Magnum Opus Review

Opus stim freeStimulant free pre-workouts like OPUS mean something completely different in terms of “what a pre-workout is supposed to do”. To most guys, pre-workout is all about getting pumped and energized beyond belief. We get that and live it too, that’s why we rotate between stimulant and stimulant free options (also why the majority of the top 10 pre-workouts are stimulant based). However, that’s not the battle cry of pre-workouts like OPUS.

Opus Pre-Workout ReviewInstead, to stimulant free options ‘pre-workout’ is about packing your body full of anabolic amino acids which will fuel your muscles to last a little longer and push a little harder… All the while setting the perfect stage for actual muscle growth when your lift comes to an end. That may not sound as enticing as ‘rage so hard you tear the whole gym down effortlessly’, but it is definitely a lot more in-line with your goals of crafting a powerful body that is one in a million.

Something that I’ve learned over my many years of working out, and have discussed with my colleagues is this… While high stimulant pre-workouts get you crazy amped for the gym, they do not produce massive muscle building effects unless your diet is flawless.

There are simply too many adrenaline-activating stimulants present to allow your body to truly go into an aggressive anabolic state. Naturally, I still take a high stimulant pre-workout from time to time; I’ve just learned not to rely on them for my gains because it doesn’t always work that way.

Stimulant free pre-workouts on the other hand are most of the time crafted specifically for building muscle. They don’t promise to give you massive amounts of un-natural energy because well, they can’t. That’s not their playing ground. Rather, these caffeine free pre-workouts offer recovery, pump, and pounds of muscle gained on the scale without all the negativities of over adrenal stimulation and lost sleep.

To us, it is absolutely essential that someone interested in learning more about caffeine free and stimulant free pre-workouts understands this divide. When you take your new pre-workout without all those stimulants, you’re not going to get the same effects. But, that’s exactly why you’re going to get better long-term results if building muscle is your goal.

Our Magnum Opus Review

Taking the pre-workout Opus has always been a pleasant experience for me. The price comes in at under a dollar per serving which is a bonus considering all the amino acids in it. On the label, Opus talks about ‘effervescent power & energy”. I’ve never experienced a ton of energy from opus. But I can definitely tell that I’ve taken it after a few minutes because I do get a focus rush and vascularity increases.

Magnum Opus Supplement IngredientsAt the same time though, I have noticed that if I’m dehydrated then that rush can also trigger a headache. So, just remember to be adequately hydrated or take Opus with some extra water and you will be good to go.

How Opus Performs in the Gym

In the gym, you feel powerful having taken Opus as long as you know your body. For guys new to lifting that have been taking high stimulant pre-workouts for the last few months, they may not notice Opus at all. But, for a real bodybuilder that is in-tune with his body, he will know its muscle building time.

While taking Opus, my endurance is increased, strength increased, and afterwards I feel more solid than if I had not taken a pre-workout with a high amino acid profile. I do strongly believe that this pre-workout helps me build more muscle while bodybuilding versus without taking it.

Quick specifications and an Overview of Opus users

From the get go, Opus is a great product for a moderate to small population of established bodybuilders and guys working out. For Opus to be a great experience for you, you definitely need to be someone that cares more about gains and muscle growth than they care about the experience of being stimmed out in the gym. That’s the best way to describe it. With Opus, you’re not going to get an insane boost of energy. Rather, you’re going to get more focus, more pump, better endurance, but what really counts is the muscle growth that Opus alongside lifting weights triggers. That’s where the value is.

All in all, this is a pre-workout that we here at love. Sure, there are a few things we dislike, such as the use of artificial dyes and flavorings which isn’t the best for the human body. But then again, most all pre-workouts violate that. Just so you know, we are putting together some letters to insist that supplement manufactures take these out, cause really, is it worth adding junk to your powder just to make it blue? We don’t think so. Take care guys and leave questions and comments below.

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