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Finaflex Stimul8 Pumped Review

Ever wonder what would happen if you took the non-stimulant version of a stimulant focused pre workout? Behold, we have reviewed Stimul8 Pumped by FinaFlex. Kings of nothing, we have become!
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Back when we first reviewed FinaFlex’s Stimul8 pre workout, we didn’t acknowledge it for its pump… Instead, it was the absolutely crazy stimulant experience that caught all the fame and glory.

So, when we saw that FinaFlex has released a stimulant free ‘Stimul8 pumped powder’… Well, we got real curious.

Now the question is, can Stimul8’s Pumped stand on its own without the caffeine hyper-rush?

In our opinion, they haven’t taken it that far.

But if you’re looking to spike your current pre workout for an extra veiny boost, or just want to take ANYTHING YOU CAN before one of those dreaded non-caffeine cycle lifts – then you’re in luck with Stimul8 Pumped.

Stimul8 Pumped Quick Review: Stimul8 Pumped is a decent pre workout addition, and an acceptable pump-promoting non-pre workout day addition. The Agmatine will give you a mental boost, as well as a veiny pump with the rest of the ingredients. However, it isn’t a game changer and is actually sparse compared to competing products.

Finaflex Stiml8 Pumped Full Review

Energy Effects N/A

Since Stimul8 Pumped is a non-stimulant product, we’re not going to include the Energy Effects ranking factor against it.

But, its worth noting that we did feel enhanced energy while taking Stimul8 Pumped. This is likely due to a mixture of agmatine’s CNS effect as well as improved circulation and ElevATP (ancient peat, apple extract).

Note: Some full-fledged stimulant-free pre workouts do noticeably increase energy.

Strength Effects 3/10

While taking Stimul8 Pumped, the BWSB staff really didn’t experience any noticeable strength effects during the workout window. At least, nothing that can compete with stimulant-based or creatine based strength increases.

Endurance Effects 3/10

During heavy training sessions, Stimul8 really did not increase endurance, number of reps, or number of sets. It was grueling as usual during non-stimulant days.

Crash/Aftermath Effects N/A

Since this product doesn’t contain any caffeine, there isn’t a corresponding stimulant crash at all. This ranking factor is not applicable.

Taste N/A (But Bad)

The taste was pretty terrible as unflavored. For a 1 gram active ingredient product that costs around $30, we don’t see why they couldn’t just flavor the stuff.

Price/Value 4/10

As a pre workout addition, this product has potential. Stack it to any decently formulated pre workout, and Stimul8 Pumped will really increase the veins. On its own though, it simply cant compete with similar products.

Similar Products

There are a few similar products out there that we’ve taken.

In comparison, they’ve all performed better than Stimul8 Pumped and include:

  • MTS Nutrition VASKY – Vasky costs way less than Stimul8 Pumped and literally contains more of every ingredient and tastes better. Like Stimul8 Pumped, Vasky can be taken on its own or alongside a stimulant pre workout.
  • Cellucor NO3 Chrome or NO3 Ultimate – NO3 Chrome is the closest thing you’ll find to Stimul8 Pumped, while NO3 Ultimate would be ranked in-between Vasky and Stimul8 Pumped in terms of effectiveness.

Review Conclusion 3.3/10

Overall, we had much higher hopes for FinaFlex Stimul8 Pumped. Especially considering many of the extremely positive reviews out there (on the storefronts selling it…). We simply were not experiencing whatever they experienced though. To each his own. FinaFlex, sorry for the harsh review but this product seems more like a well margined cash-out on brand loyalists than an innovative and helpful product.

Stimul8 Pumped Ingredients

Ingredients in Stimul8 Pumped

The whole Stimul8 Pumped formula amounts to about 1 gram of actives as you can see.

Within that one gram, we have:

  • Nitrosigine – A patented form of L-Arginine bonded to silica, both acting synergistically to absorb better, as well as boost pump each on their own.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – A metabolite of arginine which acts as a stimulant as well as is believed to increase nitric oxide.
  • and ElevAPT – a patented blend of basically fossilized plants and apple extract (not fossilized). You can learn more about ElevAPT from Futureceuticals here.

None of the recommended clinical dosages are likely hit for any of these ingredients.

For instance:

  • Nitrosigine’s recommended dosage is: 750 to 1,500 mg.
  • Agmatine’s recommended dosage is: 750 to 1,500 mg.
  • And ElevAPT’s recommended dosage is: 150 mg.

Add it all up, and we have a baseline of 1,650 mg… Basically how Stimul8 Pumped should be dosed for a $30 flavorless product.

Other Information

While learning more about Stimul8 Pumped, we saw many raving reviews on sites like Upon inspecting these reviews closely though, many seemed well… Suspicious.

When reading reviews for products on storefronts, be aware that those comment sections are high priority targets for brand promotors and paid reviewers.

Especially when they are ranting and raving about a 25$ product that contains only one gram of active ingredients and zero stimulants… It just doesn’t add up!

What should you do?

Besides taking several review sources into account (or one that you highly trust), the best thing you can do as a consumer is educate yourself on ingredients and dosages. By knowing which ingredients are effective, as well as which dosages of those ingredients work best… You can literally see right through any product and have an idea of if it will be hit or miss.

As always, from us to you – hope this helps! Comment below.