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The ingredient Agmatine sulfate gets thrown around in the supplement industry like it’s some kind of hardcore pump monster… It is and it isn’t. Despite being a common trace metabolite of l-arginine [naturally occurring from fermentation], nitric oxide is only a small part of Agmatine Sulfate’s effects on the body.

Agmatine is commonly introduced as a nitric oxide booster.

Due to Agmatine’s relationship to l-arginine, many people assume and focus on its nitric oxide modulating properties. While Agmatine does influence nitric oxide, it’s more of a control mechanism over the entire process that prevents nitric oxide from getting too low, as well as too high.

Agmatine keeps Nitric Oxide in a normalized range. In comparison, L-arginine only acts to increase nitric oxide levels.

Agmatine’s main effect is upon the central nervous system.

Sure, Agmatine may improve lousy pumps. But its real method of action that is science-backed has to do with its effects on your nerves.

Specifically: Agmatine Sulfate can increase the strength of nerve impulses, improve mental acuity and cognition, and well as a few other tricks up its metabolic sleeve.

We’ll discuss all of that and more in detail below, but for those of you in a rush… Here’s the cliff notes on Agmatine Sulfate, you impatient villains.

Quick Agmatine Sulfate Review: If your current pre workout supplement contains Agmatine sulfate, great! It’s an effective way to increase focus, the mind muscle connection, as well as some pumps. Though while it is useful, it isn’t spectacular… so if your product is making a bigger-than-life deal about containing it, be skeptical of the brand, their knowledge, and overall ethics.

Quick Strengths: Improves the strength of nerve impulses, improves focus, improves mood, regulates nitric oxide, may reduce nerve pain, increases mind-muscle connection, may increase hunger.

Quick Weaknesses: Some sources are low quality. May cause stomach discomfort in some, again, consider product sourcing quality?

How to take Agmatine: As pre workout, 15 to 30 minutes at around 750 to 1,500 milligrams. You can also take it to improve focus like a nootropic. This ingredient is commonly found in stimulant free pre workouts, however, it is a bit stimulating… With that in mind, take at least 2 hours before bed.

Agmatine for Pump aka Nitric Oxide Production [Mainstream Usage]

Nearly every single product that contains Agmatine Sulfate, does so in order to promote its nitric oxide benefits. Though, Agmatine isn’t a true nitric oxide booster. Rather it modulates the entire system to equilibrium.

If you’re looking to truly raise nitric oxide, citrulline malate and beet root nitrates are a far superior option. We rate the best pump ingredients in pre workouts here where citrulline malate, beet root, and Agmatine are 3 of the 5 ingredients.

The science behind Agmatine and Nitric Oxide:

In the gym, guys talk about Agmatine giving them a pump. In the lab, results suggest the opposite.

  • Turns out, Agmatine selectively inhibits iNOS (the broadest nitric oxide synthesis stimulator aka non-selective) [Agmatine for inflammatory disorders ]. Though, this may be strictly linked to inflammatory-response NO production onset from illness or injury.
  • What is of interest to us, is how Agmatine increases nitric oxide by modulating alpha-2 adrenergic receptors as suggested by examine in this article … However from our perspective it looks like this vasodilation action from Agmatine is direct, and not carried out by nitric oxide…

Bottom line, it’s extremely complicated and there isn’t any current research clearly stating the truth here.

Some research suggests that Agmatine hampers nitric oxide production, though it may not be related to vasodilation (vein dilation) NO. Though on the other hand, research suggests that Agmatine produces nitric oxide, they just can’t totally explain how.

Agmatine for Nerve Impulses [Most legitimate usage]

Nerve Impulse strength

Upon ingestion, the highest levels of Agmatine in the body can be found in central nervous tissue. In the CNS, it is believed that Agmatine acts as a neurotransmitter, increasing the power of signals. This increased signal intensity can lead to a greater mind-muscle connection [Agmatine in neuronal pathways].

Cognitive Enhancement

The same way that Agmatine acts as a neurotransmitter to increase signals from the brain to muscles, Agmatine also increases brain functionality.

Going a bit further, Agmatine crosses the blood-brain barrier quite easily, where it also increases nitric oxide levels and thus blood flow to the brain [Agmatine concentrations in brain tissue].

Other Agmatine Sulfate Supplementation Usages

In addition to vasodilation, nerve strength, and cognitive enhancement – Agmatine may increase hunger, improve nutrient delivery specifically to muscles, as well as manage nerve related pain (primarily of the spine).

Summing it all up – Legitimacy Agmatine

From start to finish, Agmatine is a pretty cool ingredient. Yeah, stand-alone it’s alright, but an ingredient like this will really shine when you stack it on-top of an already radical formula.

With that in mind, don’t fall for cheap pre workouts that utilize Agmatine as their saving grace… Instead, reach for the super-dosed pre workout that then throws extra Agmatine icing on the cake! You’ll love it, we sure do!

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