BSN Amino X BCAA Review

Amino X by BSN is the brands flagship BCAA supplement, holding a lot of popularity alongside pre workout N.O Xplode and protein Syntha 6. Unlike many other BCAA supplements out there, Amino X has a reasonable formulation. Meaning, there is actually a quantifiable amount of product in each scoop!

But, at the same time that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. While the serving size has 10 grams of amino acids, we do not know the exact ratio present not only among the BCAAs but among the nonessential amino acids as well.

Let’s take a deeper look into this popular BCAA supplement, and how we judge it based on quality factors that determine our very own best BCAA supplements list!
Amino X formula and ratio

The BSN Amino X Formula

As you can see, the formula for Amino X is proprietary. What that means is that we have no idea what the exact ratios of ingredients are in this supplement.

What’s the BSN Amino X Ratio?

The BSN Amino X ratio for the BCAA isn’t listed on the supplement. Ideally, a BCAA ratio is 2:1:1. According to current science, when you have a 2:1:1 BCAA exceeding 6 grams – the supplement is going to work. However with this product, we do not know exactly what’s going on.

So then, you may be wondering why we said Amino X has a reasonable formulation…

This is because of the sheer size of the supplement serving. Compared to the vast majority of supplements, 10 grams of amino acids is almost double what others offer. Plus, our experience with Amino X wasn’t bad either.

Supplementing with Amino X

Throughout our review, we took Amino X multiple times a day to feel out the supplement. If you look at the product, it’s clearly intended to be used as a recovery supplement. Suggesting that you should take it post workout.

That’s cool, but we also decided to take it pre workout, intra workout, and throughout the day to see how we felt. As a whole, Amino X was enjoyable at each time.

When is the best time to take Amino X?

From our experience, Amino X is great to take pre workout, with or without a pre workout supplement. Additionally, Amino X is a pleasure to take during the day at any time where food isn’t an option. For dieters and those not wanting to lose lean muscle, this is realistic.

In the gym, Amino X did improve performance and recovery. This was apparent via more sets while maintaining high intensity; all without the presence of caffeine. Since Amino X doesn’t contain caffeine, it’s safe to take at night as well as alongside a stimulant containing pre workout or fat burner.

BSN Amino X Label Notes

On the label, BSN directs you to take Amino X twice a day for best results. This is open to interpretation, as we believe that generally 1 serving per day paired with great eating habits is sufficient.

Looking deeper into the label, BSN also mentions that results begin to kick in after 3-12 weeks of taking the supplement. This is some-what standard with all BCAA supplements. They take time to help you lean out and build muscle.

Overall Review on BSN’s Amino X

From top to bottom, Amino X is a great tasting amino acid supplement that can help with lean gains and fat loss. It isn’t the best supplement out there, but at the same time it certainly isn’t the worst. The only things we really do not like about Amino X is the proprietary formula as well as artificial dyes.

There are better alternatives to Amino X out there, as we mention on our best BCAA list. But, if you already have Amino X or are considering getting it on a good deal – rest assured that it’s worth it.

Just understand that it’s not a ‘miracle supplement’. What you’re going to get with a product like Amino X is improved recovery and lean gains over a long period of time with consistent use and proper diet. If any of those factors are not present in your day-today routine, then results may not be noticeable.

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