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Best Supplement Stacks – Build Your Own (men and women)

Looking for the right supplement stack? We could throw something random at you, or we can teach you how to build your own. Got a few minutes? Here we go!
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On this page we’ve created for you the ultimate guide to making your own supplement stack for either building muscle, burning fat, or both at the same time.

If you’re looking for a crappy hyped-up page with tons of “buy this stack now” buttons, you’ve got the wrong website.

Why? This isn’t our first time discussing supplement stacks here on BWSB. Over the past 4 years, we’ve had 5 different pages based around “the best fat loss supplement stacks” and “the best muscle building supplement stacks”.

By doing so…

We realized that instead of only providing options to you, it’s better to show you WHY you should be selecting certain items for your stack instead of others. This makes you a smarter consumer, so that less credible review sites can’t take advantage of you.

What Do You Need In Your Stack [Fat Loss or Muscle Growth]?

The supplements that go into your supplement stack is going to be based upon what isn’t in your diet, as well as your end goal.

We’re going to cover the most popular components of supplement stacks below, and tell you whether or not you should include them, as well as which are solid options.

10 Best Supplements to Put in Your Stack

#1 Pre Workout – for Energy, Motivation, Consistency and More Results

To us, the first and foremost important supplement to consider for a stack is your pre workout supplement. This is where you are going to be getting your energy, as well as other benefits depending on what exactly you are looking to get out of it.

With that being said, here are your options:

Maximum Muscle Growth: Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk, #1 choice on best pre workouts for men.

Maximum Fat Metabolism: Transparent Labs PreSeries Lean, #1 choice on best pre workouts for women.

Do you have to take a pre workout supplement? No, of course not. If you are not already taking one, then you totally don’t need to. Likewise, you can save cash and just drink some coffee before your lift if that suits you. This is simply something that means a lot to us (the guys making this).

#2 Vitamin D3 – Improves Mood, Metabolism, Strength, and Muscle Retention

Unless you are spending plenty of time outdoors in the sun, a vitamin D3 supplement should really be on your considerations list.

We did a whole article on the benefits of D3 supplements, but to summarize adequate D3 levels result in:

  • Reduced muscle wasting
  • Improved fat metabolism
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Increased muscle strength

As it turns out, there are D3 receptors on pretty much every cell in the body, making this a critical vitamin (and hormone) to have ample supply of.

Our team takes 5,000 IU’s daily. You can speak with your doctor if you’d like to discover your preferred dosage.

#3 Protein Powder – Mass gainer, isolate, or none-at-all

Should you take protein? That depends on your diet.

See, it all comes down to your daily intake. This is especially important for dieters.

For building muscle – protein is important, but so is eating more food as a whole. Chances are, you’ve got your daily protein needs met if you are eating over 2,500 calories per day. But if you are not getting in those calories, then you can consider adding in a protein shake, or a mass-gainer shake if you are dirty bulking.

For burning fat/cutting – Since you are already cutting your calories, getting in enough protein is actually more important for you. This is for many different reasons, but really it all comes down to – your body will want to eat itself, so, give it enough protein so that it won’t eat your own muscle.

Second, combine this first factor with the reality that you are exercising… You’re going to need extra protein to nourish your muscles since the same protein is being fought over for metabolism.

And lastly, as you burn down that fat, you are going to want to be maintaining a toned, sexy body underneath. Getting proper protein will ensure that you have a body worth uncovering.

Can you get enough protein from your diet alone? Absolutely. Are you though? Only you know the answer to that. Learn about protein and dietary differences when bulking and cutting here.

#4 Creatine – Strength Gains and Muscle Growth – not only for guys or bulking

Creatine commonly gets a bad rap, and is almost considered an ‘aggressive supplements’. But, that’s really not the truth. Creatine is actually beneficial for a multitude of processes and goals – weight loss included. Read this to learn about if you should take creatine supplements.

