Mass Building Pre Workouts

TL BULK vs C4 MASS vs JYM Pre-Jym

Battle of the titan pre workouts? Find out!

Here we have it, the clash of the lean mass building giants! These 3 pre workouts are without a doubt the most refined and goal-oriented pre workouts developed for the purpose of putting meat on your frame.

At least, that’s how they are advertised to be!

Here, we are going to dig deep, real deep – into the formulas that make up these pre workouts. Then, we’re going to talk about how they earn validity or conflict with the claims their manufactures make.

By the end of this mass building pre workout comparison, there will be one ultimate victor based on indisputable evidence. Let’s do it!
Pre Workout Ingredients

Here you can see the formulas for all 3 mass building pre workouts. From left to right, we have Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK, Cellucor C4 Mass, and Jym Supplement Science Pre-Jym.

Compared to other pre workouts out there, these 3 hold the highest regards as mass building pre workouts. This based on a mixture of claims, ingredients, and advertising. So, let’s take a look at their mass building ingredients first.

Bulking/Mass Building Ingredients

Growth Pre Workout Ingredients

There are 2 specific trends here. First, we have a BCAA, Betaine, and Beta-alanine focused trend in PreSeries BULK and Pre-Jym. Then, we have a carbohydrate focused blend in C4 Mass.

In our professional opinion, Cellucor really loses a lot of respect here for basing a mass building supplement off of sugar and creatine. Yes, sugar does improve the uptake of creatine – but at the pre workout window this may not be the most advantageous. What we think they tried to do here, was make a really good tasting product, not an effective one.

On the other hand, BULK and Pre-JYM have gone with what is proven to work – BCAAs, betaine, and beta-alanine.

What differentiates these two pre workouts is that Pre-JYM contains creatine, and a larger BCAA matrix. All the while, BULK contains more betaine and more beta-alanine reaching the clinical dose.

In case you guys are curious, the clinical dose for beta-alanine starts at about 3 grams, and goes up to 6 grams per day. What that means is that anything less, like the 1.6 grams in C4 Mass, hasn’t been found to be effective in scientific studies.

In regards to the mass building matrixes, BULK and Pre-JYM outperform C4 Mass. Next is Pump.
Pump in PreJym, BULK, and C4 Mass

The Pump Matrixes are pretty straight forward, and as you can see C4 Mass really doesn’t focus on pump the same way BULK and Pre-JYM do.

As you would have guessed, Both Pre-JYM and BULK greatly outperform C4 Mass when it comes to pump. When comparing BULK and Pre-JYM, BULK takes the lead for pump. This is due to the pump-prolonging L-norvaline that beats beet root as a pump addition.

Additionally, the heightened caffeine in Pre-JYM begins to reduce the pump. We will talk about the stimulants in these pre workouts next.

Stimulants in these Mass Building Pre Workouts

Stimulants in Bulk, PreJym and C4 Mass

The stimulant blends really separates all 3 of these mass building pre workouts. This is also where PreSeries BULK really shines bright, containing the most effective no-jitters and no-crash energy blend.

C4 Mass, contains the same stimulant blend as its standard C4 counterpart. In its own right, this is a very effective stimulant matrix. Combining caffeine with Theacrine (TeaCore) is highly, highly effective in the gym for energy.

Pre-JYM has a caffeine focused stimulant blend. Alongside 300 mg of caffeine, there are focus enhancers like choline (alpha-size), taurine and tyrosine. This is effective, but can cause jitters in those not accustomed to such large caffeine doses.

PreSeries BULK on the other hand takes notes from both these pre workouts to provide more caffeine than C4, but not nearly as much as Pre-JYM. Instead, BULK goes the Nootropic route adding in large doses of choline, tyrosine, and taurine for super clean focus.

To make things better, there is synephrine, Hordenine, and Theacrine in small doses to prolong and enhance the whole stimulant matrix in a way that is highly effective while at the same time not causing jitters or the feeling of unclean energy. To us, this stimulant matrix is a game changer.

Last but not least, we have our final comparison category – added ingredients.
Other Ingredients

To a lot of you, this category doesn’t mean much. But, to those that are extra health conscious we know that you will appreciate this.

Above you can see the added ingredients that make these pre workouts taste and look the way they do. This is via artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners, etc. Of all these pre workouts, BULK contains the least unnecessary garbage. We expected C4 MASS to contain the typical laundry list of bad additives, since the stuff tastes so darn good.

But, we didn’t expect the same risky ingredients from Pre-Jym. Hopefully Stoppani will make updates to the formula with more natural choices. After all, the beet extract in the pump matrix is naturally red, isn’t that enough of a dye?

Conclusion on This Pre Workout Comparison

Overall, we find that BULK and Pre-JYM are the most qualified mass building pre workouts. Of those two, we lean towards BULK for the enhanced stimulant matrix and larger beta-alanine and betaine dosages. Additionally, the lack of artificial dyes is nice too. These reasons, alongside hundreds of user reviews is why we have ranked BULK as our #1 pre workout, feel free to check it out on our Top Pre Workouts List Here.

Let us know how your experience with these pre workouts went below! Better yet, if you’ve tried 2 or more, compare them!

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