Amino Acid Supplements for Working Out

when to take amino acids

As an athlete, amino acids are increasingly important for both performance and recovery. But, often we are left hanging with the question: “when do I take amino acids”, or “how do I take amino acids”?

Well, right here and right now we are going to show you the best times to take amino acids and how they can enhance your performance, recovery, and achieve your goals!

Should I take Amino Acids

A better question is, what are the benefits of taking amino acids, and will they help me achieve my goals. Take a look at your activity; are you constantly hitting walls throughout training? Is recovery a never ending problem for you? Do you feel just a hair away from meeting your full potential? If any of these questions comes close to how you feel, then you are likely to benefit from taking amino acids.


What are the best Amino Acids to take

It’s a fact that there are a select few amino acid supplements that are superior to all others (we will cover them at the bottom). But, depending on your physical activity and rate of cardio, there are different amino acid supplements that will suit you best. Our guide will help you choose the best amino acid supplement for you.

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Best Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Training

Bodybuilders and general weight trainers take amino acids for instant muscle recovery and repair. Ultimately, the goal behind taking amino acids as a weight trainer is to build more muscle; plain and simple. Due to this, there are specific times when taking amino acids as a weight lifter is most advantageous. So, when is the best time to take amino acids as a weight lifter?amino acids for bodybuilding

The best time to take amino acids as a weight lifter is during your workouts. In addition, there are great amino acid supplements specialized just for a bodybuilders needs. These enhanced amino acid supplements contain additions to the standard amino mix such as added carbs, vitamins, minerals, and more.

These specialized amino acid supplements for bodybuilders can be summarized as intra-workout supplements. What that means- you take these supplements during your workout, while you lift, in order to get the maximum results.

The benefits of taking intra-workout amino acid supplements is instant recovery which ultimately runs up the cause and reaction ladder resulting in greater muscle growth and strength increase. Bottom line, it’s a great thing.

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Best Amino Acid Supplements for Runners (and swimmers)

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder throwing around hundred pound weights to receive benefits of taking amino acid supplements. In fact, runners are major beneficiaries from taking amino acid supplements.

amino acid supplements for running

Indeed- taking amino acid supplements as a runner can increase endurance and recovery by providing the necessary building blocks for repairing damaged muscles. But, more-so- amino acid supplementation as a runner can promote fat loss by the preservation of your lean muscle, which, without proper supplementation is recycled to desperately try to fill the cracks that amino acids fill.

However, there are specific, specialized amino acid supplements which will deliver better results to runners in particular as opposed to everyone else and their brother whom benefit from amino acids in alternative activities.

Amino acid supplements for runners are best served pure, with simple additions such as electrolytes and b-vitamins. Anything beyond that can have negative effects on theamino acids for runners runner and their performance; nobody wants that!

The best time to take amino acids as a runner is both before and after exercise in particular, however a lot of runners also dilute a light amino acid blend to drink while they run.

You can view all the best amino acid supplements designed for runners at our premier running supplements and apparel page (coming soon)! Here we have sorted through all of the hype and fluff to get straight to the chase in regards to the best running supplies. If you cannot benefit from it, we won’t feature it!



Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

By now, we have answered the benefits of taking amino acids and when the best time to take them is; specific to your activities and goals. In addition, we have discussed the best formulation of amino acids for you in consideration of your activity.



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