Amino Build BCAA Review

Muscletech Amino Build Next Gen

We reviewed Muscletech’s new Amino Build Next Gen. Read our full review for this BCAA here to find out if its a good fit for your lifestyle!

Muscletech’s Amino Build Next Gen is a loaded amino acid supplement, containing 11 ingredients broken down into: BCAA, Cell Volumizer, Strength Enhancer, and Electrolyte Blend. For the sheer number of ingredients, we were very excited to try this product.

However, we were a bit thrown off with the low dose of only 4 grams BCAA in this supplement. So let’s dive in and talk about how our review period went for Amino Build Next Gen by the mighty giant Muscletech!

Personal Amino Build Next Gen Review – Late 2016

Flavor and Mixibility

Amino Build Next Gen was not difficult to mix into water, and rapidly dispersed. Taste wise, we had the fruit punch and it was quite strong even at the recommended water dosage. We would suggest watering this serving down, and felt that this was artificial sweetener overkill.

Effectiveness of Amino Build

Most of the advertising you see for Amino Build Next Gen and Amino Build Next Gen Energized boasts 8 grams of BCAAs, 2.5 grams of Betaine, etc. However, this is not the case.

Those claims are based upon taking 2 scoops of the supplement, which is not plainly said. Going by this double dose, you will cut your 30 servings down to 15, and get a very strong tasting BCAA.

From the two scoop perspective, Amino Build is massively effective. However, that also brings this supplement to a $60+ per 30 serving’s product, which is rough compared to the competition.
Amino Build Review

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Best Time to take Amino Build Next Gen

Amino Build can be taken either between meals if you are dieting, post workout, or pre/during workouts to increase endurance and promote recovery.

Depending on your diet and goals, there are many different ways to take a BCAA supplement. Regardless of when you take it, we recommend 2 scoops to get 8 grams of BCAAs, because 4 grams simply doesn’t cut it.

Muscletech Amino Build Next Gen Versus Amino Build Next Gen Energized

The difference between the standard Amino Build Next Gen and Amino Build Next Gen Energized is a bit of caffeine and B vitamins. To be more exact, Amino Build Energized contains 50 mg of caffeine per scoop.

This helps out intra workout, or if you are taking Amino Build Energized as a pre workout supplement. If you are taking Amino Build during the pre workout, we suggest considering other pre workout supplements to get the best results.

What We Like About Amino Build Next Gen

We like that Amino Build Next Gen has a large ingredient list. As well, when appropriately watered down, Amino Build tastes pretty good. For those reasons, this is a decent supplement.

What We Don’t Like About Amino Build Next Gen

While we like Amino Build overall, there are a few factors that really turn us off. This is why Amino Build does not rank well on our best BCAA supplements list.

For starters, to get a real clinical dose of BCAAs like they advertise, you must take 2 scoops. This makes the product very expensive.

Second, the artificial sweeteners are too strong. Add to that the synthetic dyes and it starts to turn us off since there are other options that have mega BCAA doses without dyes and sweeteners for a better price.

Lastly, we’re a bit upset that a big company like Muscletech who could do better, chooses not to.

Our Final Thoughts on Muscletech’s Amino Build Supplement

As a whole, Amino Build isn’t a bad supplement if you are taking two scoops. There are some things about it that bothers us, but hey, we have tried way more supplements than the average person will ever take – so we are a bit spoiled by the good stuff.

Overall, it’s not money ‘wasted’ if you take two scoops and have a decent budget. But, if overall health is important to you, we would question all the artificial aspects of this supplement as they do add up.

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