Pre workout Comparison Trifecta: Pursuit-Rx vs. Sma5h vs. 360PRE

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Pre workouts review sma5h vs pursuitrx vs 360PRE

Pre workout supplements are just now beginning to get the gratification that they deserve. Many successful bodybuilders have credited specific pre workouts to getting them through the hardest plateaus. More times than not, the best pre workouts that did this, were brand new and cutting edge.

Pre Workout Supplement Awareness is valuable

Even if you are completely satisfied with your current pre workout of choice, it’s never a bad thing to keep up to date with what’s being brought to the market. For this month, we have three new pre workout supplements to introduce. Each of these supplements is exceptionally unique from each other, allotting for a range of different preferences.

The Pre Workouts Compared here are:

  • Dymatize- Pursuit-Rx All Natural Pre Workout
  • Axis Labs- Sma5h Compound 5
  • 360CUT- 360PRE


Dymatize Pursuit-Rx All Natural Pre WorkoutPursuitRX

Made with ‘all natural’ ingredients, Pursuit contains a blend of herbs standard in workout supplementation as well as herbs new to the game. These range from patented forms of black tea, green tea, and beat juice; all the way to pomegranate extract. This combination adds up to an anti-oxidant filled natural boost of energy, endurance, and feel-good mental focus. For bodybuilders and runners alike, this has the potential to be a very powerful asset. In addition, for new pre workout users, this may be the perfect choice. However, for experienced bodybuilders who are used to taking everything under the sun, this may not fulfill your needs unless you are looking for a healthier approach.

What you get- The only healthy, natural blend pre workout available. Users should expect increases in strength, energy, and focus.

What you don’t get- Many proven ingredients such as: creatine, beta-alanine, amino acids.




Axis Labs- Sma5h Compound 5Sma5h Compound 5

Sma5h Compound 5 is a very modern day approach to pre workout supplementation; showing off what works well now and where we are going in the future. When looking at the ingredients, it all makes sense. You see a good dose of creatine HCL like the effective creatine found in Neurocore. Next, Glycerol and L-carnitine derivatives similar to the strong pump matrix found in Pump-HD. Last, we see our standard beta-alanine which we have learned to expect in all of our pre workouts. But wait, what makes Sma5h Compound 5 stand apart besides this combination of effective components? What sets Compound 5 apart is: an actual joint formula in their pre workout, and a unique focus blend for pure dedication in the gym.

What you get: A go-hard pre workout formula with joint support

What you don’t get: n/a





360CUT- 360PRE360pre

Remember how Sma5h Compound 5 was a mix of what works today, and what we are working towards tomorrow? Well 360PRE is more so directed towards the supplementation of tomorrow, breaking off with something brand-new. To begin, 360PRE is an 11 gram formula in all. Within this formula, you get a large serving of amino acids partitioned into a proprietary mixture of blends 1-5. In addition to the AA’s, we see two different forms of creatine, caffeine, and this: Adenosine 5’triphosphate disodium. Upon entering your system, ATP-Na2 theoretically should convert into pure cellular fuel. We are eager to see where this can take us….

What you get- strong AA concentration along with proven power and new-tech energy matrix.

What you don’t get- Anything you are used to.


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