New Pre Workout Supplements Update 2014

Part of our job at best workout supplements blog is to keep you in the loop with all the newest pre workout supplements. We keep up-to-date on pre workouts right out of the gate so that we can forward the best pre workouts straight to you. Here is the newest pre workout update going to 2014. So sit back, relax, and rest assured that you will have all the details about the newest pre workouts before you go shopping.

Below we have all of the newest pre workouts. We have included the pre workouts that we are most excited about first. Remember, this is a preview of the newest pre workouts; they have not yet been evaluated for our Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplements List (navigate to on right column).

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VPX mTORC1 Pre Workout

VPX mTORC1 New workout booster

MTORC1 is an amino acid loaded pre workout with patented complexes proven to build muscle that no other pre workout has. This is called the mTORC1 molecule, which is a derivative of L-leucine attached to creatine. VPX believes that this will soon be a widely appreciated novel muscle building matrix.

Aside from the amino acids and mTORC1 molecule, this pre workout features a focus and energy complex consisting of caffeine and theacrine. Theacrine is a new compound to pre workouts, and is a structural analog of caffeine. Science thus far suggests that theacrine is an effective anti-inflammatory as well as a no-tolerance building stimulant. This suggests that theacrine is a stimulant that can deliver the same feeling of focus and power time and time again.




1MR Vortex New Pre Workout

1MR Vortex is not a ‘reformulation’ of 1MR but rather a completely new take on getting ‘One More Rep’. With a creatine, beta-alanine, and arginine free formulation a bodybuilder is most likely to wonder ‘hey, what’s going on here man?’ But rest assured there are performance enhancing ingredients present that the staff here at best workout supplements blog is still trying to figure out. We have yet to get a chance to try this one first hand, but there is already backing by Olympia winner Jay Cutler himself.



Arnold Series Iron Pump Pre Workout

Arnold Iron Pump Pre Workout

Arnold Iron Pump is technically a new pre workout to the scene, but we have seen it before. To make Iron Pump, Arnold teamed up with Musclepharm to make his own featured product line. Iron Pump includes the keystone ingredients we expect from a Musclepharm pre workout along with special Arnold inspired innovations. Primarily, nitrate arginine delivery along with choline and vimpocetine focus complexes.



Other Pre Workouts That May or May Not Survive the Year


Novex Biotech’s Endothil Pre Workout Powder

New Endothil Pre Workout

Entering into the ring of newly released pre workout supplements, Endothil Powder is a mixture of standard and not-so-standard ingredients. To begin, the pump matrix in Endothil is strong – consisting of L-citrulline, glycerol, and L-arginine derivatives. In addition, beta alanine is present, so thus far things are looking good. But, next we move into some touchy ground (in our personal opinions).

Endothil Powder contains a blue-green algae known more specifically as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae from Klamath lake. This algae is sold in many other forms, and in one clinical study is suggested to stimulate stem cells in the bone marrow.  This is a small chance for some serious greatness here, however it is not risk free. Blue-green algae commonly produces a not-so-friendly endotoxin that often finds its way into Aphanizomenon flos-aquae products. We have not read of this happening to Novex products, but it is not ignorable in other Klemeth Algae derived products. If you try this supplement, or know any more information – please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll have mad respect for you.



Twinlab Pro Series MVP Fuel Pre Workout
MVP Fuel Pre Workout

MVP Fuel definitely has us curious here at the site. See, after evaluating their ingredients – this pre workout could either be quite good, or unfortunately disappointing. MVP Fuel has a 15 gram serving size containing all the great pre workout goodies from beta-alanine to amino acids, along with some not so traditional ingredients like ginseng, dendrobium, and Bioperine to make it all extra effective. As of now, since we have not sampled the product yet… Our only concerns are: first, the proprietary formula; and last, the 6 grams of carbohydrates taking up weight in that 15 gram serving (over 33% of the product).



Supreme Sports Enhancements – Amplify

Amplify Pre Workout

Amplify is one of the better pre workout supplements introduced on the eve of 2014. With Amplify, you get a powerful pump matrix, strength enhancement, and energy matrix, but there’s something else. The ingredient Rutaecarpine referred to as RC-NOS has some special tricks. In several clinical studies, Rutaecarpine has been found to speed up the process of removing caffeine. By incorporating this into a pre workout, you can get the focus you need while reducing the pump inhibiting effects of caffeine at the same time. In addition, Rutaecarpine will prevent caffeine induced sleepless nights for late afternoon lifters.


This concludes our new pre workout update. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more pre workout updates, reviews, and everything you need to know about current bodybuilding.

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