Review of Kanibi CBD Oil

Kanibi CBD Oil Full Review

We’ve tried CBD oil from several brands but Kanibi CBD Oil really caught our eye. Here is our full review on Kanibi CBD.

While we’ve been studying and evaluating sports nutrition products for ages, CBD is much newer to the paying field. With that being said, it has been a total pleasure getting outside of what we’re familiar with and delving deep into a new category of fascination!

Here we are sharing with you our full review of Kanibi CBD Oil Tincture. This brand in particular demonstrated exceptionally high product quality and integrity, earning it our current top ranking for best CBD oil tincture.

The following is what we experienced and uncovered while testing Kanibi CBD Oil…

Background Experience:

Our experience is based on testing multiple CBD brands. From CBD gummies to sublingual drops and vape pens… We have tried every non-THC CBD product worth ordering. We will do our best to make this review as comparative as possible.

The Deal on Kanibi CBD

Kanibi is unique in the CBD world because they are focusing on the details from hemp harvest to CBD in your hand. Many popular CBD companies were never designed to be as successful as they are, and are thus not competent to provide high-quality consistent products. Kanibi has entered the market capable and freakishly focused on quality, quality, quality.

This is something we appreciate regarding anything we spend our hard-earned money on, or put into our bodies.

Kanibi CBD Oil Tincture – first experiences.

We ordered the full Kanibi Combo pack for our review, allowing us to try out all of their products. It wasn’t cheap, costing $138 at our time of purchase, but the quality was distinguishably higher than some of the other more generic brands we have sampled.

The Kanibi Combo Pack took about 5 business days to arrive with standard shipping. We ordered it directly from the manufacturer, as CBD products are not for sale on the Amazon marketplace.

The Kanibi product bottles are well-made, tinted to protect contents from UV, and overall quite beautiful in design.

Taking Kanibi CBD Oil Tincture:

Here is a no-frills overview of every experience category…

  1. Flavor and consistency: Using as a sublingual drop, Kanibi’s CBD Oil was surprisingly well-flavored and had a savory consistency. There wasn’t any grittiness or separation as we’ve seen with other brands.
  2. Time to effects: When taken sublingually, the Kanibi oil acted quickly to provide a sense of wellbeing and anti-inflammatory response. Zero headaches or strange feelings, very pure experience.
  3. Accuracy of dosing: We self-dosed at approximately 15 mg of CBD per serving as we’ve used with all other brands tested. Kanibi appeared to provide the exact potency, with consistency from first to last serving.

Overall, the experience ranking factors for Kanibi were 10/10.

A look at what makes Kanibi stand out:

The Kanibi website contains tons of information on how their products are made and why they make them that way. Some takeaways we noticed include:

  • Double third-party testing: Many CBD brands claim to be third-party tested, however the actual reports are often hard to find and typically 2-3 years outdated. Kanibi provides double third-party test results on the product page, easily accessible, and up-to-date.
  • High quality hemp sourcing: Kanibi claims to work with a network of farmers to allow them to pick the highest quality hemp every season. In comparison, self-farming organizations are stuck with what they’ve grown, and quality can vary.
  • Expert extraction: The CBD used in Kanibi products is clean CO2 extracted by PCR hemp plants.
  • GMP certified manufacturing: Quality doesn’t end at extraction, Kanibi products are lastly prepared and packaged in a GMP certified facility, not a backyard operation.

Competing Brands:

The only brands that we found to be comparable to Kanibi include Charlotte’s Web and MedTerra. However, after that, other CBD brands quickly drop off the map in terms of quality. We recommend avoiding CBD brands with flashy advertising, and instead focus your attention on facts adding up.

Our Verdict on Kanibi CBD Oil, specifically their oil tincture:

Kanibi’s CBD Oil is the best presentation of CBD that we’ve reviewed thus far. The products we received matched our expectations, the quality was distinguishably premium, and the whole experience felt right.

The only negative to Kanibi CBD has got to be the price, it isn’t as cheap as other brands. Though this is something we are willing to pay knowing that we are receiving a quality made CBD oil that isn’t going to let us down, be contaminated, or inconsistently dosed.

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Kanibi Review Bottom Line: Kanibi excelled in our CBD review. We will continue to experiment with different seasonal batches of Kanibi products, but for the time being they are our top ranker within the BWSB organization.

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