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How Can I Build Muscle at the Gym Starting on Day 1?

One of the most common questions I get from all ages of men is simple to ask, but not always so easy to answer. That question being: How can I build muscle? But really what they mean is: I have no idea what to do, or where to start. Well right here, right now, we will cover the basics that you may be doing, and reinforce the necessities that you must be doing.

Step One: Join a Gym

beginning bodybuldingThis is you breaking threshold into your new lifestyle. You know that you want to, but, at the same time you are scared. Well you don’t have to be, in fact most people find going to the gym to be a more pleasant experience than they had anticipated. No matter how dedicated you think you are with ‘at home fitness’, you are drastically limiting your potential. Naturally money is another big influence on the situation, rest assured though nowadays gym memberships are cheap and you can easily lock in a good gym for less than $25 a month. Does your home phone do as much for you?

Plan Your Schedule

Generally if you are trying to gain muscle mass, you should shoot for at least 3 days a week at the gym, minimum. Next, while you are there each visit you must focus on a particular muscle group each time and push your limits. This stimulates muscle confusion and overall makes you train harder. If you are trying to lose weight or ‘get tone’ then you can jump around muscle groups and lily gag around. That’s what the girls do and hey it works.

Personally, I go To The Gym 5-6 days a week

Step Two: Get Your Gym Gear – More Helpful than you would expect.

If you really want to make an impact on your fitness then this is a wise investment in yourself. You go to the gym to look good, so why wouldn’t you want to look good while you are there? Here are the things you will wish you had gotten when you begin going to the gym.

Running Shoes

Gym Shorts

Gym Shirts with Reach

IPod and IPod arm band?

Step Three: Before Gym Activities

Pre-Game, Baby

Plan your meals and motivation accordingly. There is nothing better than to get yourself pumped up and craving the gym before you even get there. To do this, and preform you best, you must follow a few protocols. Most Important Protocol: Carb load an hour and a half before the gym. This is going to replenish your glycogen supplies a.k.a gas up your arm engines. Secondary Protocol: Get a playlist for your drive to the gym. Something harder and more motivational to you personally than what you will listen too during your workout. Advanced Training Protocols: Pre workout Supplements. The use of pre workout supplements is a lot more common than you would expect. These supplements are an effective way to drastically increase your performance and results. It’s a rush that you’ve got to experience to believe. A breakdown of the best pre workout supplements can be reached below:

The Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements for Men

Step Four: Intra Workout

Fine tuning to maximize performance

If you are doing everything right, then you will be sweating gallons and burning down fast. Revitalize yourself and maximize your efforts by drinking water and lots of it. You never see any of the big guys at the gym without a water bottle, do you think you know better? Drink up, and you will be much more inclined to put up. Secondly, if you can afford it, adding in a BCAA (branch chain amino acid) supplement to your water will really boost performance and help build mass. The mechanics behind this, being, that as you tear your muscles apart, you will instantly be able to mend the damage. While without it, your body is literally pulling the priority card with the few amino acids present in your body, resulting in dampened gains.

Step Five: Post Workout

Mission success, beast feast time

You tore your body apart, now it’s time to mend it back up stronger than before. To do this, you need to eat within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Don’t be mistaken, I’m not talking a candy bar and some ice-T. You need protein, fats, carbs and lots of them if you plan on building your body strong. Unless you have a full time chef who can dish you out steaks and veggies upon request, I would strongly advise supplementing with protein drinks. The convenience here is key, and these days the quality can bring you to a new level faster as well. We hope you enjoyed our best tips for starting the gym. Comment below if you have any questions.

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