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There’s a common misconception about workout supplements. Nearly everyone thinks that there are supplements for men, and then there are supplements for women; with no overlap. However, that is not necessary the case. To the benefit of athletic women, the majority of popular male based supplements can be taken by women too. Additionally, by including these male marketed workout supplements into your workout regimen can help save a significant amount money – due to more competitive pricing. So let’s look at what workout supplements women can take too.

Women Can Take Men’s Protein

Workout Supplements For womenThe misconception that woman cannot take protein supplements has made getting into great shape more and more difficult for women. The truth is, women can take protein, and often the same protein as most men. A great example of a popular male protein that women can take too is 100% whey by gold standard. In a few occasions, male protein products do contain ingredients not recommended for women, however, if you evaluate the ingredients, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

How do you make a good judgment call? Only buy protein supplements with protein, amino acids, an added vitamins and minerals; anything else is not needed.

Can Women Take Amino acids

Women can take amino acids. In fact, amino acids are very beneficial for active women trying to get more cut. Taking amino acid supplements immediately saturates your body with the amino acids needed for muscle repair, with very little caloric potential. Therefore, you will maintain your lean muscle mass while supporting weight loss.

Can Women Take Pre workout Supplements?

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Most guys out there would say, no way. Pre workout supplements are way to ‘hard’ for women to be taking. But, they couldn’t be more wrong. On average, women consume more caffeine than men, and can often handle stimulants better than men. Put two and two together, and women can quite easily take pre workout supplements when hitting the gym.

Though, recommendations are to be made. Such as, which pre workout is best for a woman? It has been found, that fitness models who take pre workout supplements overwhelmingly prefer stimulant free pre workout supplements. With that suggestion in mind you can view the top 5 list of stimulant free pre workout supplements for suggestions.

Alternatively, if burning fat is your primary goal – thermogenic pre workout supplements are effective fat burners. Then, upon losing any extra weight you can transition to stimulant free pre workouts for a more defined body composition.

Is Chick Pump a good pre workout option for women?

After viewing the specifications on the pre workout supplement ‘chick pump’, we do not recommend women to purchase this supplement. We came to this conclusion based on ingredients, price, and extreme demographic targeting – in this case a cocktail we do not trust. We believe that there are many alternative pre workouts that will work better, and save you money as opposed to chick pump.

Clearly, the idea that women cannot take men’s workout supplements is biased, uneducated, and wrong. In addition, so is the notion that if a woman goes to the gym and takes protein- she will become muscular like a lady hulk. If that was the case, then I’m sure you would see a lot more muscular men in the gym. However, as we all know- building muscle is hard, and takes a lot of time. That’s something that will never change, therefor, supplementation is key.

Update 4/25/2014

Recently two issues have been arising in the workout supplements world. First, there have been a lot more pre workouts developed specifically for women. Second, we’ve had a lot of emails from ladies either taking the wrong pre workout or looking for the optimal pre workout to take. So, we have taken our recommendations a bit farther than the overview here when it comes to pre workouts. It took some time, but we now have the top 10 pre workout supplements for women. That’s where you will find a selection of pre workouts that have the most to offer 90% of all weight training women.

Questions and Comments

Do you have additional fitness questions? We are fully prepared to answer every and all questions that you may have. Currently, men’s supplements and fitness is our premier expertise; however we are fully capable of answering supplement questions that a woman may have. Just leave us a comment below, and we will respond. Additionally, if your question is increasingly valuable, we will provide an entire article focusing on the topic. Thank you for reading, please share us with the social bookmarks below!

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  1. I understand “men’s supplements and fitness is our premier expertise”, so according to that what should I be watching out for in a pre workout, that a woman shouldn’t be taking that a man should be. I know everyone is built differently and it will all be a trial and error until I find what I believe is suited for me, but I don’t want to buy something that is just plain wrong for me from the start.

    1. Hey Megan, there are some pre workouts that have ingredients such as yohimbe, D-aspartic acid, and tribulus just to name a few. The purpose of those being, to promote testosterone levels. Luckily, the labeling and descriptive text on these supplements labels do a decent job at disclaiming that there are ingredients involved in testosterone regulation, but not always.
      We’ve seen a lot of women have great success in the gym with Cellucor C4, Assault, and even Jack3d. These pre workouts do not contain any ingredients involved with testosterone. They do contain stimulants, and because of that many women and men sometimes take less than a full serving depending on how they tolerate caffeine and other stimulants. There are also some good caffeine free pre workouts available if you are not looking for a stimulant, EVP is the best in that category although its a little pricy.

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