Top 10 Best Intra Workout Supplements

Best BCAAs for building muscle

Taking advantage of proper supplementation during the intra-workout window can produce very desirable effects for any weight training regimen. Without intra-workout supplementation, your muscles quickly deplete amino acid, carbohydrate, and mineral reserves. This not only reduces your power and energy in the gym, but completely devastates your muscle gains due to ‘building block’ depletion. Such a state of depletion and compromised gains is unacceptable for any bodybuilder, and here you will learn why intra-workout supplements are important as well as which supplements are the best available.

Top BCAA and Inta-Workout Supplements

During the day, your basal metabolism readily burns fats and carbs in standard cellular respiration. But did you know that throughout the day, amino acids are metabolized as well? This process increases in times of physical exercise, prompting the risk of depleting your amino acids through both metabolism and muscle repair/growth.

Amino Acids in Intra Workout Supplements

A surplus of amino acids during and after exercise is critical to both muscle repair and growth. As you lift weights, the amount of amino acids metabolized increases to meet energy needs. In addition, amino acids are called to action for muscle repair. More so, in order for this call to action to not only repair muscle, but build more of it – there must be enough amino acids present to construct the tissue, as well as genetically ‘signal’ muscle growth to occur (See Anabolic Amino Acids List for details). In times of low amino acid concentration, none of these processes will occur and you will not build muscle or strength.

Intra Workout Carbohydrates

Taking carbohydrates correctly during your workout can increase your training length and intensity as well as aid the muscle growth process. However, improper carbohydrate consumption during exercise can also do damage to gains. This is sensitive to the release of insulin that carbohydrate consumption triggers; too much insulin, and you’re not building muscle; not enough carbohydrates, and amino acids are your only energy source causing amino depletion. The solution to this paradox is slow digesting carbohydrates. As the name implies, they release at a rate low enough to meet your metabolic needs while avoiding a strong insulin response.

Intra Workout Vitamins and Minerals (co-enzymes)

Often unnoticed, vitamins and minerals play an important role in performance and muscle growth. These effects can be specifically noted in times of vitamin and mineral depletion, which hinders the entire process of bodybuilding. Receiving an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals during exercise supplies your body with the co-enzymes it needs to fulfill metabolism and muscle growth at peak performance. Unless you are taking a Quality Multivitamin Workout Supplement, consider intra workout amino acid supplements with added vitamins and minerals.

The Deal on Intra Workout Supplements

Good intra-workout supplements contain all of the previously discussed ingredients: Amino acids, carbs, and co-enzymes. If you are the type of bodybuilder that sees himself making huge improvements in the future, then adding intra workout supplementation to your routine is advised. With a quality amino acid rich intra workout supplement, you will gain, repair, and even perform better. I personally challenge you to test this: when you get your intra workout supplement, take only half of your pre workout and add in half a serving of intra workout. Then, put the second half of the intra workout serving into your water bottle while you lift. As long as you are motivated and not having a bad day – you will have an amazing workout and should last much longer than normal.

Best Intra Workout Supplements 2014

Will be expanded to 10 once better supplements are available!

#1 Aminolytes – Best Intra Workout Supplement

Beast Sports Nutrition combines all of the necessary intra-workout ingredients in true clinical doses to provide the best during workout supplement available. Aminolytes contains a total of 10 grams of amino acids, including the anabolic state activating amino acid Leucine. In addition, key electrolytes and co-enzymes are included to ensure peak synthesis.


Quick Description

  • 10 grams of amino acids for muscle growth
  • Electrolytes and Co-enzymes for endurance
  • Award winning formula
  • Best intra-workout supplement

#2 Scivation Xtend Amino Acids with Carbs

Scivation Xtend contains over 10 grams of anabolic amino acids as well as 25 grams of slow digesting carbohydrates. In this specific ratio, both endurance and muscle growth is promoted. The carbohydrates provided in Xtend stimulate a modest insulin release, which triggers efficient amino acid uptake in muscle cells without inhibiting growth. Combine this intra workout supplement with any workout day to last longer than before.


Quick Description

  • Over 10 grams amino acids
  • 25 grams slow digesting carbs
  • Electrolytes
  • Muscle Builder
#3 Gaspari Size-On Bulking Intra Workout

Gaspari’s Size-On is the perfect intra-workout supplement for guys not keen on dishing out their own macro’s throughout the day regarding creatine and amino acids. Size-on is the ideal mass-gaining supplement to take while you are in the gym. Where the previous intra-workouts are refined and focused on lean muscle gains – size-on is focused on weight gain replenishing the athlete with carbs, protein, creatine… The whole deal.

Size-on Intra Workout Amino AcidsGaspari Size-On


Quick Description

  • Over 7 grams isolated protein
  • Slow digesting carbs
  • Electrolytes and creatine
  • Mass gainer intra workout


#4 Omega Sports Strive Ultra Pure Intra Workout Supplement

This brand new intra workout supplement gives us an hour long science hard on. That’s because the guys over at Omega Sports didn’t just put in the time to scientifically determine the most effective BCAAs and ratios, but they made the massive commitment to provide them in their pure, natural states. Now, here is where you are thinking: “yeah, isn’t that one of the norms for all supplement companies?” Our simple answer is NO! See, at the end of the day it all boils down to money. And the effective supplements that you read incredible clinical trials about are often at a different quality grade than what you actually buy. This is where Omega Sports bites the bullet and makes a risky business decision. That’s because they have opted to provide the purest, most expensive amino acids in their intra workout supplement. The result of that is a slightly higher price, but compare that to the competitions prices and then multiply by the end game results and you will realize that Omega Sports Strive is the only option. Important note – until more of our bodybuilders submit their reviews of this supplement, it will be placed at the #4 position. In a few months, we anticipate that this intra workout may overtake the top rated position.

Strive AA Supplement
Quick Description

  • High Grade Ultra-Pure Amino Acids
  • Casein Hydrolysates
  • Endurance and Hydration Blends
  • Newly Listed

#5 DS Splyce Intra Workout AAs

Let us remind you that the 5th place on this list is still extremely respectable and ranks in a quality intra workout supplement. That supplement, Splyce is a potent 10 gram amino acid focused intra workout supplement that we’ve had the pleasure of using multiple times. The stuff tastes great and we were able to get great results taking it under multiple conditions – such as half a serving pre workout and the rest during, a full serving post workout, and even a full serving while on the road in-between meals. I would class this intra workout most similarly to #4 strive and #1 Aminolytes. By far, these types of amino acid based supplements are my absolute favorites. They help fuel workouts, ramp up intensity, and most important of all – aid in building lean hard muscle big time.

DS Splyce Amino acid supplement

Splyce Quick Description

  • Excellent tasting intra workout
  • Proven muscle building potential
  • Improves endurance and explosiveness
  • Solid amino acid profile

Now Get Back To The Gym Stronger

With a great intra workout supplement, going to the gym becomes even more exciting. Let us know what PR’s you break and how these supplements have treated you. Its your feedback that fine polishes our supplement recommendations!

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