#5 Fat Burner – An Addition to any Calorie restricted Diet (not a substitute for)

If you’re looking to cut fat and get ripped, this is probably on the top of your list. So, what gives? Why is it down so low? It’s down so low, because…

If you are not already cutting your calories and eating smarter- a fat burner isn’t going to go very far.

So, first figure out how you are going to live by a moderated eating schedule… THEN, you can go ahead and check out the fat burners that we found to be the most effective for men and women.

Here are the most effective fat burners with energy. These are a great fit for both men and women who want the most thermogenic burn possible without over-stressing the body.

Alternatively, here are the best stimulant-free fat burners for those of you who do not tolerate caffeine.

Again, if you are not changing your diet, then don’t expect a fat burner to do very much. At best, it will keep you from continuing to gain weight. A fat burner will never make up for your lousy eating habits.

#6 BCAA Supplements – For Long Duration Exercise and Protein Powder Substitute

BCAA supplements, AKA branch chain amino acid supplements are a wise option for some, but not everyone.

    • BCAAs are a great supplement for runners
    • BCAAs are a great supplement for vegans
    • BCAAs are a great supplement for long, endurance based training

But, beyond that – their ‘noticeability’ diminishes. For example, if you are in a heavy bulk, diet in-check, and already taking a mass gainer – then adding in BCAAs really isn’t going to make a huge difference.

But, if you are one of the categories above, or if you’re simply willing to spend the extra money for the slightest extra mTOR growth signaling – then view our Top Rated BCAA supplements list.

On that list, we show you BCAA supplements that actually hit the proper dosages to deliver results. More so, the top choices are vegan friendly.

#7 Testosterone Boosters – Enhance Your Potential (within reason)

Are testosterone boosters as effective as steroids? No. Are they even close to that? Still, no. But, a good test booster can make a noticeable difference in your life if you are doing a decent job with diet and working out.

If you’re doing a lousy job, very little will happen. But if you truly push yourself, then a test booster will enhance your results.

Important Note: Test boosters are for men. Not for women, girls, or boys.

We’ve compiled a list of the best test boosters for specifically building muscle. If you’d like to learn more about test boosters – start there. Either way, try and avoid the flashy advertising and look deeper into large ingredient dosages. After all, it’s the ingredients that get you the results, not the flashy labels.

#8 ZMA Supplement – Commonly Deficient Minerals in Athletes

Often times, you can get your ZMA included in a test booster (like Quantum T). However if not, then its worth considering.

ZMA stands for Zinc-Magnesium-Aspartate, and is a popular method for delivering just that – zinc and magnesium.

It is incredibly common for both athletes and dieters to be deficient in both zinc and magnesium. This is a problem, considering both are required for nearly every bodily function from muscle gain to fat loss.

Go read our whole best ZMA supplements guide to learn more and pick the perfect ZMA for you.

#9 Fish Oil or plant-based Essential Fatty Acids

Whether you are trying to bulk up, or tone down – your body will always welcome healthy fats with open arms. Fish oil, and plant based EFAs are the top tier for these healthy fats.

Here on BWSB we really don’t talk too much about fish oil, or healthy fats. But, if you are looking to make the ultimate supplement stack, then you can certainly consider it.

#10 Treat Grocery Shopping as Supplement Shopping – Do they support your gains?

Want to know the single handed most important thing you can do for yourself while bulking or cutting?

Eat proper food.

Eating properly, is exactly how you can get supplement stack results year-round.

What does eating properly mean? Well for starters… Cut down on: sugar, frozen foods, processed foods, all soda, all candy.

If you can do that, then you are already on the right track. From there, begin your research… Because eating proper is means for a whole series of articles, not just a bullet point on this supplement stack course.

Concluding Building Your Own Supplement Stack

Through these 10 points, we have shared with you the benefits of certain types of supplements, as well as pointed you in the right direction to find the best supplements for your stack.

Yes, other websites might make the buying process easier… But they are just trying to sell you anything. Here are BWSB we want to make sure that what you decide to buy, can actually help you achieve your goals!

So, got questions? Lay down the heat below and we’ll get back to any reasonable question in a few days.

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