BPI Creatine Review

BPI Best CreatineBPI sports has been known for making great products, most notably the pre workouts 1MR and Pump HD. With that being said, Best Creatine is no exception and greatly accommodates the creatine supplementation experience. The Best Creatine formulation is simple, yet unique, broad spectrum, and based on user reviews and our personal experience – effective. The pros and cons of previous BPI creatine supplements along with user concerns have certainly been taken into consideration during the creation of Best Creatine. Here, we will show you the ins and outs of our experience with Best Creatine by BPI as well as a look into its formulation and user appeal.

BPI’s Creatine Review by BWSB

This creatine is a proprietary blend containing creatine: monohydrate, anhydrous, magnesium chelate, phosphate, alpha ketoglutarate, and alkaline. While we know which types of creatine are in it, we do not know their exact amounts. In addition to creatine which totals approximately 3.45 grams per serving, Best Creatine contains 500 mg of betaine anhydrous and 50 mg Himalayan pink salt.

The betaine aids in muscle fullness which may in theory improve creatine uptake. In addition, being a leucine metabolite – betaine is anabolic and promotes lean muscle gains. Himalayan pink salt on the other hand is meant it aid in the sodium facilitating pathway involved in moving creatine into the cell.
BPI Creatine Review

Quick BPI Creatine review

  • 3.45 grams of 6 creatine forms
  • 500 milligrams of betaine anhydrous
  • 50 mg Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Multiple great tasting flavors
  • Recommended Pre, Intra, or Post Workout

To this date (6/5/2015) we have not received any negative reviews for BPI’s new creatine. The typical consensus agreeing with what we experienced ourselves is – BPI’s creatine is a really, really good tasting creatine that works well. That may not sound all too fancy, but at the end of the day that’s all we want and expect from a top creatine supplement. Gain more muscle, feel more strength, and continue on our path. Best Creatine by BPI does just that.

BPI Best Creatine compared to Build-HD and Creatine Alkaline

BPI Creatine Comparison

Before Best Creatine was made, BPI had Creatine Alkaline, and before that Build-HD. These two former supplements are sparsely available, but their characteristics are both contained in the new creatine. You can see their labels for comparison below.

As you can see, for Best Creatine BPI has focused more on the creatine itself and less on the corollary ingredients. The monohydrate stayed, the buffered creatine stayed, 4 other forms of creatine were added in, salt and betaine for muscle uptake and expansion were added in, and everything else was let go. This was a good move.

BPI Creatine Conclusion

What we have found, is that BPIs new creatine works well. We can’t say it’s the best creatine we’ve ever tried, but it’s definitely good stuff. The serving quantity and serving size are both a little less than most, but it has benefits other creatines can’t offer. If you are looking for a creatine that is going to work, but more importantly tastes really good – this is it. As of now there isn’t a better tasting creatine out there. Below you can drop your comments and questions as well as any experience you have with BPIs creatine.

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