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MHP Reckless PWO

Didn’t you hear? The new class of pre workout is Reckless. We strapped our helmets on and knocked on wood twice before diving down this rabbit hole pre workout.

We really don’t enjoy roasting pre workouts or their respective makers… But MHP’s Reckless is just something else.

What were they thinking?

After all, we’ve historically loved MHP for their affordable mass gainer UP Your Mass, and some of their test boosting products. But now, they give us this, this thing, called Reckless.

Seriously, the only thing ‘reckless’ here is the lack of communication between their R&D and advertising department. That is, unless the advertising department makes up the whole company?

The claims simply don’t match the ingredient profile… At all.

Scroll down to our ingredient breakdown for Reckless and you’ll see what we mean.

Quick Review: Reckless is hailed by MHP as “the new class of pre workout”, being a premium product, made with clinical dosages… But this is all BS. There isn’t a single ingredient even at half clinical dosage in this skimpy 5.6 gram per serving product… Basically, this pre workout is an average energy booster, NOT a game changing product by any means.

Quick Strengths: Doesn’t taste too bad and isn’t over/under caffeinated.

Quick Weaknesses: There really isn’t any value or ingenuity in this pre workout.

How to take: Standard PWO guidelines apply, 15-30 before your workout. Taking any longer than 30 minutes before may mean you run out of steam early.

MHP Reckless Ranking Factors

Energy Effects: 8/10 No Major Mistakes

The energy in Reckless is moderate but reliable. The caffeine is ethically dosed and there aren’t any grey-area stimulant present.

The energy producing ingredients can be broken down as:

  • Caffeine anhydrous 150 mg: Straight and pure caffeine.
  • Yerba Mate 150 mg: Delivering more caffeine in a natural form.
  • Sensori Ashwagandha 63 mg: Promotes focus
  • Neurofactor 50 mg: a whole-bean coffee extract that both stimulates fat loss and promotes energy.
  • L-Theanine 50 mg: Smooths the caffeine, a bit underdosed.
  • Theacrine 25 mg: at this dosage, may actually make you less energized.

Overall, this energy formula will get you going, but it feels a bit rough around the edges. I personally find that natural derived caffeine sources like yerba mate and neurofactor have a higher tendency of causing a headache versus 100% caffeine anhydrous use.

Note: The total caffeine content in a single serving of Reckless is 195 mg.

Strength Effects: 5/10 Don’t Claim What You Don’t Got

MHP claims that Reckless will give you a “dramatic surge of energy, strength, and endurance”. So, what ingredients are meant to ‘dramatically’ surge your strength you may wonder…

“Dramatic” strength ingredients in Reckless:

  • Beta-alanine 800 mg: Clinical dosages for beta-alanine begin at 3,200 mg… Fail.
  • Creatine Monohydrate 750 mg: The recommended dose is 5,000 mg… Double fail.
  • Creatine HCL 250 mg: Recommended dosages range from 500 mg to 2,500 mg… Fatality fail.
  • ElevATP 75 mg: Recommended dosage is 150 mg per serving… Sheesh.

So, where exactly are the clinical dosages? Not here.

Endurance Effects: 5/10 Negative Ghost Rider, Negative

While Reckless is said to dramatically increase your endurance, the only true endurance ingredients are the under-dosed beta-alanine and ElevATP. Don’t get your hopes up on this one.

Crash / Aftermath Effects: 8/10

Since the stimulants are limited, Reckless isn’t going to crash you the way other high stim pre workouts will. Though, it’s not perfect.

Taste: 8/10

Reckless isn’t as good tasting as say, Kraken pre workout is… But it isn’t terrible by any means.

Price / Value: 8/10

While you’re really getting nothing but some stimulants, you’re also not paying a lot either. Thirty serving bottles go for about $25. Surely, it will be less when this PWO goes on clearance.

Similar Products:

Experience wise, this pre workout relates to C4, but really is just weak all around.

MRI Mind to Muscle is an upgrade to this PWO.

Review Conclusions: 7/10 Not Bad But Not “A New Class”

The marketing behind this pre workout is a total lie. But, at the end of the day, Reckless will still give you some decent energy to lift those weights. With that being said, we don’t fail it… But we do look more negative upon MHP as a brand for all this hype advertising… Street credit lost.

Reckless Review Conclusion

If you are seeking a cheap pre workout with modest stimulants that doesn’t contain Yohimbe like price-comparable Muscletech pre workouts do… Then MHP Reckless may be a good fit for you. However, if you’re truly seeking an odds defying workout experience, then you’ve got to view our most respected pre workout supplements for 2018. They are true winners for those seeking the best possible products.

Ingredients in MHP Reckless

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