creactor weaknesses

  • Need to take 2 servings

Creacore strengths:

  • Strongly dosed
  • Good value

Creacore weaknesses:

  • Doesn’t contain Creapure creatine

Which do we prefer?

If you held us down and made us decide, we’d opt for both. We’d take one serving of Creactor before workout, and then one serving of Creacore post workout with food.

But if we had to choose between them, then it would come down to dosage timing. If you’re able to take your creatine consistently post workout with food, then sticking with proven creatine monohydrate is best.

However if you need the flexibility of supplementing any time, or your stomach is sensitive to creatine monohydrate – then Muscletech Creactor is the supplement for you.

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