Benefits of Stimulant Free Pre Workouts

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Have you considered going stimulant free in the gym?

This is a question that very few men imagine themselves being asked, though the benefits could be immense. Somewhere along the way, we have all been convinced that stimulant based pre workouts are the only option when it comes to enhancing gym performance.

Though the truth is that while stimulant based pre workouts are an irreplaceable asset to the majority of bodybuilders, there remains 10% of bodybuilders who will not benefit from stimulants and should not be choosing these types of supplements.

Benefits of stimulant free supplementsIf you fall into this category, you are probably already aware of it. You’ve tried pre workout supplements, but the experience never seemed to live up to the stories of others. In fact, taking these supplements may have even interfered with your ability to have a good workout, or continue your daily routine afterwards. 9 times out of 10, this is due to an intolerance to stimulants – something that can easily be adjusted for.

Pre Workout Supplements Without Caffeine and Stimulants

There are alternatives to stimulant pre workouts that are ideal for people that fit into this category, by physiology or choice. These alternatives are stimulant free workout supplements and over the years they have become increasingly more impressive – to the point of gaining the respect of bodybuilders on both the stimulant and non-stimulant side of the gym.

You can jump ahead and see our favorite stimulant free pre workout supplements.

Benefits of Stimulant Free Supplements

Stimulant free pre workouts bring forward the same benefits of traditional pre workout supplements, just without the adverse effects of caffeine and other stimulants. These supplements do still provide energy, but in a cleaner form. This is achieved most commonly through vitamins and rapid fat metabolism, which both deliver efficient, lasting boosts. Furthermore, stimulant free pre workouts offer advanced pump matrixes, powerful creatine blends, and an assortment of other benefits.

Choosing a stimulant free pre workout supplement can protect you from more than just the jitters and not feeling well.

Adrenal fatigue is another concern brought to the table when people take too much caffeine and similar stimulants reach a predetermined breaking point, unique to every person. Adrenal fatigue is essentially the shutdown of your adrenal glands due to being overworked.

This occurs because caffeine and other stimulants work in part by activating your ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline hormones. Day after day, through the use of stimulants and other factors such as lack of sleep or poor diet- adrenal fatigue occurs.

Why you should cycle stimulants from your diet and supplement plan

Incorporating a pre workout without stimulants into your weekly regimen can help prevent adrenal fatigue even in bodybuilders that prefer stimulants. In addition, taking time off from the stimulants can help maintain a strong mind-body muscle connection, which becomes more and more important as your progress grows.

It is highly recommended to take a few breaks a year from stimulants, like you can see in the video below from one of the guys over at

Now, we love taking stimulant rich pre workouts and even fat burners from time to time. But, we wont take them for long periods of time straight. Its just not safe and certainly not effective. I personally will not go longer than 4 months relying on stimulant pre workouts. Typically, I’ll do 4 months on an assortment of stimmed pre workouts, and then 2 months off of them with or without caffeine free options.

I have personally felt the benefits of this. Constant stimulant use really does get you down, you will notice that the instant you take some time off and start to feel your natural energy come back. More so, after taking time off your stimulant pre workout and then jumping back on- you will feel a real rush like the first time you tried a pre.

Now, I’m sure you think that going a month or two off stimulants is going to be terrible. It sounds terrible. But, its not that bad; especially when you opt for a stimulant free pre workout. My off cycles are literally pain free thanks to these, and I encourage you to look into them.

In summary, we are not recommending stimulant free pre workout supplements to everyone, however there is a large portion of bodybuilders who will benefit from them. In addition, stimulant free pre workouts are a great way of maintaining performance while protecting one’s self from adrenal fatigue when integrated into a stimulant based weekly protocol. We highly recommend you take a look at our favorite pre workouts without stimulants via the link above.

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