The CEO’s Dream Workout Supplement Stack!

I often dream about being able to buy a massive supplement stack designed to produce the best muscle gains! Though in the real world, we all have to make sacrifices and ultimately go with the best bang for our buck. But, I won’t let my dream simply die; I’ll share it with you. Here is my dream bodybuilding supplement stack with explanation for each of the supplements listed!

My Ideal Workout Supplement Stack

My Favorite Pre Workout(s)

For my dream cycle I would incorporate Betancourt Bullnox and Magnum Pharmaceuticals OPUS pre workouts! Yes, two separate pre workouts. See, I am a big Bullnox fan and prefer to use it when I am going hard at making my gains. Though, I can’t always make it to the gym early in the day, and don’t always want to take stimulants; that’s why I added OPUS. For leg and back days, along with night-lifts; I prefer OPUS because it offers a natural energy while delivering instantized amino acids for muscle growth.

Intra Workout Supplement

If you haven’t noticed with my pre workout selections, then you will notice now; I put a lot of value in amino acid supplements… Primarily those that contain large doses of metabolically active Leucine. That’s because nothing has ever helped me put on lean gains like a good dose of leucine in my diet, gains I can’t ignore! Based on this, my dream stack would include the intra workout supplement Aminolytes by Beast Nutrition. This intra-supplement contains over 10 grams of Amino Acids including a solid dose of BCAA containing leucine. A side perk (but not vital), is that this intra workout tastes killer.

My Favorite Test Booster for Stacking

Musclemeds Arimatest is a bit of a classic test booster, but nonetheless it will put meat on your bones and make you feel like the BOSS. Others may disagree, and prefer more ‘hardcore’ test boosters; but in my experience, Arimatest has benefits beyond muscle growth that other test boosters lack. For starters, the whole mechanism of Arimatest is based upon negative feedback. That means, Arimatest raises free testosterone by reducing negative byproducts like DHT and Estrogen. For myself personally, that has always translated into feeling great, building muscle, extra energy, and a general increased wellbeing.

Growth Hormone Matrix

BPI Sports GRP-HD growth factor promoter. Yes, a natural HGH booster. We haven’t had the time to write about GRP-HD or other growth factor products, but we have seen a lot of guys get great results adding GRP-HD to their regimen. With that being taken into consideration, if I was taking my dream workout stack with the goal of building as much muscle as possible naturally; GRP-HD is a go!

Whey Isolate Protein

For my stack, I would have to get around 10 pounds of whey isolate to add to my already protein rich diet. To fulfill that task, I would choose Dymatize Iso-100. Hands down, this stuff tastes killer and has next to no calories. That’s a win-win for my clean-bulk supplement stack.

My diet along with the workout supplement stack

In addition to these killer supplements, I would be eating 5 solid meals a day rich in proteins and veggies. Protein shakes would be supplemented after workout (about 50 grams), and also between meals (about 30 grams). Furthermore, I would also include what I like to call ‘maintenance’ supplements like: fish oil, a workout multi vitamin, and some green tea extract as an energy booster during the day.

What Would You STACK?

I showed you my workout stack, now it’s your turn to size up and share what supplements you dream about in regards to building some ridiculous muscle! Share your goals and supplements below as well as any questions or concerns! Got more than a couple sentences to say? Email us! If we love it, we’ll post it up. Just be sure to let us know whether or not you would like your name included as the author, a nickname, or simply guest!



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