Gaspari SuperPump Max Vs SuperPump 3.0

SuperPump 3.0 ReviewThe new SuperPump 3.0 by Gaspari has just hit the shelves recently and we have been keeping tabs on this new pre workout reformulation. The original SuperPump Max just barely missed out on our top 10 pre workout supplements list, and over the next few months we will determine if SuperPump 3.0 is a deserving pre workout booster. Due to this pre workout being brand-new, it will take us more time to pull together a full and true review. So far, only a small percentage of our bodybuilders have had a chance to try the new 3.0. However, we are going to go over the technical details for the new SuperPump 3.0 in comparison to the established SuperPump Max.

New SuperPump Formula

So, a lot of guys are wondering – is the new SuperPump 3.0 similar to the original SuperPump Max? This is easy to answer – yes and no.

SuperPump 3.0 is just as similarly focused as the original Max, but with more advanced ingredients. While making 3.0, Gaspari took out two large chunks from the original Max and then added in a few common day pre workout innovations. Take a look at the image below.

SuperPump 3.0 vs SuperPump Max

You can see that there are many similarities between the new and old formula. To begin, the ‘electrohydration’ complex and nitric oxide/endurance complex have both been removed. We anticipate that the new agmatine sulfate is intended as the new pump creator. Next, the creatine composition has changed between these two formulations. The old Max contained a blend of monohydrate and magnesium creatine chelate, but the new formula focuses on a larger dose of creapure® creatine monohydrate which is arguably the best creatine to take.

Looking further, we have new additions to the 3.0 formula including choline (a powerful neural energy and focus promoter), beta-alanine (carnosyn®), and Bioperine® (absorption enhancer).

All of these changes result in a theoretical optimization of the original SuperPump pre workout formula. An additional perk to these changes is a nearly 32% reduction in necessary serving size, changing from 16 grams to 11 grams per serving.

Gaspari SuperPump Comparison Conclusion

Overall, we believe that this reformulation is timely and results in a better product. The new focus additions as well as the bumped up creatine dosage and Bioperine® introduction should translate into powerful workouts. Our only concern is the absence of L-citruline and other nitric oxide promoters. In our mind, it would be a real shame if the new SuperPump offers less pump than the original. In conclusion, we feel that the new formulation will make a lot of guys happy, but for a select few the original will always be irreplaceable.

Gaspari SuperPump 3.0 Reviews and Comments

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