Cellucor BCAA Review: Beta BCAA vs Alpha Amino

Cellucor BCAA Review

Cellucor is a big player in the sports supplements industry and we’ve always loved their dedication to offering the most variety in workout supplements and supplement flavors. Take Cellucor’s C4 pre workout for example – there are several variations of this product plus countless flavors on top of that!

We’re here to talk about BCAA and Amino Acid supplements though!

So if you’re interested in stocking up on intra workout supplements from Cellucor; then you’re going to want to read what we have to say about Cellucor Beta BCAA and Alpha Amino. We’ve done our research and here are the facts that separate the differences between these two amino acid products and who they are designed for.

Below we have summarized each of the amino acid supplements by Cellucor to the best of our knowledge. We hope that this helps you to make your decision when choosing your next amino acid supplement. If you are still undecided, you can view our Best BCAA Supplements list for additional options on amino acids to add to your bodybuilding supplement stack.

Cellucor Beta BCAA vs Alpha Amino [Direct Label Comparison] Cellucor Beta BCAA and Alpha Amino

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Here, you can see the direct ingredient differences between Cellucor’s Beta BCAA (left) and Alpha Amino (right).

Both Beta BCAA and Alpha Amino contain 5,000 mg of BCAAs per serving.

From there though:

  • Beta BCAA contains 3,000 mg Citrulline Malate and 1,600 mg Carnosyn Beta-Alanine
  • Alpha Amino contains 3,750 mg Essential Amino Acids and 1,750 mg Hydration Blend

So, where does this leave us? Which one of these Cellucor products is best for what purpose? Here are our breakdowns of each product, and how we believe it should be used in comparison to the other.

Cellucor Beta BCAA Review and Use

For starters, it’s important to note that Beta BCAA reformulated recently. The old formula contained BCAAs, HICA, and Beta-alanine. Here is our old review:

“Beta-BCAA contains a standard branch chain amino acid profile along with university studied HICA and beta-alanine. Over 25% of the active ingredients in beta-BCAA are Leucine: the most anabolic amino acid. Pair this with HICA (an anabolic metabolite of leucine), and it is easy to see that this BCAA has muscle building potential. In our opinion, Beta-BCAA is most effectively directed towards individuals concentrating on gaining muscle mass; though it can also be taken during dieting or standard recovery.”

Now, as you know – Beta BCAA contains BCAAs (5 g), Citrulline Malate (3 g), and Beta-Alanine (1.6 g).

These ingredients and corresponding dosages are perfect for:

  • Stacking on top of a pre workout
  • Taking Intra Workout


  • Double Scooping for a stim-free pre workout
  • Double Scooping for cardio

We mention double scooping, because 5 grams of BCAAs is on the low side. Plus, if you want to enjoy the real benefits of Citrulline Malate and Beta-Alanine, doubling up is required to hit the clinical dose.

With that being said, depending on how you use Cellucor’s Beta-BCAA, consider the total serving count cut in half in order to meet your needs.

Cellucor Alpha Amino Review and Use

Alpha Amino on the other hand hasn’t changed its formula as far as we know. With each serving of Alpha Amino, you’re getting: BCAA (5 g), EAAs (3.75 g), and a hydration blend (1.75 g) containing betaine, coconut powder, and some electrolytes.

Similar to Beta BCAA, you can take Alpha Amino:

  • Stacked on top of a pre workout
  • As an Intra Workout


  • Doubled up for cardio

However, we really don’t think this product can fulfill a stim-free pre workouts role even at 2 servings.

Final Verdict on Cellucor’s BCAA Supplements

Overall, Cellucor makes some half decent BCAA supplements. Of the two, we lean more strongly towards Beta BCAA as a bodybuilders supplement. However, we are also interested in the possibility of combining Beta BCAA with Alpha Amino, to achieve 10 grams of BCAA with Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, EAAs (essential amino acids), and hydration complex.

The only caveat to that though, is that you wouldn’t be getting full science backed clinical dosages of citrulline malate or beta alanine…

Therefore, we have to default onto full support for Beta BCAA – specifically at 2 servings at a time. With that, you are getting 10 grams of BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio, 6 grams of Citrulline Malate which is backed by research, and 3.2 grams of carnosyn beta-alanine which is also backed by research.

Have you tried either of these Cellucor BCAA products? Drop us a line below and let us know what you thought, as well as what you plan on using in the future to maximize your progress!

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