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How Intra Workout Supplements Came About

Intra workout supplementsAs the bar continues to rise on the standards of a strong built body, so has the importance of intra workout supplementation. Take a moment to think about it. Think of the gold standard advice given by all of the professionals in regard to supplementation. How does it go? Something like this:

  1. Take your pre workout within 30 minutes of activity
  2. Take your post workout protein within 30 minutes of finishing your workout

Why do this? Because aside from the importance of hourly nourishment through a grade-A weight training diet, the sooner you bring in nutrients and protein after activity, the better your body will repair.

So then why don’t we simply take our protein and recovery supplements during our workouts? After all, if taking protein an hour after is good, 30 minutes after is better; then wouldn’t during be BEST? In theory, during is best, however, your standard protein and recovery supplements won’t cut it, and for a good reason: mechanical digestion.

What is mechanical digestion? Mechanical digestion is the process of digesting food. Particularly, the work our body does, and resources allotted to get what we need out of food. During this process, nearly 25% of your blood travels to the gut to facilitate the breakdown of matter.

So, taking a good old recovery mash-up during your workout simply isn’t going to cut it. If you did such a thing, your oxygenation and pump would suffer tremendously. It simply would not be worth it.

How Intra Workout Supplements Work

Luckily though, we are in an age of technology and science; thus supplying weight trainers and athletes alike with intra workout supplements. These intra workout supplements make nourishment possible during excessive activity; without triggering performance costly mechanical digestion. Therefore, your muscle building potential will greatly increase in addition to other added benefits.

In addition to during-workout muscle building, intra workout supplements are also designed to maximize your performance during the time it is taken. This is achieved via the use of nitric oxide stimulants, creatine, and an assortment of other potentiates in some supplements, and through sheer BCAA concentrations in others (the best BCAA supplements)

Common Intra workout questions

  • Can I take a pre workout followed by intra workout during my exercise? Yes, intra workout supplements are designed to be compatible with pre workout and post workout nutrition. It’s always wise to double-check the label though as the science advances. As well, you can consider taking your intra-workout supplement before exercise WITH your pre workout if you’d like.
  • Will intra workout supplements help me bulk? Yes, the majority of intra workout supplements do an amazing job of bulking up muscle tissue with nourishment- resulting in very quick and noticeable lean mass increases. This is because as you lift, your muscles are eager to take in nutrients as they are burnt.
  • Will intra workout supplements increase my endurance? Yes, intra workout supplements significantly increase endurance and performance in the weight room (and also outside the weight room). If you are attempting to improve your strength, performance, and size as quickly as possible, the intra workout supplements we show can help you greatly.
  • Will intra-workout supplements help me burn fat? Yes, BCAA focused intra-workout supplements will help you burn fat by reducing muscle oxidation and other methods.

Our Favorite Type of Intra workout Supplement – BCAA Based Intra Workouts

Hands down, when taking intra-workout supplements – we reach for BCAA supplements. BCAA stands for “Branch-Chain-Amino-Acids”, and is composed of the 3 amino acids Leucine, Iso-leucine, and Valine. Together, these BCAAs are very powerful anabolic activators as well as muscle fuel.

However, to get the maximum benefit, you are going to need at least 7 grams of BCAAs for the average sized male. Ladies, you can get away with a little bit less if you’d like!

If you would like to see our top reviewed and recommended BCAA supplements, follow that link to our own article. As well, we encourage you to read and comment on our official top 10 pre workout supplements compiled by our staffs pre workout reviews.

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